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Trial of Cruel Mockings

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Cincinnati yesterday, only 4 weeks after the last time he stayed in his home area. This time however his sermon went out over the Internet “live” instead of being time delayed to the following week.  His senior elders Ralph Dowd and Steve Dalrymple gave the prayers.  Ron reiterated the travel itinerary posted on his blog for the next several weeks.

Ron spent a good part of the sermon reading from his blog.  First, he read some more from his blog posting of November 8 (two days before being indicted for 5 counts of criminal tax evasion) which he started reading from last week.  He also read from his blog posting made just a few hours before the sermon, and added little commentary to it.  The rest of his response to the indictment was implied by the portion of the sermon prior to and after the reading of yesterday’s blog post.  He talked about prophets in the past who were ignored, hated, ridiculed, slandered, and even tortured.  Spiritual beings have been stirred up since the feast, and so have haters.  PKG members have had it easy so far. He talked about Jeremiah being stoned.  Also about how Jesus Christ was ignored as a witness. Being a witness is not an easy task (but someone has to do it and that’s Ron and Laura).

Israel will not listen to God’s messenger, so the Great Tribulation will not be held back from striking the nation as a whole, but protection is available for a select few.  He told the “sealed” that it didn’t matter so much if they didn’t survive the soon to come shortened Great Tribulation since they would be resurrected next May.  He promised the “non-sealed” that they would survive to live into the new age.  He is pushing for membership, promising those listening in but who haven’t yet made a commitment that they could be saved.  Ron must be desperate as several years ago he mocked that attitude as people just wanting to save their hides.  Ron can’t understand why people have stopped running the race so close to the end.  People have been running the race for decades, chasing an ever-moving goal line.  The only difference this time is that we’ll get a little closer to the goal line before God’s True Representative moves it yet again.

Ron still plans to hold his elders conference in Florida on December 17.  Yet more planning for the rush of new members joining the church when things really really for-sure start happening tribulation-wise. During the run-up to the first Great Tribulation that was to begin in April of 2008, he distributed cards advertising his books to his members to be handed out to their family and acquaintances.  Maybe he’ll print up some more cards, as he told his members that they would soon be told to start proselytizing (when the Great Tribulation really really for-sure strikes this time).  One aside when reading the blog post about the indictment after mentioning bringing back the funds from the Swiss bank accounts for spending on Google advertising is that he has some money on reserve for more Google advertising when the Great Tribulation arrives.