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Being Sober-Minded

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s sermon yesterday as last weekend’s was time-delayed.  Last weekend while we were listening to the sermon recorded in Hawaii two weeks ago along with Scott Cameron’s rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, Ron was delivering a sermon to the local faithful in Cincinnati.  So Ron wasn’t on a post-feast cruise last weekend, but maybe he is this weekend.  He has stopped discussing his vacations.

He continued his sermon series following up on his Last Great Day sermon, which he is using to have them practice for when he really-for-real admits that Christ is not returning next May.  Are they going to allow their relationship with the True Church and God’s Apostle to suffer?

For now Satan and his minions are all stirred up about their impending end and practicing spiritual warfare. But Ron still doesn’t know when the Great Tribulation is going to happen, and takes an extra suitcase with him when he travels, just in case.  Wonder what he puts in that suitcase — maybe the extra gold and jewelry he’s bought?  Some extra suits?    He’s advertised his availability to local market radio talk show hosts for interviews but it sounds like he’s had no nibbles yet.  For now Ron is not planning for a feast next year, but members are to continue to save their second tithe.  Maybe their cars will survive the Great Tribulation and they’ll be able to drive to the feast site.  Unless Ron demands that they send in their tithe.

Ron is having his ministerial conference the weekend of December 17 with the senior elders and evangelists to yet again prepare for the final push of new members who will join PKG when the Great Tribulation finally gets here as it must within the 202 days remaining before Pentecost.  He does promise a change of direction coming out of the ministerial conference, maybe that’s when he’ll officially cancel the date.

—— Update Nov 7 ——————————-

Commenter “Doubt It” was kind enough to transcribe a portion of Ron’s sermon, I’m including it here in the main post as well:

Because this is what we’re talking about when we talk about stumbling.

It has to do with what we’re shown.  It has to do with the truth and sometimes it means we don’t always understand it.  Sometimes we may not have the full picture yet.  Sometimes we don’t see everything.  But we had better have a strong enough record, like the disciples did, by this point.  They knew who he was.  That they weren’t going to leave.  And though they didn’t understand it yet, they were willing to wait until they did.  And that’s the mind we must have as God’s people.  Even for a date, big deal.  We know this is God’s church.

But again I know why these things are before us and why they are being addressed.  Because it’s introspection.  It’s so that we can become stronger.  It’s so that we can be better prepared for what’s ahead.  We’re not there yet.  Thank God.  He’s had such mercy upon us.  And that we have this opportunity to still come together like this for everybody to hear Sabbath, by Sabbath, by Sabbath because you know what it’s not going to come until were to the point that God has prepared us to be fully readied.  That’s what’s exciting, inspiring to understand.

A sample of Ron getting PKG ready for the official acknowledgement that Christ is not returning next May.