The Execution of Judgment

False Prophet Ronald Weinland put up a new post on his blog Friday afternoon. As usual, it is reposted here for a record after Weinland deletes his copy.
This Sabbath (April 2nd) ends a very unique time in all history. It is the end of four cycles of “half-a-time” in the period of “time, times and half-a-time” described in Daniel 12. There are only three more periods of “half-a-time” remaining before Jesus Christ returns as King of kings over all government on earth.

Over the centuries, many have tried to comprehend the prophecies given by God concerning the meaning and fulfillment of “time, times, and half-a-time.” But as God told Daniel, the revelation of those things that were given to him to write were not to be revealed at any period except that of the very end-time, when God would “finish” [Heb. – “bring to an end”] the time given to mankind to rule himself and then establish His Kingdom on earth.

As God has revealed to His Church at this end-time, the period of “time, times and half-a-time” is about God’s end-time judgment upon mankind, in which God will bring an end to man’s self-rule. In the midst of this period of time, God is magnifying Himself and His love toward His creation—toward mankind. However, mankind is not aware of what God has been doing, but will now begin to be made aware—IF they will listen!

Judgment and God’s Mercy

In time, some soon and some much later, people will learn of God’s mercy and of His execution of judgment in this end-time. The period of “time, times and half-a-time” is powerfully prophetic and it reveals much about God’s end-time judgment. This expression is not given in order of occurrence, but is given in more of a poetic fashion as with much of what is written in the Psalms. Such things cannot be understood until God chooses to reveal them and He reveals such things through His prophets.

God’s Church has been given to understand that this period of time is divided into seven specific periods of “half-a-time.” Again, all these periods are about God’s judgment. We have just completed the first four periods of “half-a-time” which is equivalent to the expression of “times” (prophetically, “times” is two periods of a “time”). This is incredibly revealing about God’s great love and patience expressed toward mankind. This period reveals the length of patience and mercy that God has placed in His end-time judgment for mankind.

God has shown that He would far rather extend His love in mercy than have to execute His righteous judgment. He has given twice the amount of “time” (2 x “time” = “times”) for mercy (which has been ignored) than He has allotted for a specific “time” in the execution of His judgment, which we are entering next. A period of “times” (God’s mercy in judgment) has passed today and tomorrow we enter the next “time” in “time, times and half-a-time.”

The actual “order” for the sequence of judgment is “times,” then a “time,” followed at the end by “half-a-time.” Poetically in Hebrew it is given as “time, times and half-a-time,” but in actual sequence of revelation it is “times, time, and half-a-time.”

God extends mercy so that people will respond to His love and repent of their ways, but people are oblivious to God’s presence on earth. His presence is manifested in and though His Church and His prophets.

Mankind has always ignored God and refused to listen to His prophets. The greatest prophet of all time was God’s own Son, Jesus Christ, and the world refused to listen to him. So why would they listen to me, God’s prophet at this end-time, who has warned the world through the inspired writing of a final warning to mankind: 2008 – God’s Final Witness?

God has shown great mercy in His judgment, but mankind has always taken advantage and liberty of His mercy. Since the true witness of mankind is that he chooses to ignore, mock, and refuse God’s word and warnings, God is now going to execute His end-time judgment upon this world.

A “Time” of Judgment

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new period of time for this end-time. It is a “time” of 40 weeks in the “complete judgment” to be executed upon the scattered nations of Israel and upon the Israel of God (the Church) that was scattered. The whole world will suffer during this period, but the focus is upon both physical and spiritual Israel.

In the past, I have not had the need to write much in the postings on this site. That will all begin to change as we are entering a new stage in time. The Thunders will increase in far greater magnitude and frequency and the first few Trumpets will sound with great devastation to follow.

Events that have been held back for two years have already begun to intensify in the form of the escalation of the Thunders. People quickly forget when devastation strikes. How many remember the wave of dying birds and fish that struck regions around the world at the beginning of the year? How many remember the massive flooding in various parts of the world, especially in the Queensland region of Australia after tropical downpours covered an area the size of France and Germany combined?

How long will it be before people begin to put out of their mind the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan? If it were not for the nuclear power plants in trouble, people wouldn’t even be talking about that region any longer. And you have probably already forgotten the massive earthquake that devastated Christchurch, New Zealand (unless you live in the region).

