Time is Running Out

Yet another post today on False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s blog, captured here for your convenience and commenting.

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God clearly and mightily foretold the outcome of our time right now. In the midst of these end-time prophecies, He foretold of a condition that would engulf the United States and her closest allies, and He foretold of this same condition concerning His Church that was scattered. It concerns the spiritual condition of being in deep sleep in this final period of the end-time.

At the end of 1994, God’s Church was given the opportunity to be awakened and to face the truth of “why” the Church was literally and spiritually collapsing. Only by facing the truth could individuals change (repent), become spiritually alert, and once again take charge of their future.

At the end of 2008, the United States was given the opportunity to be awakened and to face the truth of “why” the economy was collapsing. The truth has not been addressed because people are deeply entrenched in pride, selfishness, arrogance and lust. Thus the actual condition of the nations has become much worse in every way. Rather than repenting of the conditions that led to the initial collapsing of the economy, people have chosen the way of greed, politics (the “way” of lying, compromise, secret deals, and the struggle for power), and the preservation of “that way” over genuine change.

The spirit begotten Church that was scattered will not listen to God, so why would a physical, carnal nation listen to God? Both are in deep sleep due to their own choices of the manner in which they are responding to the conditions engulfing them. The resistance to hearing God’s true warnings is so great that only a small percentage can be awakened, but even then it is only after they receive a traumatic shaking.

Yes, the year 2008 (especially the final month) will prove to be both the end and the beginning of “God’s final witness” to mankind. God inspired that very title of a book to reflect His timing for ending the age of man’s self-rule on earth and giving witness of “why” His merciful judgment is so righteously justified for this final time. That book is 2008 – God’s Final Witness.

By the end of 2008, God ended all His warnings to mankind. The history of 6,000 years of testimony—of God’s true word—of His true witness to mankind, about mankind, had been fully established. And since the end of 2008, “God’s final witness” of that 6,000-year record is being fully established—fully recorded for all time through unfolding events that culminate on May 27, 2012. This final witness is that man is still the same. He continues to refuse to listen to God’s prophets, refuses to repent, and actually mocks, ridicules, slanders, and hates God’s truth and His servants.

God’s Great Mercy
Mankind, including the Church that was scattered, will not at this time acknowledge the great mercy of God in these end-times. It is because they do not believe God. They do not believe we are in the end-time. Yet, God’s very mercy toward mankind will prove to be the greatest witness, above all testimony, of God’s true relationship toward His creation.

It has not yet entered into the hearts of mankind, not even in the Church that was scattered, the level or kind of love that God has for His creation. God has chosen to give His greatest testimony (witness) at this end-time of the “truth” of His mercy over the past 6,000 years. As a result, He has been withholding the timing of man’s final suffering of great tribulation in this final period. God has intervened to prevent and hold back great suffering through the major portion of this final three and one-half years of His final witness on earth. If He had not done so, the world would have suffered incredible great loss (especially in sickness, destruction, and death) to this point in time. If God had not intervened by granting great mercy upon this world, we would already be in WWIII, the United States would have already ceased to exist as a self-governing nation, and the current president would have never entered office.

That great tribulation and suffering is still coming and so very soon now, but in God’s mercy, as with His mercy for the past 6,000 years, He has prevented from happening what mankind rightly deserves in judgment. So rather than experiencing horrendous suffering for the past three years, that period for suffering has been reduced to only a few months—and all because of God’s great mercy.

Nearly three years have passed and now the world is about to enter the time of final suffering that man’s own ways have brought upon himself. God has shortened the time for actual suffering in great tribulation, yet the final tribulation will still occur to the same magnitude as God has prophesied through time. Dramatically shortening the duration of suffering reveals the magnitude of God’s mercy on a disbelieving and disobedient world, just as it always has been. This is God’s true witness and final testimony to man!

In Deep Sleep
The world cannot yet “see” God’s great mercy, and before it can see it, it will experience great tribulation before God sends His Son back to this earth as its Messiah. Right now, the world remains asleep.

Prophecy that God has given over the ages is now crying out as the final stages for tribulation are being fully set in place as God comes to the moment He will no longer hold back the final sounding of the Trumpets of Revelation. Over the last two months, world news, though sometimes difficult to find, is headlining the formation of prophetic events that provide a front row seat to the final emergence of ten nations in Europe who will lead the world into a final war. Led by the United States, the collapsing world economy that began in 2008 is now accelerating and forcing future events into position, just as God warned they would.

At a time when technology was beginning to change the world in major ways, the world began entering a troubled period revealed by God as a prophesied sixth revival of the old Holy Roman Empire. WWII came upon a sleeping world. The world sought to ignore, minimize events, and placate governments in an effort to somehow make the inevitable just go away. Denial and self imposed sleep concerning the truth—the reality—of escalating world conditions did not make the problems go away.

Germany’s invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, forced Europe to begin awakening to the true conditions at hand, but it took an invasion to start that process of being shaken out of sleep. Britain and France responded by declaring war on Germany on the 3rd of September, but the rest of Europe still chose to sleep as though it still might all just go away.

After the fall of Poland, there was a relative lull in fighting. This finally ended when Germany invaded Norway and Denmark on April 9, 1940. Even through this passage of time, several countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg) had chosen neutral positions in the war, yet themselves were invaded on May 10, 1940, as well as France.

After securing the Balkan region by invading Yugoslavia and Greece on April 6, 1941, the Germans and their allies invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. Even after two full years had passed since the war began, where was the United States?

It was because of Japan’s plans for expansion in the Far East and their attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 that the United States was finally brought into the war. Admiral Yamamoto was ordered to attack the U.S. and is said to have made the statement, “We have awakened a sleeping giant.” It took that event to finally awaken a nation out of a self-imposed deep sleep.

History is repeating itself, however this time, before WWIII comes on the world scene, God has declared that the United States will collapse before she can be awakened! Yes, the United States is prophesied to collapse as a nation before she can be awakened and before WWIII strikes the earth. That collapse is now at the doorstep. Except for a very few whom God has chosen to call into His Church, no one wants to listen to such pronouncements. No one believes them. Instead, the truth is ridiculed, ignored, slandered, and even mocked. That does not change what is fast approaching and what “will” happen!

