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Snowmageddon Round 2?

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from the Urbana-Champaign Illinois area today.  The conditions in the meeting room were either too hot or too cold.

Could Covington, Kentucky receive the mother of all snow storms in February?  Ron said that he’s trying to arrange a trip to Toronto in February, but cautioned anyone coming in from out of town that they should check “the website” (his blog) for a cancellation.  As a reminder to the forgetful, Ron’s jury trial for criminal tax evasion is scheduled for January 31 in the federal court building in Covington, KY.  It’s estimated to last 7 days and from Ron’s latest log posting and this statement it appears that he’s estimating that his great team of lawyers and investigator are going to get him off.  If either estimation is incorrect, then there may be more travel cancellations “for snow” 😀

Ron cautioned against praying for the unconverted who are going through difficult times.  Those difficult times may be the Ron God’s will applying correction to bring the unconverted to repentance.  After all, if Ron’s upcoming trial doesn’t go well, he could need fresh meat with resources to pay tithes that Ron may need for all the fines, penalties, and back taxes that would come due.  Not to mention the bill from his great team of lawyers and investigator.

Ron referred to Jan 7, 1972 which was the end of Herbert Armstrong’s mythical 2nd 19-year time cycle.  Then Ron stated that Jan 7 of this year was the end of 6 cycles.  And 40 years later. Hmmm.  I had calculated that Jan 6, of 2010 was the end of the 2nd 19-year time cycle since the end of HWA’s 2 19-year time cycles, or the end of the 4th cycle.  So did two more 19-year time cycles happen between Jan 6, 2010 and Jan 7, 2011?  Must have, because Ron has the minor in math and is well practiced at figuring out timelines.  And was it 40 years between Jan 7, 1972 and Jan 7, 2011 as Ron states?  Must have been, because of Ron’s credentials at math and timelining.  OK, maybe he was referring to Jan 7 of next year.  A bit easier to squeeze two 19-year time cycles between Jan 6, 2010 and Jan 7, 2012.  But Ron is also well practiced at time compression, having compressed 3 & 1/2 years of Great Tribulation to now less than 6 months.  Wonder if his time-compressing powers will work as well should he be granted an extended vacation at Club Fed?