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One Less Sealed

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

It has come to my attention that False Prophet Ronald Weinland has lost another of his elders. On Monday, long-time PKG member Willy Doemeland passed away without having the chance to baptize hordes of people joining PKG. Willy lived in Aurora, IN having formerly lived in Colorado. One would hope his move there was to be closer to his children in retirement, but one wonders if the nearby presence of his spiritual idol Ron Weinland played a factor in his decision to move. Aurora is on the Ohio River in southeastern Indiana and around 20 miles from where Ron’s mansion on the golf course is located.

Some in PKG who have died in past years elected to not have a funeral, but Steve Dalrymple is presiding over a funeral this coming Sunday.

My condolences in advance to his widow Lois. Who believing what Ron said last Saturday would not be mourning the loss of Willy. As a former WCG member and long-time PKG member, Willy was sealed as part of the 144,000 on two occasions: on Feb 2, 2008 and then a second time on Sept 30, 2008. My advanced condolences are for 12:36 PM EDT next May 26 when it will be sundown on Pentecost eve in Jerusalem and Lois comes to realize that she won’t be reunited with Willy to rise as converted spirit beings and members of Elohim to meet their elder brother Jesus in the skies over Jerusalem.