This time, as it has been stated, God is not going to allow the United States to be awakened as a nation. Only individuals can be awakened as they come to repentance for disobeying God. Remaining asleep is the result of the inability, or perhaps better said, the lack of will in leadership in government, business and religion. Therefore, a meaningful change in the course of direction is not going to be made. The truth is, that due to selfish desire to retain power and hold to the ways of greed, change will not be made.

God’s Final Witness
In two short months, the world will be thrust into the seventh and final phase of this end-time. This period will be marked by well over fifty percent of all Bible prophecy being fulfilled.

This posting cannot cover all the news that is flooding upon the world scene that screams out at a world that is largely asleep. Catastrophic events are about to be unleashed and very, very few hear the warning cries.

God first revealed to His two end-time witnesses, His final two prophets that His Son would return to this earth in a second-coming as King of kings on May 27, 2012. That revelation gave way to numerous other revelations concerning end-time prophetic events. But anyone who hears of this, in the world or in the Church that was scattered, considers this to be absurd, presumptuous, arrogant, and filled with self- aggrandizement. Such was also true concerning the world’s behavior toward Jesus Christ at his first coming.

It matters little that people will not believe God at this time, as disbelief does not prevent God from doing as He will. All that is stated here is true and will come to pass! There is prophecy in the book of Amos that is directly related to what has been written in this posting:

“The Lord Eternal will do nothing except He first reveal it unto His servants the prophets. The lion has roared and who will not fear? The Lord Eternal has spoken and who can help but prophesy?” (Amos 3:7-8)

Yes, God reveals to His prophets in advance what He is bringing to pass. Although many in the world and those of the Church that was scattered do not like that a date has been set for the return of Jesus Christ as the Messiah, God has fulfilled His promise to reveal what He does in advance. He has revealed that His Son is to come as the prophesied Messiah on May 27, 2012. I have not given this, but God has given this!

Jesus Christ was sentenced to death because he said he was born to be King and that he was the Son of God. It is the true witness of mankind that those things spoken by God’s prophets are hated, ridiculed and slandered. It is for the reason of this very unjust spirit that God will now no longer hold back the tribulation upon the end of this age.

If you were found in the wild where a lion roared, you would fear! But prophecy is roaring and no one seems to hear, let alone fear. And the events spoken of in prophecy make a lion at hand seem tame. But headlines and the news contained in it are now roaring so loudly, as these contain the exact emergence of what God has long ago given in prophecy. Yes, when it comes to the news, “who can but prophesy?”

To end this posting, here are some headlines of the last two weeks that roar. Do you hear it?

“Nicolas Sarkozy tells Greece: If you don’t stick to the rules, leave the eurozone.”

“The Division of Europe: EU Summit Paves the Way for a Split Continent”

“Whitehall officials urgently review Britain’s EU membership”

There are seven kings [ruling over each kingdom in seven different eras], of which five have fallen, and one is [Herbert W. Armstrong was given understanding of this expression, ‘and one is,’ during WWII when God revealed what was happening then was the sixth revival (era) of the Holy Roman Empire] and the other has not yet come [the time for the seventh and last revival would come later] and when he comes, he must continue a short space [the leader of the seventh era or final revival of that old empire will last but for a very short space of time—briefly existing]. And the beast [referring to Satan] who was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes into perdition [describing Satan as the one who has actually been over all seven kings or kingdoms in each of those eras]. The ten horns which you saw are ten kings, who have received no kingdom as yet, but receive power as kings one hour with the beast [referring to the ten nations that make up the final European Union in the seventh revival of that old Roman Empire that is right now being pressured into its final formation]. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” (Rev. 17:10-13)

“Merkel Says Future Peace and Prosperity At Stake in Crisis Talks”

“Merkel wants ‘permanent’ supervision of Greece, warns of war”

“These shall make war with the Lamb [many prophecies refer to these ten countries engaging in war and culminating on the very last day by warring against Jesus Christ himself, as he is returning as King of kings], and the Lamb shall conquer them, for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings, and they who are with him are called, chosen, and faithful.” (Rev. 17:14)

“Eurozone bail-out: holes emerge in the ‘grand solution’ to solve EU debt crisis”

“Vatican Calls For Global Authority On Economy”

“French finance chief joins Vatican attack on markets”

“Italy gives EU a post-party hangover”

“And there came one of the seven angels who had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying to me, ‘Come here and I will show to you the judgment of the great whore [speaking of the great church that has had religious sway over all seven revivals of the old Roman Empire] who sits upon many waters, with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk [speaking of the false economic system that is fast moving toward a complete global collapse, as it is even right now staggering] with the wine of her fornication.’” (Rev. 17:1-2)

Indeed, time is fast running out and world conditions are about to change drastically. In the midst of this time, God cries out and asks that people answer His question, “Why will you not listen, and why do you choose to suffer?”

—————–  End of Weinland’s post ——

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  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    “This final witness is that man is still the same. He continues to refuse to listen to God’s prophets, refuses to repent, and actually mocks, ridicules, slanders, and hates God’s truth and His servants.”

    “That collapse is now at the doorstep. Except for a very few whom God has chosen to call into His Church, no one wants to listen to such pronouncements. No one believes them. Instead, the truth is ridiculed, ignored, slandered, and even mocked. ”

    Where is all that slandering taking place?

  • martin says:

    The collapse has been at “the doorstep” since late Sept.

    I would say his habit of “compressing” the Tribulation is turning into a tired old trick. But it seems to work, again…and again….and again….and again…..and again.

    The United States has collapsed 10 x over, by his reckonings….

    First Ronald will collapse it to 5 months (the Asiatic Hordes)
    Then when that does not happen or “does” but invisibly, he’ll collapse it down to 2 months (half hour = 1 month to him, so that if the Resurrected Roman Empire lasts an hour, then that means it will last 2 months).
    Then when that does not happen, he’ll collapse it down to a literal hour.