Look at the region of Northern Africa and the Middle East: Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and others. The region is engulfed in massive conflict, unrest, and instability. This too is part of great prophecy being fulfilled and Thunders becoming louder. People should be scared! People should fear what is happening, but instead they forget and choose not to think too much about it. After all, most of it doesn’t affect them directly, does it?

That is why such events must continue in magnitude and rapid succession, so that mankind will begin to fear and question, “Why are such things happening?” Only when people are brought face to face with death and massive destruction will some humble themselves before God and begin to seek His help and deliverance. Otherwise, people don’t seem to see the need for God’s help and deliverance in their lives.

We are entering a momentous time. After two years of mercy, the United States will now begin to answer for ignoring God’s warnings. Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the continent of Western Europe are going to begin to answer right alongside the U.S.

The Church that was scattered will also begin to answer for ignoring God and His prophet for this end-time, as judgment begins to be executed upon the scattered organizations where God’s people fled after the apostasy.

The times ahead are not going to be pleasant upon these scattered nations of Israel, nor upon the Church that was scattered. Their suffering is not my causing nor my fault, but the fault of every person who has refused to listen to God and repent.

All this will be followed by the final “half-a-time,” which is the great execution of judgment upon the remaining nations of the world.


A bit of orientation:  Weinland’s “time” begins on Sunday April 3 and ends on January 7.  This also happens to be the date of my entry in Dill Weed’s “Great End of the End” Contest.  The “final half-a-time” begins Jan 8 and ends on sundown in Jerusalem on the eve of May 27, 2012 when Christ doesn’t return.

Now is your opportunity to comment.


  • J says:

    He sure spent an inordinate amount of time explaining “times”. I wonder how often he slips up on that or how often he has to explain it.

    I guess he’s running with the Japan/Christchurch/Middle East stuff after all as accelerated thunders. I thought he conceded that nothing had struck the US as expected? In the same post, he called his book God-inspired, yet that book said the thunders would strike US first and foremost and that the other scattered churches would already have been struck with dead leaders. And that the US would no longer operate as an independent nation. And that 1/3 of all plant life would be dead (he was so nice to elaborate that it was in fact plant life he meant, as he used the word “exactly”).

    So much confusion…and we know who the author of confusion is.

    It’s been at least three years now that I have been following Ron’s antics on this blog. And after all that time, it’s still the same old stuff: “people aren’t listening, destruction is on the horizon, things will start heating up very soon”. If you asked me back in 2007, would everything be exactly the same in 2011, even the wording, I would have said no. I was sure Ron would have closed up shop by now and bolted, or that his followers would have grown restless and revolted. People fear change. I guess I should have realized that drive to maintain the status quo is strong, and the engine would keep on running. I suppose that’s a hint of things to come, even beyond 2012.

    This is interesting though. Is he going to write a nice little progress report such as this after each “time” ends? I can’t wait to read the confused rambling when we reach that last half-a-time. I wonder if he’ll bother booking a flight for 2 to Jerusalem…

  • Excogger says:

    Dear Members of PKG, and any/all COG:

    IF and WHEN you are given the ability to use your hijacked intellects and powers of reason, you might consider my experience in Herbert’s WWCOG spiritual prison (for that was what it was). As it was then, so it is today – different times, but the same message of fear mixed with anticipation and exclusiveness. Control, control, control. Toe/tow the line and you will qualify. Believe!, don’t question. Keep the faith, and don’t worry about losing your money, loved ones, friends, sanity….. God loves a cheerful giver, etc. I could go on ad nauseum, but you get the drift.

    But all is not in vain: I have learned, and you will learn, a VERY important lesson of life. In my case, I am embarrassed to confess it took me 12 years of membership! Save yourself some time…Here it is: ALLOW NO MAN TO COME BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR CREATOR. And by implication, test and check everything a minister/preacher/prophet, etc. may say, especially if it is said “In God’s Name!”. (There’s a good clue!)

    The Times,they are a-changing. Foolish or deluded or deceiving egotists may attempt to ensnare the unwary, the confused, folk with low self-esteem, etc., but in the end they will ensnare themselves in their own words. Ronnie may pontificate and bluster, but his days as a “prophet/proffit” are decidedly numbered. Look for another type of employment, Mr that does not take advantage of others.

