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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland may be on a post-feast cruise.  His sermon posted on the website for this weekend was recorded last week in a hotel room in Hawaii.  Not a conference room, but in Ron’s suite.  The end of the sermon was interrupted several times and cut short as the hotel wanted Ron to check out and give their room back.

Ron gave a few announcements. The ministerial meeting is now to be on December 17 at an undisclosed location with all the evangelists and senior elders.  The ranks of which have increased with the promotion of Leonard McGlynn in Canada to senior elder.  Took Ron 11 months to break his word of last November that the ordination of Mitch Williams to senior elder was the last.

The sermon topic continued from his Last Great Day sermon two days earlier in which he describes what he eventually near the end of that sermon characterized as a visit from Satan.  It seemed that many members took his statement near the beginning of the sermon as a clear statement by Ron admitting that Christ would not return next May, after which they “shut down” and didn’t get the end of the sermon where he took it all back.  Some members were panicked by this.  Yet others showed total resolve, as Ron read a couple of emails from members who stated they had confidence and would continue to follow Ron even if Christ doesn’t return.

Ron did more manipulation, warning that members should not lean to their own understanding but should rely on Ron.  (Pssst!! If you’re questioning Ron, you have better understanding than he does.)  Citing the example of a lion tamer mauled by his charges after stumbling in the cage, he warned his members not to stumble.  He mocked those who have left over Ron’s failings as actually using that as an excuse to leave for other reasons such as sex.  But Ron is disfellowshipping a member who had the audacity to recommend the book of Enoch to another member.  Ron’s solution to members being attacked by spirit beings/logical thinking was to listen to the hymns (available on the PKG website).

Ron also used the sermon to set up for a further delay of the great tribulation.  Referring to the last hour which could be 60 days, Europe might not arise to until that time, at the end of March next year.  Since the event might be the passing of a law or something initially more benign than “nukes”, Ron may conduct Passover in Australia again next year.  What happened to the five months of torment?  What will motivate millions to join PKG before Christ returns?

The most appropriate part of the service happened before the sermon, as his brother-in-law from Colby in western Kansas, Scott Cameron (who has his own Country and Western band), played a song on a ukelele just before the sermon.  Keep marching folks, someday maybe you’ll reach the other side of the rainbow.

Will Ron Break His Pitcher?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

The last we heard from False Prophet Ronald Weinland, he believes in Christ’s return next May even more strongly than ever as a result with his encounter with Satan on the night of Atonement.  But I wonder how strongly he believes that, for real.

Here is a clip from the county website of Ron’s property tax bill on his $381,000-but-now-devalued-to-$357,000 mansion on the golf course.

Notice that according to this, they will accept payments even after January 31 of next year.  Further, according to this PDF calendar file on the State of Kentucky website the property tax bills can be paid as late as April 15, after which they will be sent to the county clerk to process for delinquency.  Tax bills are sold to third parties beginning July 14.  So when would the property go up for auction?  Probably not until well after July 14.  But with Christ returning only 6 weeks after April 15, there wouldn’t be much time before Ron is killed in the streets of Jerusalem anyway.

So, if Ron really really believes that Christ returns next May, he won’t pay his property tax as it would be totally unnecessary.  That $3677.03 could be better spent on more copies of his books to send out.  Or maybe on some stock tanks to baptize the millions of people soon knocking on PKG’s door to be baptized.

Personally, I will be surprised if he doesn’t pay it timely as he always does, except last year when his law firm was a couple of days late.

What Was in That Peppermint Tea?

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

The last Feast of Tabernacles before Christ doesn’t return is over.  False Prophet Ronald Weinland and the Silent Witness and Prophet(ess) Laura Weinland are in Hawaii this weekend.  Because of the time zone differences, he won’t be delivering a live sermon this week so Wayne Matthews has a recorded sermon on the PKG website.  But before I discuss that, I want to recap Weinland’s Last Great Day sermon:  my last post was basically a live blog and I’ve seen listened to the sermon again and have a few more details and commentary.

In his Last Great Day sermon, Ron asked his followers if they were ready for a declaration from God.  During the night of Atonement, Ron couldn’t sleep and as in times past thoughts came into his mind.  The first thought: Christ is not returning on May 27, 2012.  The second thought: Ron had not started his job as witness, that he needed to be humbled by this failure and his job would actually start on the day that Christ doesn’t return.  Ron woke Laura up and they had a discussion.  As before when Ron had doubts, I imagine that Laura argued against those thoughts.  Ron said he would continue to believe in certain things even if he was by himself.

Ron asked his members where they would go if they didn’t follow him.  He asked where they would get the “truth” and cited a number of post-Armstrong “truths” that he came up with.  Including truth #46 which he also said came to him in a thought in the middle of the night.  While he has said a lot, and it hasn’t all come to pass such as Europe arising no later than August of this year as prophesied in his 2009 LGD sermon, he still believes everything written in his books.  He went on to say that he still believed in all 57 truths with all his being, and believes even more firmly that Christ will return next Pentecost.  And that these two thoughts were put into his mind by Satan, as Satan also tempted Christ while he was fasting.