    He’ll spend 3 1/2 days (at some point, presumably) in Jerusalem, and will probably get arrested for rambling on in front of the Temple Mount.
    Or my guess, is that he’ll sit in the hotel room…most of that time.
    And say he “died” spiritually, from all the stress.


    But only those with eyes to see will notice.

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Yawn Ronnie, Yawn.

    You’ve been there, said that, so many times.

    Keep crying wolf – but fewer and fewer are listening. Not that many were listening to you to begin with. God sure was good at revealing to the WORLD who he was working through – not.

    Hardly anyone knows who you are Ronnie. So how can ‘the world’ be ignoring you? Only a few thousand know who you are.

    At least most of the world know who Harold Camping is.


  • Steve says:

    Well disasters allways happen. We are just lucky enough to live in a rich country that rarely suffers such tragedies as happen in 3rd world countries every week. We have the money to feed everyone easily and we are the ones who send food to the other countries when in need. My point is, sooner or later a big disaster or terror attack will happen in the US or Europe and it doesnt mean it is the tribulation beginning just because it is our country and its so rare, its just the way it is and if ron keeps preachin for long enough, then sooner or later somethin big “will” happen and he will twist it to fit hit prophecies just like he does now with all the other little things from conspiracy sites etc…except this time it will be somethin real….its like a surgeon said to me way back in 2007 just before an op i had. When i first started readin rons 2008 book…the surgeon asked what its about (as i took it with me to pass the time), and i said well this guy says he has been told by god that nuclear war is gonna break out next year etc etc (2008) and at the time i was new to it and so i hadnt met ron etc yet and the surgeon asked “do you believe it?” and i said i dunno, there have been so many people who call themselves prophets, i just dont know what to believe ” and he said “well someones gonna get it right sooner or later right?!”….he laughed when he said that and told me he was a sceptic of that kind of thing. Just thought id share it lol because he is right, if people keep preachin long enough , somethin will eventually happen to make people follow him due to fear/lack of knowledge being the most powerful weapon ever.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “God cries out and asks that people answer His question (1) Why will you not listen, and (2) why do you choose to suffer?”

    Here’s my answer, God.

    1. I am listening…and rejecting all of it because it is stupid, you keep on changing your mind, Jesus (according to the Bible) was NOT supposed to return twice, NONE of your prophets have gotten any of it right, and you endorse Ex 21:7.

    2. I did not choose to suffer, I was BORN into WWCG and you did nothing to save me. I saved myself and have been prospering ever since. Big house, great wife, perfect kids, GREAT job, loads of cash, nice car(s), mental freedom, vacations, and such. None of which I grew up with or had any hope of having because of tithing, yet HWA had all those things on the backs of poor widows who could barely live on the remaining pension money.

    I’d would have better spiritual luck worshipping the Nyan Cat than you YHWH, so take your imaginary existence and holiness and shove it up your imaginary (censored)…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Keep in mind that HWA told the minsters to preach and believed that NO ONE should go to UNIVERSITY because that is where Satan hangs out. He convinced TWO different generations to not get schooling. How much damage did that do? And yet the sheeple did it.

    “Amazing, it truly is…”.

  • J says:

    Are there two Rons? One who is subtly working out an exit strategy, and one who is going full steam for May 2012? He is so very inconsistent.

  • randy terlecki says:

    i think so J he’s got something up his sleeves.

  • Atrocious says:

    If he was ever going to be given a polygraph test he definitely would not pass because he can’t keep his lies straight. I’ve never seen such inconsistency in someone who claims to know the “truth”. There is no truth in anything he says…how can there be? He contradicts himself frequently. It’s all about damage control, trying to use he fake “power” to keep everybody in their place. Kinda like a wolf who uses his dominance to keep the rest of the pack in their social order.

    C’mon sheeple! Wise up! Get out of there as fast as you can…this guy’s nutso.

  • Steve says:

    “I’ve never seen such inconsistency in someone who claims to know the “truth”.”

    I couldnt agree more. When i emailed him during the first time line about part of his doctrine being illogical and can he please explain it to me, he replied along the lines of ” its just what god gives, you either believe it or you don’t, there is no need to convince you how something is logical or not, i am not here to convince you” lol yea he really said that…i think in other words he should of said “you are a zombie or you are not”

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron’s god is the author of confusion.

    And yes, Ron is getting his flock ready for a date change — while insisting it won’t change, it’s not going to be significant if it does.

  • Whisper01 says:

    Hey, Ronnies back and full of fire. Get em Ronny! Tell it like it is, dig that hole, deeper Ron-Boy, deeper!
    So what if your Asiatic Horde of 100’s of millions cant physically get to the middle east anymore, keep your prof-boiler stocked!
    So what if Europe is not arming or even getting beligerant, all eyes forward, keep your eyes pealed!!
    Disregard facts, push aside logic, trip reason on a long flight of stairs, keep moving forward! Dig Ronny dig!

    Now that’s entertainment!

  • martin says:

    The “I told you so” phenomina, in regards to Ronald is rather fascinating to watch and see.

    RW: I am a prophet (because I told you so)
    RW: The U.S.A. is collapsing (because I told you so)
    RW: The trumpets are being blown (because I told you so)

    When Jesus was asked if he were “the One”, he did not say : “Because I told you so, you should believe”

    Jesus said look at the fruits of his ministry : blind see, deaf hear, demons cast out, the message he preach was going out….He had demonstrable fruit that you could see and examine in one form or another.

    Ronald Weinland’s fruit : nothing but failed prophecy

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Y’know what I still find funny about Ronald/Christianity after all these years?

    The Bible was compiled, edited, and documented by THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Non- catholics use THE BIBLE to prove the Pope is the Anti-Christ, that they are prophets/witnesses, God this God is that, Jesus was/is real, Jesus was/is X, Y,and Z. YET they ignore/don;t know that they are using a CATHOLIC document to do this. technically, ALL Christians believe CATHOLIC doctrine on one level or another, as there ARE other versions, books, churches, ideas pertaining to Christianity in existence. The Apocalypse of Peter contains the idea that God will forgive and save EVERYONE from Hell. But most don’t believe or know this because CATHOLICS removed it from the canon! Every Christian on the planet who believes even a part of the Bible is a form of CATHOLIC.So if the Pope is the Anti-Christ, then HIS Bible is the Book of Lawlessness. Not only is Ronald Weinland false, but every Christian on the planet as well!!

