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Catching Dyslexia

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was back in Detroit, where it was hotter than expected. His sermon was on perfection, a topic which he is a long way from understanding.  Weinland’s God created Jesus, a perfect individual who never misspoke and was perfectly appropriate.  However, Weinland’s God made the rest of us imperfect requiring the sacrifice of a perfect being before we can be accepted.  Oh, and a God who created evil to boot.  Something that makes complete sense to its believers although it can’t be satisfactorily explained.

Ron did not harp on all the tornadic activity, which is pretty much all that he has to point to physically now into the 10th of the 40 weeks of devastation to be visited on the US and other scattered nations of Israel. Rather, our Spokesman Witness is looking for the economy to fail to get people’s attention.  That’s what he needs the first trumpet to be (loss of green money) since it hasn’t turned out to be the loss of 1/3 of vegetation.  At least not from my view on the bike trail this morning, and having to mow the lawn after only 5 days because Ron hasn’t used his Witness powers to shut up the heavens.  By the way, I rode about 12 miles this morning, which isn’t bad for someone who died a speedy internal death during the last 2 & 1/2 years as a consequence of mocking a false prophet who cursed me rather than praying for me.