  • Dill Weed says:

    Double down, Ron. Double down.

    Dill Weed

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Let me say it again: Christ ISN’T going to return on May 27, 2012 because I am using my spiritual powers to stop him. The proof of this will be that he WON’T return on that date. Then you will know that I am a real prophet and RW isn’t.

  • Excogger says:

    Ron’s latest post was dated April 1. April Fool’s Joke?

  • Debbie says:

    More of the same from Ronald – he certainly puts a lot of effort in being creative re: his explanation/interpretation of “time/times” – and like someone else previously wrote – he will probably have a difficult time keeping it straight himself.

    One thing that is missing/changed – he says nothing about the portion of the ‘remnant’ of the scattered church returning to the fold.
    Back in a sermon @ beginning of Feb 2008 he stated that the ‘1/2 hour of silence’ mentioned in Revelation’s represented 30 day period when a number of people from the scattered remnant would return to the true church/ PKG – another failed prophecy of Ronald’s.

    If Ronald is supposed to be bringing this message to the world for god, my opinion is that he is doing a poor job of it – Now would be the time for the radio/TV interviews/newspaper articles etc – rather than an obscure few paragraphs written in an obscure blog on the internet.

    Ron, it is time to break open that Swiss Bank account and splurge on some full page ADS in all the major newspapers – especially in the US, so that they really have a chance to know of the coming judgment.

    Imagine a TV show where that “Religiousity” host goes out on the highways & biways interviewing people about their knowledge of Ronald & PKG – The majority of the interviewees would be responding “Ron who?” or “never heard of it”.

    Sad to say, today the PKGers will be hungering & thirsting during their fast – so much so that they will swallow whole the flavor aid and the manna of falseness that Ronald will be dishing up in his sermon today.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Nice one Debbie – the “manna of falseness”. Talk about the manna of falseness indeed. I guess I don’t understand the Bible because I believe it should be true to its message!

    Jesus = believe me and you are saved.
    RW = believe what I say no matter how many things I change from the Bible and from my own “truths”.

    I sense a disconnect…

  • Jack says:

    I listened to Ron’s sermon today. I faded in and out of napping while he babbled. My ears perked up when he said “some are mentioning no new president will take office.” Well over there they are still trying to get a birth certificate. He still won’t produce a birth certificate. Fox news is talking about it.”

    I’m not an american but I do follow the news, and I have not heard “them” starting up about the Obama birth certificate again. I thought that was all over with. I’m sure the American government would not allow anyone to be elected without being properly i.d.’ed. Is this Ron’s excuse for his “a president will not take office” failure? He wasn’t born in the U.S. so therefore a “real” president did not take office, and thus validating Ron’s statement of no new president?

    I find it absolutely mind boggling that he would try that as an excuse. Ya know what is even more mind boggling? The PKGers probably accept that as proof of prophecy.

  • martin ortiz says:

    He mentions “now” in new blog post.

    I thought now came and went several weeks ago.

    Unless this “now” is the real “now”, and the original “now” was a dry run.


  • Atrocious says:

    His definition of “now” is “sometime in the future”.

    And, if Ron doesn’t think Obama is the president because of the birth certificate thing – er, BECAUSE RON doesn’t think he’s the president because of the birth certificate thing, then that means, in RON’s mind, that’s he’s NOT the president. Now THAT’S what I call grasping at straws. Wow! It IS mind boggling, to say the least. So now Ron thinks he has the power to say that Obama isn’t the president because Ron says so? Huh, next, he’s gonna say that the U.S. cities have been nuclear bombed – we just don’t know it yet. Or everything is going as he prophesied, it’s just not visible yet. I just shake my head in abject amazement. Ron is absolutely insane.

  • martin ortiz says:

    Ronald (the false prophet) Weinland: “Their suffering is ***not my causing*** nor my fault”

    Rev 11:10 And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets ***tormented them that dwelt on the earth***.

