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If You’re Warm, You’re Cold

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Jesus Christ did not return yesterday to resurrect False Prophet Ronald Weinland and the Mrs. from the streets of Jerusalem and convert them to spirit beings.  So Ron have his Feast of Trumpets sermon  from the Netherlands, after reminding his sheep to shear themselves with special holy day offerings.

Ron gave us an update on the trumpets:

It amazes me sometimes to think that people all the way to the end are going to go by the wayside.  You think your trials are over with?  You think you haven’t been tried yet?  I can just tell you right now,  the longer it goes that we have peace around us, the harder it’s going to be for you.  The longer it might take for the second trumpet to sound —  I don’t know when it’s going to be:  It could be today.  It could be tomorrow.  It could be next week.  It could be next month.  It could be January.  It can be April.     I …. don’t ….. know.

By January, Ron will be spiritualizing the 5 months of torment of the 5th trumpet.

The First Time Christ Didn’t Return

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

This post is timed to release at sundown in Jerusalem.  At which time the Feast of Trumpets begins.  And also the time that False Prophet Ronald Weinland first prophesied that Christ would return.

The first time.  Now Ronnie prophesies that Christ returns next May 26 at sundown in Jerusalem, which is the beginning of the day of Pentecost.  The second time that Christ doesn’t return.

May be a few more times that Christ doesn’t return before Ron is done.

Economic Collapse Now on the Doorstep

Monday, September 26th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has a new post on his blog.  Repeated here below the fold for your convenience and opportunity to comment, since he doesn’t allow comments on his blog.


You’ll Never See the Pope in Blue Jeans

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from London this weekend.  Wonder what happened to Weinland’s long-time member Phillip Burman as Ron gave the opening prayer and William Milne gave the closing  (Mile drank Herbert Armstrong’s Flavor Aid starting in the 60’s and now is drinking Ron’s.)

Ron made it easy on his accolytes who update the PKG website with references to Ronnie’s references to the scriptures.  He spent little time in the Bible, I caught a reading from Rev 17.  If he attributed it or used other verses I missed them in all the blather.  Instead, Ron read from various headlines and news articles about the economics problem in Europe with the PIIGS.  The pope visited his home country of Germany this week.  Somehow this will bring together 10 nations who will come together as the Beast Power sometime before Christ doesn’t return next May (the 5th trumpet).  Perhaps by January to allow 5 months of torment, or maybe not.  Ron implied that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th trumpets would happen in the next 3 months, and could happen all in one day.  Personally, I’m still waiting for the First Trumpet.  In “2008 — God’s Final Witness” discussing the First Trumpet, Ron states: “When we are told that a third of all plant life will be destroyed, that is exactly what it means.” (page 118)  Ron did issued a prophecy which I endorse fully — it’s the title to this post.

This week is highly significant in Ronnie’s timeline.  No, not the current one — the first one.  In Ron’s first timeline, he and Laura would have been killed a few hours ago and their bodies would be lying in the streets of Jerusalem with full TV coverage.  The Asiatic Hordes would be assembling in the Valley of Megiddo. Christ would be returning this coming Thursday, or actually Wednesday evening at sundown in Jerusalem.  And I would have slowly died from the inside according to the first issuance of his death curse in April of 2008.


God’s Diplomat Mike Presents His Credentials

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Had a comment left today on my “Sevens” page linked at the top of my blog.  Thought I would repeat it here and add my comments.  This comment was left by a PKG member also named Mike but who indicates via his email address that he considers himself to be God’s Diplomat.  (God’s Diplomat) Mike’s comments are in italics, my response in bold type.

Shame on you. You should be both embarassed and ashamed of this Satan inspired dialog. Satan has nothing to do with it.  As the Bible says, God considers the intellect of man foolishness. Who speaks foolishness? Fools of course. Actually it’s Ron who speaks foolishly and you are foolish to listen to him.  By speaking to what you don’t really know or yet understand you have proven beyond any doubt whatsoever that you are someone who relies on his own thinking.  And you are someone who relies on someone else’s thinking, actually his lies.

Honestly, from what I have read you obviously know very little about either God’s Church, inspired Scripture, or the Revelations currently being revealed through Jesus to the Church. And what have you read on my blog?  Exactly? Not very much.  You speak foul mouthed failing to adequately acquaint yourself with the Church of God PKG doctrine. I am more than adequately familiar with PKG doctrines.  You resort to cheap name calling while misleading others with misinformation. Ron is the great misleader, not me.  Dialog intending to mislead just like your father Satan and his flock of demons  Satan’s name doesn’t appear on my birth certificate.

This I do know, and believe you probably do to, until you repent you will never receive God’s Spirit again. In absence of His Spirit the mysteries Yahweh reveals to His Church will never be given to you. Not God’s spirit — it’s Ron’s nonsense.  I got to ask out of curiousity, just how is it that you feel qualified to judge Ronald Weinland? Deut 18:20-22.  Has God Almighty commissioned you to act in His behalf? No, but he hasn’t commissioned you either despite your claims.  Maybe it is that you, a mere man filled with pride and arrogance think you have the authority to convey God’s message? Deut 18:20-22.  Is it that God is working with you and not through Jesus, the Weinlands or the COG PKG?  He’s certainly not working through the Weinlands or PKG.

Not to be confrontational but what I see here from what you have authored is an angry and confused man with a childish grudge. What part of your spew is not confrontational?  Liar.  You appear to be a hater of God’s Witness Ronald because he was given God inspired understanding which you were Spiritually incapable of understanding?  I do not have God’s Witness.  Weinland was not given God-inspired understanding, it’s all nonsense.  