    …which makes us atheists rather benign in comparison! LOL!

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Too right Ava! And every Christian thinks their version is THE true one. It makes me sick to the stomach when someone talks of the truth they BELIEVE, as fact – and something the rest of us can’t see!

  • Whisper says:

    “Every Christian thinks thier version is THE true one”? Is this the after effect of leaving a cult? Did Ron do this to you as well? The effects of whack jobs like Ron’s Cult do go on and on don’t they? I’m sure that Ron’s cult thinks this way and precieves the world in thier own vision, but reality keeps showing that Ron’s view of just about everything is way way off base. Kirrily, not “every” Christian thinks this way. Only those who have a deep desire to be right, have the right meal ticket, have the right green card, need to feel they are Elect and loved but are so insecure that they need the opposite, those they deem as failures, to illuminate thier own glory. Enter Ron Weinland stage left for a moment and exit stage right… Go figure?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    In response to Kirrily’s comment that “Every Christian thinks their version is THE true one”, Whisper said “Not every Christian thinks this way”.

    Actually Whisper, Kirrily is correct. To call oneself a Christian is to proclaim you believe Christ is the Messiah. And any Christian denomination that believes otherwise can’t truly be called Christian, according to Christ himself. To call oneself Christian is an affirmation of Christ and/or his message being true to you. You can’t call yourself a real jazz musician and yet believe that what you play is NOT jazz, if you are a normal human with even average intelligence. No “Christian” says “Christ is the ONLY way…except for all those other true ways!”, or “jesus is our Saviour…amongst all the other true Saviours”. Ronald Weinland is convinced of his truth, YET he has left an escape route for his theology. Thus he doesn’t truly believe what comes out of his mouth. Thus, he is rightfully decried as a prophet/Witness/non-Christian. If ‘not every Christian believes they know the truth’, then these Christians might as well call themselves “agnostics who like Jesus”, not ‘Christians’.

    Ronald Weinland should really call himself “a guy who likes imagining himself as an End-Time Witness”, since his ENTIRE theology rests on an idea with NO evidence of existing in Reality, that God ‘talks’ to him…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    This is an issue in atheist circles too. The term “atheist” also is not actually a correct description of the average atheist. Since there is no proof of Yahweh existing, the atheist is not someone who KNOWS there is no God(s), but one who is not convinced by the evidence put forward by theists. We rightfully don’t believe there is a God(s) as we have been presented. But since it takes too long to explain such things in a normal conversation, the term ‘atheist’ is an easy substitute for “person who is not convinced by theological arguments or supposed ‘evidence’ of God being real”.
    I don’t reject theism in theory, I reject its claims to reality. In that sense then a theist is someone who IS convinced by the “evidence” for Christ or Vishnu or whatever. Ronald Weinland is pretending to be convinced by the ‘evidence’ in his head that God really does talk to him. THAT is what I reject and despise in him and in ALL Christians who find the Bible a compelling proof to theological claims.

    The Bible is religious fiction designed to rally people around Bronze Age myths that held theocracies in power. There is MUCH evidence to support that idea.

  • Whisper01 says:

    I did not know this. Now how to relate this back to Ron-boy yet insinuate that your utterly wrong to the point of laughter? Hmmmm… Well lets try this; Ron does fall under the heading of a “Christian” as he does believe that “Christ” is lord and the son of God in the highest. But Ron is also a terrible person, a con man with delusions of grandeur. In effect he’s delusional and has let his mind run rampant in his “desire”. That is un-Christ like ergo he becomes a bad Christian, yet a Christian all the same (the truth be known we don’t want him playing for our team). I also have this belief that Christ is Lord and the son of God. Now that being said, who is “Christ”? Oh sure, you can read some quotes from a book or two about saying, but WHO is Christ? Well, Christ would be a all (near all?) powerful being alike to God who is seen in many Christian Circles as All-Mighty. So for you to tell me that I’m no a Christian because I don’t “Think my version is THE truth one” is laughable! I think my version is a “PART” of the truth, just like my view of Christ is a “PART” of all that Christ is. But only a Part. Many Christans know this very well and it would be a shame to have to tell them that Avalo has defined what Christianity is that they no longer qualify. Because Avalo’s views, just like Rons, are a bit delusional in that both think they can define Chrisitanity and whom is and is not apart of it. Rather odd don’t you think? Word to the wise my man, a Christian does not have to practise praise of God per Avalo’s rather all encompassing interpretation of them. Ergo, nope, I don’t think “I’ve got THE truth”, merely a sliver of it. Just like Avalo does, and Kirrily does, and Mike does, etc… and I actually am a Christian. Now aint that just the oddest thing? And as such I am in a unique, between yourself and I, position to judge Ron’s train wreck of a Cult. So far my opinion has been rather low of Ronny and wife, what an embarassing pair of clowns masquerading as “Witness’s”. As Shakespear would have sade “Ah, a rose by any other name might smell as sweet” so would he say “Ah, a Christian by any other name might still smell sweeet!”. 🙂

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Hey Whisper, don’t forget, I’ve been part of many Christian denominations – they ALL think THEY have the truth.

    There are two aspects to his however:-

    1. They KNOW they are right – everyone else is wrong. Result is Pride.
    2. They BELIEVE they are right – the religion they are in resonates best with them – they hold no arrogance towards others.

    I’ve lived in both camps.

    Again, I’m a little tired of people thinking I have come to the cinclusions I have because of a 2.5 year stay in Rons cult. Not only is it insulting, but an insult to your own intelligence.

    I mean really Whisper, everyone does believe they are RIGHT, otherwise why would they believe it?

    Your comment about not every Christian thinking they are right is, well, a less than well thought out comment.

    Why would you believe something if you didn’t think it was right?

    Go figure….. 😉

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    By the way, IMO Pentecostals make Ron look tame when it comes to Pride and thinking THEY have the truth. Generalizing of course, I have Pentecostal friends. Whisper, you think you are right don’t you? Or do you believe what you do just for the hell of it?