    I think basically Ronald has just confessed that he is not one of the Two Witnesses.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Isn’t it amazing how Ron says we are rebelling against GOD because we don’t believe his prophecies are true, and then when they DON’T come to pass we are rebelling against GOD for not understanding them. But Ron if you say “there will be no new president in 2009” we HAVE to believe that. To believe your REVISION is to reject our former belief in GOD, thus we must not believe in a CONSISTENT, PERFECT GOD, rather what YOU say God says.

    Can’t you see? YOu are asking us to STOP believing God if what YOU say contradicts itself and the Bible, the WORD OF GOD from which you draw your scriptural support. And since you rely on your own special relationship with God as your authority, you negate Biblical authority, thus YOU YOURSELF speak against Biblical authority, which makes you “a type of” anti-Christ”. The Bible says if a man even THINKS lustfully about a married woman he is committing adultery. How much more so for murder, which the Ten Commandments say ios wrong. BUT YOU RON can call death upon Mike and DESTRUCTION of the world because you are a witness? You negate the Ten Commandments AND Christ. And if the Witnesses can kill and that’s OK, then why is God making special allowances for Witnesses. I don’t believe the Bible is true, but if YOU do Ron then you and your double standard/inconsistent fake GOD are evil and must be ignored.

  • martin ortiz says:

    Was this information on “times” (which Ron has gotten all wrong), the gem he was going to pass onto his church?

    The bible defines “time” (in relation to this particular prophecy), in 3 different ways, so there would be no confusion.

    1) time, times, and half a time

    2) 1260 days

    3) 42 months

    But Ronald’s word over-rides the bible, as his interpretation of “time” is 40 weeks, which does not agree with the bible definition.

  • Jack says:

    “I think basically Ronald has just confessed that he is not one of the Two Witnesses.”

    Yes It could be taken that way. I think the only suffering that is his causing and his fault, is that of the people whose lives he is ruining. I can only imagine how much money he is going to rake in next May. (Especially if there are some major disasters next spring.)

    And if he isn’t a con artist, even Ron is going to be messed up when Jesus doesn’t show up. If the great trib is not evident by the first of next May he is going to have to reconfigure his doctrine.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Are you kidding? Ron will be fine as long as he has people like Ryan and Mal hanging around. If Ron announced that he was not a Witness but rather “a type of” Gandalf the wizard, they would call us ‘rebel-ers’ against God’ because WE clearly don’t want to know God’s love and that we refuse to believe “his” prophet/wizard, that MAYBE Ron actually is Gandalf so who are we to judge!?

    The ONLY “authority” Ron has is that HE HIMSELF said that God revealed things to him. The ONLY proof of that is the veracity of his words, which are VAGUE to COMPLETELY WRONG. Ron is NOT a prophet/witness/apostle. He actually IS closer in spirit to Gandalf, a fictional character from a FICTITIOUS book…like ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘The Holy Bible’.

  • J says:


    About Obama’s birth certificate. It’s long-since been settled. Upon his birth, his grandmother submitted an announcement to their local newspaper of his birth….in Hawaii. Now if he was really born in Africa, then his grandmother must have realized that he would someday become President of the United States and that she would have to lie way back then to make sure it was announced that he was born in the US. It’s dumb, but at this stage, Weinland will take ANYTHING that could possibly help his case.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ron said “Judgment begins to be executed upon the scattered organizations where God’s people fled after the apostasy.” So let’s not forget to hold Ron to this latest “truth” as well. Of course, to Ron, a hang-nail, lost dog, tooth cavity, and spilling Coca-cola on the sofa would classify as God punishing David Pack or Gerald Flurry for their apostasy.

    CNN April 24th – In other news a Mr. David Pack, American minister, has just accidentally nicked his earlobe while shaving. Though such incidents are normal in everyday life, clearly this is a sign of God’s wrath upon Mr. Pack for leaving the True Church which is led by Mr. Ronald Weinland of the COG-PKG, an American religious organization which is clearly spreading the true end time message of the God of Abraham. When reached for comment, Mr. Pack was contrite and said the following:

    “It is through the sobering, redemptive message of Ronald Weinland that I have realized the error of my ways. Clearly I have strayed from Christ’s truth and my slightly sore ear is a painful testimony to my ignorance, and I will truly repent and follow God’s word now that Ronald Weinland has clearly and un-mistakenly shown the world Bible truth.”