The Scriptures warn us of antichrists. By doing what you are, you have postured yourself against God. I have not postured myself against God, but the lying deception of a False Witness.  I will pray for you but ultimately friend it is up to you to repent and accept God’s Word. Please don’t pray for me. Well, actually I don’t care.  Knock yourself out.   If you decide to deny God’s two witnesses just where will you get the revelations Christ is revealing? Certainly not from Ron Weinland.  If the Weinlands are who we know they are and you stand in opposition of them and God’s plan how do you think you will fair when you eventually stand before Him?  And what will you do when you come to realize that the Weinlands are not God’s end-time witnesses?  I’d be cautious about bashing those whom God has appointed.  Ohhhh!!! I’m scared!!  Just like I was scared of Weinland’s curse on me for a speedy death almost 3 years ago.

Allow me to clarify something you have misstated. Christ’s return will be on May 27, 2012 not the 23rd as you posted. Perhaps you should spend more than a brief moment reading the Church doctrine before you post inaccuracies which further confirm your Spiritual ignorance before all men  

Mike allow me to clarify something you misread.  I did not state that Christ’s return will be on May 23rd.   May 23rd is the date that Ron has the Beast Power killing him and the Mrs in the streets of Jerusalem.  Looks like you’re the one with the reading problem.  God should choose his diplomats more carefully.

I’ve also transferred over a couple of comments in response to “God’s Diplomat” Mike.

It’s the Economy Stupid.

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Dublin, Ireland this weekend. He previously visited 4 years ago during the summer of 2007 just prior to his Total Resolve sermon. Last week while in the Netherlands he ordained a new elder, his new member from the Middle East. I hope this is a Packistani from one of the states which has criminalized Ron’s books.

Perhaps Ron is signalling a new “truth”. It seems that the 6th trumpet has blown, as he stated that the Asiatic hordes are prepared for whatever they’re going to do. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th trumpet can all happen in one day. But Ron doesn’t know, doesn’t have the foggiest idea, when the 2nd trumpet will be blown. The 5 months of torment of the 5th trumpet might just be the economy. The 7th thunder will mostly happen next May just before Christ doesn’t return. So maybe Ron is wearing out his Strong’s Concordance and the next truth will be that the 6th through 2nd trumpets will happen in reverse order.

Ron gave one of his shortest, if not indeed his shortest sermons with the MP3 file including lead-in song and opening prayer only 1 hour and 19 minutes. The topic was the final “truths” given during the Laodicean era which according to him ended with his second timeline. He zipped through “truths” 43 to 50 and 46 through 50 were mentioned during the last 4 minutes. Perhaps Ron needed to visit the men’s room.

He made an aside revisiting Herbert Armstrong’s “US and BC in Prophecy” booklet, page 17 in the 1954 edition or page 121 of the 1967 edition. HWA claimed that the house of David was killed off except for one daughter who Jeremiah brought to Ireland along with Jacob’s pillar stone to continue David’s dynasty which includes Queen Elizabeth II (never mind that the House of Windsor actually came from Germany).

Also covered in relative depth was the theory that a tithe of a third of those formerly in the Worldwide Church of God at the time of Joe Tkach Sr’s apostasy in December of 1994 will join PKG before Pentecost of next year. This would be around 3200 people. God leaves maneuvering room in his prophecies so maybe it will be a title of the whole or around 9600 people. People need to read what is written carefully. I suggest starting with page 125 of “2008 — God’s Final Witness” which states:

At the same time all these events come together at the sounding of the Fifth Trumpet, there will be an initial period of time (five months) when much human suffering will continue as a result of the first four trumpets. This marks a time of great suffering on a worldwide scale, but even now, God’s Church is still part of these prophetic events. God’s Church still exists on earth, and will continue, all the way up to the very return of Jesus Christ; but many who were scattered in the Church, after the great falling away, will not live into the new millennial period that follows.

Restoring All Things

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland left early for his feast trip and was in the Netherlands yesterday. His usual local elders there Gijs van Lerberghe and Willem Henderson were on hand to deliver the prayers. Mieke was typing madly away to translate the apostle’s latest musings into Dutch.

The ranks of the deluded are expanding with a new baptism of someone from “the middle east” and more people in the middle east listening in. Weinland’s books of fiction have been translated into Arabic and and Arabic version of has been set up. A couple of Pakistani states outlawed Weinland’s books back in 2008. Perhaps other Islamic nations or more tolerant, or maybe they just haven’t heard of the Spokesman Witness.

Ronnie continued to recycle his “truths”, revisiting “truths” 38 through 42. For “truth #39”, He put some emphasis on Matt 17:11, signalling that he will spend more time parsing the meaning of “restore all things”. Probably as a prelude to “truth” #58 during the feast. Ron will need something to divert the faithful as less than 37 weeks remain before Christ doesn’t return, and less than 17 weeks of God’s judgment on the US as proclaimed by Weinland back in April. During the past week Weinland left the Red sea and had some inspiration as to what the feast sermons will be. In the meantime, he still has 15 old “truths” yet to recycle but these involve prophecies which are yet to be fulfilled.

The Fourth Picnic

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Looked at the calendar, and decided to repost this YouTube video:

Today is the fourth Labor Day since April of 2008 when False Prophet Ronald Weinland made this statement. He’s still preaching. Are we still having a picnic?