  • martin says:

    “Are there two Rons? One who is subtly working out an exit strategy, and one who is going full steam for May 2012? He is so very inconsistent.”

    Ronald Weinland is double minded. He has no problem hold two incompatible thoughts in his mind, and believing in both.

    Ronald’s statement “Christ is not coming” is a planted seed, planted into the minds of his followers, so that they will be prepared to stay as members, despite Christ’s non-return on May 27, 2012. (of course he back pedals later on in sermon, and says this thought was planted in his mind by Satan).

    So when Christ does not return next year, what will he say? That Satan planted this truth into his mind, where as God could not? That he couldn’t tell the difference between what Satan plants in his mind VS what God plants in his mind?

  • Atrocious says:

    The results of the past 3+ years prove whose thoughts are planted in his mind, Martin. He has verbally dug his own grave by all his failed announcements, pronouncements, proclamations, directives, “powerful admonitions” and lack of fulfilled prophecy. There is no doubt in my mind why he is inconsistent and confusing.

  • Red says:

    1. “Yes, the United States is prophesied to collapse as a nation before she can be awakened and before WWIII strikes the earth. That collapse is now at the doorstep.”

    I thought that supposedly already happened?

    2. “By the end of 2008, God ended all His warnings to mankind.” …”And since the end of 2008, “God’s final witness” of that 6,000-year record is being fully established—fully recorded for all time through unfolding events that culminate on May 27, 2012.”

    Looks like he pieced his wrongs together now by saying it’s been “fully recorded”, the 6000 years of warnings ended with his book “The Final Witness”

    That’s what I got out of it.

  • J says:

    Ron on November 5th:
    “It has to do with the truth and sometimes it means we don’t always understand it. Sometimes we may not have the full picture yet. Sometimes we don’t see everything. But we had better have a strong enough record, like the disciples did, by this point. They knew who he was. That they weren’t going to leave. And though they didn’t understand it yet, they were willing to wait until they did. And that’s the mind we must have as God’s people. Even for a date, big deal.”

    Ron on November 8th:
    “Indeed, time is fast running out and world conditions are about to change drastically.”
    “That does not change what is fast approaching and what “will” happen!
    “He has revealed that His Son is to come as the prophesied Messiah on May 27, 2012. I have not given this, but God has given this!

    It’s as if he’s saying that the date is not important….the state of mind is important. Then, the date is important, because this is the date God gave to me. In just 3 days, he has seemed to contradict and then validate his entire theology. He makes light of date setting in his post, and then declares the date to be true, coming straight from God. I cannot reconcile that. Is he intentionally introducing confusion to better control his followers, but at the same time, reassuring them to what they have been taught?

    Ron’s use of quotes for what “will” happen I find amusing. I’m sure he’s using it for emphasis, but it looks like sarcasm. 😀

    He goes on to say “By the end of 2008, God ended all His warnings to mankind.” If God stopped speaking to mankind in 2008, what’s the point of the Final Witness, again? Later on, he talks about the time of suffering being shortened and that “this is God’s true witness and final testimony to man!” But wait…..you said God stopped warning mankind in 2008. How can God be testifying to man in 2011-2012 if He stopped warning mankind in 2008? You make no sense, Ron.

  • J says:

    Sorry, I meant to say “He makes light of date setting in his sermon, and then declares the date to be true in his post,…”

  • J says:

    Sorry Mike, I messed up the italics on the last paragraph. It should read:

    He goes on to say “By the end of 2008, God ended all His warnings to mankind.” If God stopped speaking to mankind in 2008, what’s the point of the Final Witness, again? Later on, he talks about the time of suffering being shortened and that “this is God’s true witness and final testimony to man!” But wait…..you said God stopped warning mankind in 2008. How can God be testifying to man in 2011-2012 if He stopped warning mankind in 2008? You make no sense, Ron.


  • martin says:

    Ronald Weinland is fork tongued….it is rather humorous how he contradicts himself with every other breathe he takes. I’m remind of….who was it…Goldstien?
    In George Orwell’s “1984”, who would have you believe 2+2=4 AND 2+2=5 simultaneously. I’m sure Ronald carries a pocket double speak dictionary.

    To paraphrase another poster….If God is of order, and Satan is of confusion….then Ronald Weinland is clearly running with the Devil.

  • martin says:

    ps….it was O’Brien not Goldstein.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Not to change the subject here, but some very interesting news.

  • Red says:

    “I have not given this, but God has given this!”

    Sounds like his out and he can blame God for nothing happening on the 27th. Sure sounds familiar doesn’t it?

  • Whisper01 says:

    “Whisper, you think you are right don’t you? Or do you believe what you do just for the hell of it?”

    My good woman Kirrily, I’m afraid I must open up a 3rd catagory and hope to influence you that it is possible to have such. The catagory of a “Christian” who specifically DOES NOT THINK HE’s RIGHT -and- DOES NOT THINK HE’s WRONG (as least for himself). For you see the world is so huge, and the 7 billion people on it of such many and wonderous different views and experiences that I can not in good concious take the side of “Right”, as I have but 1 / 7,000,000,000,000th of the wisdom & insight of this world. 1 / 7billionth… that’s a pretty low number and to think that little old I could get it right, absolutely right, against the odds of all that is well silly.
    Nope, I don’t think I’m right. I merely think I’ve got a “sliver” of the truth in comparisson to everyone else whom has a “sliver” themeselves. No sliver is better than the next. Even old Ronny has his sliver of truth, but Ronny decided long ago to take the small wisdom and build it into a castle for himself! I choose not to do that but will give my sliver of truth to any who want it, just as I attempt to gleen what truth I can from others. Ron is out for himself in Ego first, and financial security second and fun last. Ron helps no one. I would help anyone.
    Do you see the differnce between these two Christians? There are over 2 billion of us (I think?) each with a different view. To attempt to type cast them as Avalo does seems silly indeed. Like I could type cast atheists, no even. Avalo is a singular individual, just like me and I will not put him into a “definition”, nor you. Why would I when I know so very little? As soon as I become God I’ll begin to put people into defined classifications, until then I’ll be little humble me. The reason I can classify Ron is not based on Chrsitianity or such large blanket definitions, but on moral and humanistic grounds. He lies, he manipulates, he creates fear, he lords over others, he is a hypocrite extrordinare and he’s just plain laughable.
    Go figure?

