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Ron’s Globetrotting

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Last Saturday, Weinland spoke of traveling to Canada.  So I reviewed the conditions of his pre-trial release.  (to see a larger size of these pictures, you can click once to see it in a new page and then again to see a larger version)

The first page lists his upcoming court appearances, and his $20,000 bond which he has to pay only if he doesn’t show up. Set your alarm clock, Ron.

The top of the second page requires him to surrender his passport.

Took a closer look at the bottom of the second page.

That gave me some concern, as it seems to say that Ron can travel internationally so long as the destination country has an extradition treaty.  Seems contradictory with his being required to turn in his passport.

But then I found another document:

So Ron had to turn in his passport after all.

Also looked into what travel documents are required for US citizens to travel to Canada.  The last time I went there was as a youth and no travel documents were required to go to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls other than a driver’s license.  Travel rules have changed since then because of the reaction to 9/11.  While Canada doesn’t require a passport to be in the country, the US requires a passport for readmission.  So Canada will not allow you to enter without a passport because they want you to return home.

So Ron must be quite optimistic if he thinks he’s going to Canada in February.  Has he gained his fire-breathing ability all of a sudden?  Does he think his talented team of lawyers hired by the church to defend him will get him off?  Time will tell.  As of right now, the itinerary on his “Trips” page has domestic travel planned up through Jan 28, the weekend prior to the beginning of his jury trial in criminal court.