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No Neckties in the Millennium

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland made his usual Pentecost trip to the Netherlands, delivering the customary two sermons (both Saturday and Sunday) for the Pentecost weekend.  His sermons are coincidentally entitled “Pentecost”.  For the Saturday sermon, his elders Gijs Van Lerberghe and Willem Henderson gave the prayers.  Ron spent about 6 minutes after Gijs gave the opening prayer rearranging the meeting room.

For the Saturday sermon, Ron dangled the carrot of the additional 3000 members forthcoming soon from the scattering, which is those who were baptized members of the Worldwide Church of God in December of 1994 when Joe Sr. opened the First Seal.  He dangled another carrot which would be idolization of PKG members during the millennium for being the first to drink Ron’s Flavor Aid.  He cautioned against becoming disconnected from PKG by using other sources to study the Bible.  Except for the Strongs Concordance, which Ron himself uses to mine for alternative meanings of words to support his prophetic revisions.

For the Pentecost day sermon, Ron used a stick, warning that the First Trumpet is finally about to hit.  But not the death of 1/3 of all vegetation as stated in his book.  Rather, the global economy is about to collapse, and the beast power is going to arise from the ashes.  We are within the year, month, day, and hour of preparation of the Asiatic hordes for the battle in the Valley of Megiddo in less than 50 weeks from now.

Jack engaged one of Ron’s Flavor Aid drinkers on his blog.  Here’s a telling part of the exchange with the Anonymous PKG member.

Anonymous said…

You said, “Will you follow Ron if Jesus does not return May 2012?”.

That’s a fair question. Yes, I will.

June 8, 2011 6:13 PM

I don’t think that “Anonymous” will be the only PKG member still following Ron on May 28 of next year.