  • chacha says:

    On Nov. 10, 2011 at 18:14, J said: “It’s as if he’s saying that the date is not important….the state of mind is important. Then, the date is important, because this is the date God gave to me. In just 3 days, he has seemed to contradict and then validate his entire theology. He makes light of date setting in his post, and then declares the date to be true, coming straight from God. I cannot reconcile that. Is he intentionally introducing confusion to better control his followers, but at the same time, reassuring them to what they have been taught?”

    Yes. That is EXACTLY what he is doing, with “exactly” in the sense of…the meaning of…exactly defined as truly very obviously…
    He does this ALL THE TIME! He’ll confuse the hell (oops!) out of us and we sit around after…trying to figure out what the heck THAT was supposed to mean and then one of the “wise” will say: “It is obvious that it is not for us to know right now. I am sure if we pray about it, God will give it to us in his good time.” [insert finger in mouth as FAR as you can to induce gag reflex here…]

    I still have a hard time understanding how I could have listened to him for this long without screaming.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Well Whisper:

    1. “Avalo’s views, just like Rons, are a bit delusional in that both think they can define Chrisitanity and whom is and is not apart of it.” I used Christ’s very words to define Christianity. If that isn’t good enough for you, then who is the one that is delusional?

    2. “A Christian does not have to practise praise of God per Avalo’s rather all encompassing interpretation of them.” I never said discussed “praise” of God. I discussed calling Christ the ONLY way. Red Herring.

    3. “So for you to tell me that I’m no a Christian because I don’t “Think my version is THE truth one” is laughable! I think my version is a “PART” of the truth, just like my view of Christ is a “PART” of all that Christ is..” You call your belief “my version”. What about Christ’s version? The very fact that you have a version is proof of my point. So it is possible to be partly true and call yourself a Christian. Then call ourself “partly-Christian”. Why is truth PARTIAL? Here is the truth. The sky looks blue to us because of the relationship between the atmosphere, light, and human ocular perception. There is nothing partially true about that. Christ said I am the way (me ALONE towards Yahweh). How partial is that? What kind of fool is devout to partial truths?!

    Yes, I’M delusional for NOT believing a Palestinian carpenter was the Son of Yahweh and could make magical lunches and heal the sick and lives in the sky with his magic father who condones SELLING children (Ex.21:7). And I am DELUSIONAL for reiterating CHRIST’s own words on who is a Christian who ISN’T.

    Since Christ was delusional and I am repeating his words you are right, when I repeat the words of a 2000 year old carpenter who thought his Dad lived in space.

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Fair point Whisper – I think a fairer comment from me should have been every Christian Organisation thinks they have THE truth. They believe they have the TRUTH as opposed to every other religion. Ie. Catholics think JW’s are wrong and vice versa – etc etc.

    That’s one of the things that drew me to Weinland – out of all the crap out there, FINALLY I would know who Gods church was – you know, the little one – the one the gates of hell would not prevail against.

    As I said, I have many different types of friends – Christians of many denominations among them – they believe what they believe because they think it’s true (even if it is only a sliver).

    I guess my main point, is that we all read the bible, yet come up with thousands of different ideas. Who is right? Ron? You? Me? The Pope?

    We will never know, unless there is a God and he decides to stop playing games and reveal himself.

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    I just take offense when people think I have ‘left God’ because of Weinland. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    To be clear Whisper:

    1. Kirrily left Ron. She (seems to me) is in a place where she is questioning and contemplating.

    2. I left God entirely. I REJECT Yahweh, and in as much as I understand science and philosophy, reject the possibility of divinity to nearly 100%. (maybe 99.9%). But I DEFINITELY reject Christianity, Jesus, Yahweh, The Bible, and all associated with it.

    This rejection is not based on my opinion. It is ENTIRELY based on having read the Bible for DECADES, and having investigated its claims, found such claims to be contradictory, inhumane, and logically unsound/harmful. Your faith is exactly that, your belief/opinion, and it IS that when you say you have PART of the Truth, a de facto admission that you don;t KNOW the full “Truth”.

    As your opinion/belief in this case is based on your belief that GOD IS REAL, which is baseless and unprovable, I can confidently say that if you compare the two of us in terms of what is TRUE (correct, not in error, not deluded), I speak MORE actual, provable TRUTH than you do. Thus, I question your statement that Ronald Weinland and I are similarly deluded as you STATED.

    If I am “deluded” then you and Ronald Weinland are living on a planet made of strawberries that runs on the power of unicorn kisses…

  • chacha says:

    You know Avalo, being an atheist make sense more and more everyday. IF there IS a god, for what purpose does he allow the Rons and Harold Campings of the world to continue?
    How is it god’s great purpose that my daughter’s friend’s 10 year old son dies of a brain tumor?

    How is that mess in Penn State and the Catholic church part of “god’s will”?

    How is it god’s will that my husband is thinking that he is so “bad” that he doesn’t know how to go on?

    Sounds like or is it SMELLS like “what comes out of the back of a bull” to ME!

  • Whisper says:

    “every Christian Organisation thinks they have THE truth.”

    Now aint the truth. I seam to be a true minority in thinking everybody is wrong partially, and everybody is right partially. But those numbers are skewed. We are each 0.0000000000001 right and the rest wrong. But what can one expect when there are 7 billion other retional’s to the same question in the world?

    “Who is right? Ron? You? Me? The Pope?”

    Kirrily, now don’t take this wrong, but I think you put way to much infasis on “Right”.
    Why does anyone have to be “right”? How could and small, little human being running around on a huge world, rotating a huge solar system, flying through space on a simply mind stunningly huge galazy through a mind numbing universe get is “right”?.
    My stance is who cares about who’s right, that’s God’s job. Mine is infinitely smaller, do what my concious tells me is right and pray to God that I’m doing it right. Like what else is thier to do?
    I was never a part of a cult that snatches your attention down to a “who’s right and who’s wrong” micoscopic view. But it seems that either are your or Avalo part of any such cult now. Sounds like we are all on the right side of the fence?
    Go figure?

