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Church of God PFK

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

For years, even before I began blogging, “Doctor” Bob Thiel has been blogging about False Prophet Ronald Weinland.  Weinland has always used the initialism “PKG” to refer to his awkwardly named church (Church of God — Preparing for the Kingdom of God), Thielogical Bob decided to invent his own acronym “PFK” which he uses in his blogging.  I was perfectly happy to let Ron choose his own initialism, but Bob has been the only one to use “PFK”, or actually “CGPFK” — up ’til now, that is.

Earlier this year, Weinland’s evangelists Johnny and Terry incorporated a new corporation registered in the State of Georgia, named the “Church of God PFK, Inc.”   Interesting.  Could Johnny and Terry be getting ready to stage a palace coup?  Personally, I doubt that.

My guess is that Ronnie told them to set up this corporation.  And that when he did this, he was thinking of the Worldwide Church of God receivership in 1979.  When the state of California took over the church finances, Herbert Armstrong fled to Tucson Arizona, a short ride away in his Gulfstream jet and out of reach from service by the civil authorities.  Stan Rader set him up as a corporation sole, which is a legal entity separate from Herbert Armstrong as an individual but which Herbie could control.  Then the word was passed down through the ministerial hierarchy to the local congregations, so all the members then sent their tithes to Herbie’s new organization and starved the receiver in California from any more funds. Eventually Rader was able to stonewall the investigation for long enough that a political solution was reached with legislation removing the state’s attorney general from being able to pursue those types of investigations.

At some point during the upcoming tax fraud case, Ron may tell his members to instead send their tithes to the new organization, just like Herbie.  But there are some important differences:

  • Ron is under criminal indictment, Herbie never was.
  • Herbie could escape legal effects with a short plane ride in his Gulfstream jet, Ron really has nowhere to run to.
  • The IRS does not appear to be interested in church revenues.  Ron could have taken all church revenue as a salary, and the IRS would be completely happy if he had declared it as personal income and paid his income taxes accordingly.

It will be interesting to watch the Insane Lying False Prophet maneuver his way through the next 191 days before Christ doesn’t return.