Weinland set things up with more wiggle room, talking about the 5 months of torment from Rev 9:5.  According to him, it could progressively build up with the anguish building over 5 months.  This gives him more wiggle room past January, 5 months before Pentecost.  Ron said that some in PKG would not be with him at the next feast, that not all would make it to the promised land.

In Matthews’ sermon today,  Wayne announced that he would be in Orlando on November 26th with Weinland.  This is probably right before the ministerial conference with the evangelists and senior elders Weinland said would happen in December.  When he also may be conducting some radio interviews, which hasn’t happened since the first half of 2009.

Wayne acknowledged (consistent with another report) that the PKG members were shaken by Ron’s LGD sermon.  It was a challenge to the mind.  He stated that if the date had changed, it should make no difference as they were in it for that way of life.  He likened them to sheep, asking them to think it through: “Are we going to follow no matter where the shepherd leads us to?”  Another zinger from Wayne, as he talked about a PKG member converted to spirit being watching a family member go through the second death in the lake of fire after the millennium and the following century.  There should be no sadness for the event, as the family member chose their fate and it would be more merciful than living with a twisted distorted mind.

So.  How do we know that it was Satan who came to Ron in the middle of the night of Atonement, when Ron was weakened by his fast of less than 12 hours?  And not God who came to him the same way to deliver the 46th “truth” into Ron’s mind?  I imagine that Laura has a great deal to do with that “clarification”.  PKG members have been shaken by this trial balloon and are working their way though the emotions of the thought without having to deal with it fully.  They are sheep, and will continue to follow Ron no matter how he plays his cards as his prophesies fail.  They think they are following God, and they are — a god anyway, Ron’s god who is ….. Ron himself.



Moving the Goal Post

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Listening to False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s LGD sermon as I type this.  So what I’m typing will probably be revised as the sermon continues and I get a chance to review.  Read all the way through before reaching a conclusion.

Ronnie had an epiphany the night of Atonement while in Australia.  Sounds like he’s getting PKG ready for Christ to not return on Pentecost.  Instead, that will be the real beginning of Ron’s wearing sackcloth and starting to prophesy.  Look for Christ’s return in the fall of 2015.

Still put as a “what if?” right now — what would you do? Where would you go?  No other place has Ron’s “truths” that he invented from his own twisting of the Bible to fit what happened in Armstrongism.  And don’t forget the ordination of women.  God expects you to remain faithful.

But Ron insists he believes all 57 “truths”.  Now he’s making it sound like the epiphany was actually an attack from Satan, just as Jesus was tempted while fasting.  And that he believes more strongly that Christ returns next Pentecost.

But if he’s really wrong about Christ’s return, he would still believe the rest of it.  And feel for all his followers who suffer, and mourn the ones who will leave him.  There will be some who won’t be with him during the next feast.  But wait, he thinks he’s going to be a spirit being.  Guess they won’t be with him.

Ron is planning to have another elders conference with evangelists and senior elders in December.  Also is planning to put himself out for radio interviews in December.  PKG is marching forward.

Will listen to the sermon again tomorrow and add more thoughts.

Aha Moments

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Thursday kicked off the last, historic Feast of Tabernacles before Christ doesn’t return next May.  False Prophet Ronald Weinland has delivered 3 sermons there and is leaving today (tomorrow in NZ) to go to Australia.

During his first sermon, he appealed to the fence sitters.  And did some bolstering of the faithful challenging his members (as transcribed by “Doubt It” in a comment to my prior post):

See. I mentioned in the beginning of the sermon. I believe, we believe, in the timing of what God has given to us. But I will tell you candidly, and if it didn’t happen at that time, these things are coming to pass. What do you believe? How convicted are you? Do you see Europe coming together? I don’t care if it happens next month or the month after that it’s going to take place. See. Incredible. If you see what’s happening in the world around you. The reason I ask some of this is because it fits into the Last Great Day sermon. Ok. And some of you are going to be tested and tried in ways you don’t grasp and comprehend yet. See. This is not a cakewalk. A matter of your faith and what you believe and what your relationship is with God. See. Anyway…

During his second sermon, he reminded his members that they know it’s all true even though it (and actually nothing) has happened yet.  It’s like a pregnancy with the pain of delivery happening at the end. Powerful spiritual battles are being waged that we can’t see.  The world will be led from spiritual Egypt to spiritual Israel.  Probably after the spiritual tribulation and the spiritual return of Christ.  Eventually, it’s aaalllll spiritual.  He railed against HWA’s house intellectual Herman Hoeh and warned people not to allow themselves to become intellectual.  Instead of coming up with their own nonsense, they should leave that to Ron and his scouring of Strongs Concordance for alternate suitable meanings to ancient words.

