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Perfectly Timed and Spaced Thunders and Trumpets

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke yesterday from Wayne Matthews’ home city of Melbourne, Australia.   Deputy Sheriff Wayne was, of course, on hand to give the closing prayer while Zoran Illitch gave the opening.  Ron mentioned a YouTube video of which he approved.  He didn’t describe precisely which one, but it might be this one put up by “Jonah” who has previously put up and later pulled down fan videos of Weinland. As an aside, he stated obliquely that the government still finds fault even when you pay your taxes.  So.  Ron, did you?  Really?

PKG members are reminded to be sure to listen to next week’s sermon before the special passover next week Monday during which they are to fast (aside from the bread and wine).

Ron reviewed last week’s review of prior sermons.  Such as his December 13, 2008 in which he foretold many surprises.  Only one surprise has come about which is that there haven’t been any surprises.  And his sermon given the last weekend of January 2009 during the two-day fast during which members were instructed to pray for death and destruction to bring more to repentance.  God responded by doing nothing because by now we would have become accustomed to the worst time that the world has ever known.  Ron went on to review his ordination of Laura as prophetess in December of 2008 after which he stated that Laura would be the only woman to be ordained but then yet later went on to ordain dozens more women.  Ron got mixed up on another point, stating that he thought Laura had the job of witness in February of 2008 which was the first time PKG members were sealed into the 144,000 but which was prior to April when the Two Witnesses began their jobs the first time and issued the first death curse on mockers.

It seems that this blog is doing the Church of God PKG a service by mocking it for its leader’s failed prophecy, allowing PKG to grow in humility.  My view is that PKG members deserve to be mocked and pitied for their mindless devotion to a well-proven false prophet.  Also, I note that I haven’t seen any evidence of humility from the prideful PKG members who have posted here.

PKG members were not ready 2 years ago, but are more readied today.  PKG members have learned to not be offended when God changes things, such as when the Great Tribulation is not great.  Therefore, PKG members will not be offended when Christ doesn’t return next year.  They won’t be offended when Ron blames them for Christ’s non-return because they didn’t pray hard enough.

The 40 weeks of judgment on the United States and the other scattered nations of Israel began a week ago today.  Let’s review the affects of the trumpets and thunders over the last week on these nations:

  • First Trumpet: No big vegetation die-off this last week.  The economy continues to improve slowly.
  • Second Trumpet: No “nukular” explosions in US port cities or elsewhere.  Ron indicated that next week he’ll be telling us what the Second Trumpet really will be.
  • First Thunder, War:  The conflict in Libya approaches a stalemate as non-Israelite nations takeover.  No war activity on the soil of any of the scattered nations of Israel.
  • Second Thunder, Earthquakes:  While there was another earthquake scare in Japan, nothing of note in the US or other scattered nations of Israel.
  • Third Thunder, Weather:  This one hit me personally as a hail storm came through last week damaging the siding on my house.  The insurance adjuster is coming next week to inspect the damage and approve a claim.  Any other weather events of particular note?
  • Fourth Thunder, Economy:  Continues to muddle along and hasn’t collapsed.  Wait, isn’t this the new First Trumpet?
  • Fifth Thunder, Death:  The five CoG ministers are still alive.  Charlie Sheen’s career continued its slow death with poor attendance at his road show in Chicago.
  • Sixth Thunder, Ron’s Fame as Prophet:  No mainstream news articles about Ron.  Dill and I made our usual blog posts.
  • Seventh Thunder, Growing Revelation of Ron’s God:   ???

If there are any significant Trumpets or Thunders which occurred last week on the scattered nations of Israel, please point them out so I can correct this post.  Ron is already delaying the Thunders and Trumpets, stating they may not happen until the end of this Forty-Week Period of Judgment.  Ron’s Last Great Day sermon will point out that there are 80 days remaining in the forty-week period: 40 days for judgment on the United States followed by 40 days for judgment on the other scattered nations of Israel.  Or maybe not, Ron has plenty of time to come up with something else now that I’ve given this spoiler.