  • Whisper says:

    ” I think my version is a “PART” of the truth,”

    Now that is dog-gone right! You are a part of the Truth, unique, just like everybody else :-).
    But seeing as you are huge aetheist fan-boy, obviously from all the posts you make to that effect, your a fanatic. Now don’t get me wrong, fanatics are some to the best people the world has ever turned out. Patton was a Fanatic, Churchill was a fanatic, Einstien was a fanatic, get the point? But as a fanatic you just cant stop yourself from smashing Christianity because it hurt you, when in fact it didn’t. WWCG hurt you. The WWCG is a part of Christianity, I’m ashamed to say – but I dont control the religion, nobody does, and you’ve pigeon holed everyone in it to your singular way of thinking. Fair enough, but why continue to smash them all the live long day upon a rock? Why rant against them so much? For if you remember you said “Who cares about Christianity”?.
    Well, you do seemingly. As A Christian I suggest dropping them, lock stock and barrel. Forget em, thier loosers. Live your life in happyness and stop railing? Just a suggestion.
    Go figure?

    Now if only Ron could do the same thing… maybe a prison sentence would give him some time?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Einstein was a fanatic? And I am an atheist fan-boy? After decades of Bible study, decades of being a WWCG-er, and now decades of university training and skepticism I am some random cheerleader for atheism? After DEFENDING that ACTUAL words of Jesus, defending Ronald Weinland’s constitutional right to be presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty, cautioning Chacha and others MANY times to NOT choose atheism until they are in a rational state of mind, and only after intense study of skepticism, agnosticism, Buddhism, modern and ancient philosophy, etc?

    Learn to read…just a suggestion.

    Go figure?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:


    1. You mentioned for what purpose does “God” allow Ron/Harold to continue, people to die young from brain cancer, etc, Penn State, Catholic sexual misconduct, etc. Unlike Christianity, “atheism” does not deal with such questions, as the rate of success and disaster for all humans is no different. Statistically, out of 7 billion humans, something is going to go right for many, something is going to go wrong, and all the levels in between. Why are there parasites in God’s “perfect” creation, why doesn’t “God” heal amputees? In order to come up with any answer at all God has to be loving and cruel, present and not present, loving and “its all part of his plan” cruelty. The logically complex, completely convoluted God that can be ascribed all these characteristics has left no convincing evidence of its presence.

    There being no God answers your questions easily and plainly. How could baby X die from cancer? Because cancer exists. How could corporation Y get away with not having to pay taxes? Because that corporation found a loophole in the law, or the law is stated in such a way that their activities are legal, even if completely unethical or immoral. Why is your husband undergoing psychiatric treatment? Because of a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with God. Take away a capricious, mysterious God and you have Reality, this amazing thing that we are born into and are faced with in the circumstances of our birth, gender, social situation, etc.

    As it is almost guaranteed I will now be decried for “proselytizing”, let me just say this. This is no proof that a God of some kind doesn’t exist. But the God you are crying to, the one that confuses and the crap out of you and scares you with his silence? I suggest you do an extensive study on the Bible, science, mathematics, religious history, and theology, and draw your own conclusions…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Chacha: let me also say this, and I intend this advice for anyone, Christian or otherwise.

    When you finally let go of fear you become something you never imagined you could become, fearless – in the sense that fear does not rule you anymore, but rather become a wise friend encouraging you to make powerful choices. It is super frustrating NOT KNOWING if God will stop cancer or car wrecks. Religion = fear.

    Atheism will NEVER let you down. Because you don;t need it to save you. You don;t need atheism to give you courage, you don;t need atheism to approve of what you and your husband do in the bedroom, you don;t need to observe your atheism from sundown to sundown or else you will have to repent to Science. Atheism = NOT fearing.

    When you DON’T fear the Universe, then you are in a position to truly decided who YOU are, and choose your life accordingly…

  • chacha says:

    Thanks Avalo. I have done a lot of interesting reading…

    There is confusion..but right now, mostly anger. I’ll get over that. And I will find peace and freedom. I “believe” I have made a step in the right direction.

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    I guess I USED to put so much emphasis on what was wrong and what was right, is because every religious organization I have ever been part of did precisely that. ‘Narrow is the path, few there be that FIND it’.

    I don’t think I’m explanning myself properly to you Whisper, as you don’t seem to get it. Whatever, I’m mostly over this crap now, and I no longer really feel the need to justify my position to anyone. I’ve got more important things to deal with 🙂

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    I can’t speak for Ava, but I’m sure his decisions and conclusions are not based on WCG only – Christianity in his view (it seems), and now certainly my own – is that Christianity is the most evil belief system, or actually, any religion that has sprouted from believing in The God of Abraham, is truly and sickenly vile to the core.

    Ive already explained why many, many times. I won’t be repeating it again.

    We are all entitled to our views, and you have yours. Yours are just as important and valid as mine – although we disagree.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And let’s not forget that even the idea of atheism guarantees more actual truth than the claims of the Bible.

    1. Atheism doesn;t punish anyone for anything.

    2. Atheism’s rules are clear: There are no special rules to follow, other than the rational, legal codes dictated by society that protect human freedom, dignity, health, prosperity, and safety. These codes are more “moral” than Biblical codes, as noone is stoned to death for homsexuality, being rude to their parents, marrying outside of atheism, and such.

    3. Atheism condemns noone to eternal torment.

    4. Atheism requires no tithes or donations.

    5. Atheism requires NO special authority to reveal truth. All are free to see things as they may.

    6. Atheism requires no faith or belief, save what you choose of your own free will.

    7. There is no penalty for changing your mind and becoming a theist, as noone is cut off from “salvation”.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    8. In light of atheism, Ronald Weinland is not deserving of divine retribution, and he is free to or NOT to repent of his ways without fear of eternal punishment.