My takeaway Bible verse is Isaiah 42:19: “Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the LORD’S servant?”

During the third sermon, Ron reminisced about the luge rides last year in New Zealand.  He and Pat Cameron had a near collision and Ron thinks that his appendix burst as a result of his effort to avoid it.  Hmm, I wonder about that.  Ron missed the Day of Atonement sermon last year, maybe that’s when it happened.  His appendicitis pain was so bad that he joked about being pushed off the 3rd floor of the hospital but realized that he couldn’t die because he’s a Witness.  Too bad his Witness Powers didn’t extend to an instant recovery so that he could prophesy during those days also.

He explained the Facebook ban as not a real ban mandated by the church.  Rather than people getting off Facebook because they’re ordered to do so, they’re to get off because they’re convicted that it’s bad.  A distinction without a difference, as they realize it’s bad because Ron told them it’s bad.

A few more interesting tidbits.  Ron doesn’t fully understand his own book, realizing new meanings as events develop (or rather don’t develop).  He asked PKG members where else can they go.  With all the splinters of Armstrongism, one is bound to have the flavor of Armstrongism they like without all the false prophecy.  And it seems that he has been threatened with physical harm by haters.  While I think that assaulting him would be wrong, I could understand that those who’ve lost family members to his lies might be less charitable.

The most entertaining was delivered by Terry Wrozek.  If you can’t stand listening to Ron you might download Terry’s sermon and listen to the first few minutes.  He talks about all the inspired notes in the margin of his Bible that didn’t come true.  When he was in WCG, he didn’t think that Christ would return in his lifetime.  He talked about the “Aha moments” when Ron gave him new truth.  Terry, be prepared for more “aha moments” when Ron’s prophecies undeniably fail next May.


It’s Not a Cakewalk in the Church of Ron

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland did battle with the demons in the electronics while in Australia.  The demons won out during the opening prayer and whichever elder gave the opening prayer lost out on his chance for fame as it wasn’t in the recording.  Ron’s Witness Powers were tested as someone cut him off in traffic on the way to services, almost causing an accident.

Yesterday was the Day of Atonement.  The faithful were reminded of the collection of special offerings, and since this was the day to afflict their souls by fasting, there could be a bit more in the offering plate.

And they’ll get to do it all again on Thursday as that’s the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles.  Ron dangled a few carrots about the feast sermons but warned that the sixth and seventh sermons will be tests.  Maybe that’s when he’ll begin rolling out the groundwork in earnest for the reasons they should continue to follow him despite all his false prophecies.


The Four Demons

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the Netherlands yesterday.  He had recently ordained elder Edwin Van Horne give the opening prayer.  Some room rearranging and deciding whether to close the door against traffic noises followed.

Last weekend was prophecy from various websites about the emerging 5th trumpet which still hasn’t blown on schedule despite August having been the latest it would go off.  But then we now have more time as during the Trumpets sermon Ron gave as long as April for the 2nd trumpet.  This week was about the Four Demons who are preparing China to lead a 200-million-man army derived from various Asiatic nations.  This preparation began no later than around the Days of Unleavened Bread as preparation of an army of that size doesn’t happen overnight and requires an hour, a day, a month, and a year.  He then read a news article about the Chinese Navy flexing its muscles in the South China Sea.  China is disputing rights to undersea oil with its neighbors.  There was no discussion of the preparation to train and equip an army of that size.  Nor was there any discussion of the preparation to mobilize and transport an army of that size along with equipment and supplies to the Valley of Megiddo. No mention of building large numbers of ships and aircraft.

We’ve had some interaction in the comments section of another post with a PKG member who goes by “Joeseph” (his spelling, not mine).  On Thursday (the Feast of Trumpets), he left a few comments starting with this one that included a link to a news article.   Yesterday (the weekly sabbath), he left another few comments and accused me of deleting his earlier comments.  He then reposted a link to a WSJ article and stated:  “I guess this is just strange coincidence that the EU is splitting into two groups, the strong being a group of 10. HWA explained this in the 20s…and it’s happening now just like Ron said it would…hmmm, how could it be? ”

Well, I went to the article and read the following:

“It will be changed in two very important ways. First, the 27-nation European Union will have fractured into separate groups of 17 and 10. Second, the economies of the Gang of 17 will be centrally managed by a Franco-German coalition, while the nations among the 10 “leftovers” will fight a losing battle to effect the policies of the EU of which they are paid-up members. Peaceful coexistence between the 17 and the 10 is no sure thing.”

PKG members have the special eyes to see exactly what False Prophet Ronald Weinland wants them to see.  But “Joeseph” got another thing wrong — Herbert Armstrong did not prophesy this in the ’20s.  He invented his religion in the ’20s and ’30s plagiarizing from other religions.  In the lead up to WWII, he prophesied that Hitler would be the beast power. But then that wasn’t his only false prophesy, and Ron Weinland is following in the footsteps of his somewhat diminishing spiritual idol.