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ohhh and speaking of the Execution of Judgment Ron… let’s do a little Bible study on the Book of Revelation:

    “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.”

    Your prophecies haven’t come true, and THE BIBLE’S threat against you for adding to it HASN’T come true for years. Could it be that by some strange coincidence BOTH YOU and the BIBLE are *ahem* FAKE?

  • Steve says:

    Well well well this is interesting.
    So Ron at first back in 2008 “prophecied” that no new president will take office, yes i remember him saying it. Then when it did not happen i also recall him saying “It wasn’t a prophecy!” (2009 statement) So it was a prophecy then it wasnt….ok so now fast forward to the modern day and he is once again contradicting himself in a loop of madness he so often gets himself into because now he is tryin to make out his prophecy (that wasn’t a prohecy) IS coming true because there is no birth certificate etc etc?

    Wake up!

  • Mal says:


    The Bible does not define a ‘time’. Your link with 1260 days and 42 months is just conjecture.

    The expression ‘time, times and half a time’ is given in Daniel 12:7

    When Daniel said he didn’t understand and asked for the meaning (12:8), he was told the meaning would remain secret ‘until the time of the end’ (12:9).

  • Debbie says:

    Mal –

    You wrote re: Martin – “Your link with 1260 days and 42 months is just conjecture” –

    Your posts read to me as if you believe Ronald Weinland has the understanding because he says so – this same Ronald Weinland with many failed prophecies – this same Ronald Weinland who is supposed to be the end time witness for the almighty god yet so many have not even heard of him nor his book of untruths – and yet you will not commit yourself to Ronland’s PKG and paying your tithes to him

    So what is your position on this? – Have you made a decision as yet as to the validity of Ronald’s claims to be the spokesman for the god you worship?

  • martin ortiz says:

    “The Bible does not define a ‘time’. Your link with 1260 days and 42 months is just conjecture.”

    If the bible in fact did not define a time, then a person could assign ANY value to “time”, it could be a week, an hour, a month, a year….anything…and on what basis could we determine which one was the correct interpretation of “time”? should we base it on what somebody said? “It’s x because I said so”?

    No. The bible gives you enough information to determine what a “time” is.

  • martin ortiz says:

    Let us see…does the bible make any connections between “time” and what the length a “time” is?

    (Dan 7:25) And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

    Dan 12:7
    (7) And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

    Here we have:
    1) a “he”
    2) a blasphemer, speaking against the most High
    3) “they” were given into his hand (“they” = the saints)
    4) he lasts 3 1/2 “times”

    Rev 13:5-7
    (5) And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.
    (6) And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.
    (7) And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

    Here we have again:
    1) a “him”
    2) a blasphemer, speaking against the most High
    3) “they” were given into his hand (“they” = the saints)
    4) he lasts 3 1/2 “times”

    Both passages in Daniel and Revelation are one and the same descriptions of the same “event” (the Tribulation).
    In Daniel it uses “times, time, and half a time”
    In Revelation it uses 42 (lunar) months (a lunar month being 30 days).
    42 lunar months of 30 days each is 1260 days.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Yeah, like Martin said!

  • Jack says:

    J About Obama’s birth certificate. It’s long-since been settled

    I thought it had been taken care of, but this just goes to show how there will always be people who will disregard the facts and continue with the myth. Case in point— those who follow Ronald Weinland. No matter if they are shown the evidence of the facts, they turn away and follow their fantasy.

  • Mal says:

    martin ortiz said:

    “If the bible in fact did not define a time, then a person could assign ANY value to “time”, it could be a week, an hour, a month, a year….anything…and on what basis could we determine which one was the correct interpretation of “time”?”

    EXACTLY – Which is why Daniel was told, when he said he didn’t understand and asked for the meaning, that the meaning would remain secret ‘until the time of the end’ (Dan 12:9). That sounds clear enough to me. It’s also logical to me that an end-time prophet would be given the meaning to reveal to the church.

    For information, which you probably already know anyway, PKG website has a chart on which is laid out RW’s timeline data. There are two periods of “time, times and half a time” not one. The first is from the time of the apostasy, when Satan and the ‘man of sin’ of 2Thess2:3.4 attacked the church. As you will know, RW sees J. Tkach Senior as that ‘man of sin’. The ‘man of sin’ and ‘the blasphemer’ you refer to appear to be one and the same ? The second “time, times and half a time” leads right up to Pentecost 2012.