    9. Atheism does not provide false hopes.

    10. Atheism does not contain fairytales.

    11. Atheism does not contain contradicting Scriptures.

    12. Atheism does not call non-believers “blasphemers”, “heretics”, or “Anti-Christs”.

    13. Atheism does not require renting out hotels conference rooms at the expense of the local homeless or food banks who desperately need the money.

    14. Atheism tests” no one and no one has to be WORTHY of atheism.

    15. Atheism promotes practical morality, NOT mindless adherence to 2000 year old laws that suppress women, endanger children, and murder homosexuals.

    16. No one’s Son has to die for the sake of another atheist.

    17. Atheism does not condemn humanity because a Middle Eastern woman ate fruit 7000 years ago.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    and finally…

    19. Ronald Weinland does not have to be vilified or judged by atheism. He does not need or require my/your/God’s approval. If he is guilty of breaking the law, then he will be punished. The God of Abraham has allowed Ron to go on and has done NOTHING to stop him, all at the EXPENSE of Chacha’s husband.

    20. Atheism does not “allow” the innocent to be destroyed or the evil to prosper, as it (a concept) does not have FREE WILL. Atheism does not play favourites.

    21. Atheism REQUIRES personal responsibility, as your mistakes are yours alone. No devil to blame, no Bible to justify…

    22. Atheism tells no lies. It is the TRUTH that there currently is NO conclusive proof that would suggest anyone believe anything that the Bible states as TRUTH.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    But I digress…

    How about that Ronald Weinland guy, eh? He is quite the guy.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Yes, Ronald may lead more people to atheism than you ever could.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Actually I would be kind of sad if that were the case. As atheism is not a belief, but a suspension of of belief UNTIL the claims of religion are substantiated. Post-CoG atheism usually seems to be an instant rejection of all religion because it is just that…religion.

    It is one of the reasons I try be clear about what I define as atheism. I have never rejected “a” God, because I have no proof of “God”, or any God that has not revealed herself or himself or it. I have been presented with Hinduism, islam, Buddhism, Jainism, and such. All are contradictory, all are based on nothing substantial. A wandering Babylonian (Abraham) hears a voice. Mohammed hears a voice, Herbert W. Armstrong hears a voice, Ronald Weinald hears a voice, so many voices., all these big religions start with ONE man hearing a voice in their head. We know of at least one illness that starts and continues with voices in one’s head. I would reject all those voices, and unlike the average theist I also reject any and all thoughts, voices, inklings, or intuitions in my OWN head that do not fit with Reality. Ronald Weinland believes what he hears in his head EVEN THOUGH he is faced with Reality. Atheism is outside of me. I can trust thousands of years of science, philosophy, medicine, art, and such to provide me with thoughts OUTSIDE of myself, from which I can then choose to base my view of the world.

    Religion tells you what you’d BEST believe…and atheism should not be/is not this way.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And the metaphor is always REBELLION. Anyone who confesses doubt or is not completely convinced of Ron’s claims is “rebelling”. Like he or anyone has the right to call that rebellion, as you must be the one in “power” to be rebelled against. It is the word that gives the game away. Every time a thought is expressed contrary to Ron, he feels he loses power. If I don;t do what God says, I am NOT rebelling…rather Ron/God is losing power over me. Atheism is not having power, but rather NOT being mentally overpowered, tested, and beaten into submission mentally by Yahweh…Out of “love”. I am not rebelling against anything.

    I am just not stupid.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    And look at Kirrily and Chacha: clearly not stupid, as they acted immediately when they learned the actual truth about Ronald Weinland. Ignorance is not ‘not knowing’, it is IGNORING actual truth when it is revealed. This is spun by Ron as rebellion and deception by Satan and mocking, etc, like any other moral coward who needs to control others to feel strong.

    So now he has to say “we are witnessing God’s great mercy”, and “isn;t it amazing how WE are growing in understanding as we witness what God does in the world”. passing the buck onto the congregation as “witnesses”, slowwwwly twisting his way out of HE being ‘THE’ Witness to his flock and to the world. Change the word, change the thought. He is now defining “Witness” the NOUN as ‘witness’ the verb in their heads, so when he announces he is not the Witness Noun they will have already “come to see” how the Two Witnesses are in charge of pointing out WHAT to witness.

    Sleight of hand…the coin disappears from beneath his fingers into his pocket while his sheeple watch the handkerchief…

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    At 1:24 approx. in Ron’s latest sermon he accuses us outside of CoG-PKG of not understanding God’s Spirit within him.

    Pretty arrogant words for Mr. Ronald “I will announce I am a false prophet and give up preaching if my 2008 book is not true/You’ll die a quick death/indicted-for-tax-evasion” Weinland…

  • Whisper01 says:

    “Learn to read…just a suggestion.”

    You’ve got a point there, I must admit. I’m an outsider who does not understand the inner working of the pain inflicted by such horrible cults, just the surface wounds. I started calling names, so it is just that I take the last barb. He who starts it deserves the last knife wound. My apologies about being a “fanatic”, in my learning fanatics are the movers and shakers of the world. I’m a fanatic in my own right, but that right has nothing to do with the topic of Ron or religion or such so does not come into view. I commented on yours and dug deeper than I intended. My aplogies again. You’re learning is appartent, no need to cite it. Your a “fan-boy”, comes from my own dialoge with others on different topics. Should not have used that term as it’s complement meaning is obviously lost in translation (such is the problem with text – no inflection can be given). But reading I do, any suggestions on the type of reading to get a better view of people like yourself and ChaCha who have overcome the cult scene and those who have not?

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    No problems. I am an ‘attacker’ by nature, and also love a good dust-up theologically.

    I see any and all arguments and/or debates we engage in as a way to hammer out these issues in public space. And I think you and I (and anyone who reads what we say and learns something useful to them) are all winners.

    And I hopefully will never forget that we are EXTREMELY privilege to have these arguments in the first place, as much of the world does not have the money or the time or the political freedom.

  • Freda says:

    No man knows the day nor the hour that the Son shall appear, except for the Father!!!! Please repent while you still have breathe to do so! May God be merciful to your soul!

  • Helen says:

    Who’s soul Freda. Ours or Ron?