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    That timeline on the pkg site changed Mal. I used to get a copy from Wayne, which I wasn’t to share with anyone, and it used to be ‘amended’. Yet another reason why I ended up leaving.

  • Mal says:

    Hi Debbie,

    No, I have not yet made a decision about RW. So, as a fence-sitter, when someone posts something specific about RW’s theology that they say contradicts the Bible – and I can’t find the Biblical verification of what is said – I believe it is fair to make a challenge.

    One thing I find particularly interesting about RW is why he risked total ridicule by naming 2008 as the countdown to Christ’s return when, by his own admission, he had nothing whatever to back it up. He claimed only that 2008 came to him purely by revelation from God.

    It was AFTER he had stuck his neck out with ‘2008’, that a whole range of numerical fits began to be seen. This resulted in his timeline change, but so what? Throughout the Bible there has been progressive revelation from God. To me, the sequence in which things occurred ie. 2008 being announced first then the numerical backup afterwards, makes it MORE likely he is genuine, not less likely.

    The numerology is not just any old numerology. The fits include all the end-times numbers in the Book of Daniel and Revelation, as well as the end-times expression ‘time, times and half a time’, and they all link in with God’s Festivals of Trumpets and Pentecost. Plus his timeline chart includes some of the history of PKG and WCOG. Because God’s Festivals move around the calendar relative to each other from year to year, his numerical fits only work with that specific year 2008 (at least to the end of this century, I ran out of time to check further). What other splinter has come up with anything similar ?

    God Himself said that He set up time (by the movements of the sun and moon) in order to give us signs (Gen 1:14). His ‘Feasts/Festivals’ are in Hebrew better translated ‘appointed times’. Major Biblical events in the past have occurred precisely at the time of God’s Festivals. Numerology and prophecy are inextricably linked. I cannot believe something as important as Christ’s return would not be linked with God’s Holy Days. The numerical data has not been put into Daniel and Revelation to be totally ignored.


    But we don’t need to wait until Pentecost 2012. RW himself has said there will be a marked increase in world chaos during the next ‘time’ period (ie. IN THE NEXT 40 WEEKS), and this will involve USA, Britain, Europe etc. If this doesn’t happen, then I believe a large number of PKG’ers patience will run out.

  • Mal says:


    It’s the timeline chart that’s on the website now that I’m interested in.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Mal, REVELATION is not supposed to CHANGE!!! If it changes, then it is NOT God’s. Plus, Ron said SPECIFICALLY that there would be NO president in 2009. Not “at some point in the future” or “in the final days”. He said SPECIFICALLY 2009. Ron is wrong. But according to you, God can change prophecy. So why say it in the first place?

    The ONLY way to know if Ron is receiving actual divine inspiration from God is the veracity and clarity of his message, or else he is a false prophet who is just twisting scripture to make money. Either Ron is wrong or God is wrong. Based on RON’S record I KNOW he is NOT a prophet of God because he has said NOTHING that has come to pass EXACTLY like he said. Thus, FALSE.

    So once again, I ask you (like Mike has many times): HOW DO YOU KNOW or WHY DO YOU BELIEVE RON IS A TRUE END-TIME PROPHET/APOSTLE/WITNESS?

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Mal, I don’t know how many times I need to keep saying this, but up until 17 April 2008, it was the ENTIRE first timeline (not just the year 2008) that Ron said God gave him. Ronnie went on and on about this.

    It wasn’t until after April 2008 when he changed his mind and told us that God ONLY gave the year – 2008.

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Oh and Mal, so if it’s the current timline you are interested in, you don’t care how much Gods most formidable prophet of all time keeps changing the timelines, even though he says God gave it each time. I guess God isn’t the same yesterday, today and forever. His more like Paris Hilton in a shoe shop.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Amazing how God gives a timeline then changes it then there is no president in 2009, then there is failed prophecy, then birthers, and now the prophecy is back on again, and then Jesus contradicts himself and reveals to Ron his return ticket is stamped may 27, 2012, and now Japan is prophetic after-the-fact. Boy! God is one confused guy. Good thing we have Ronald Weinland to make COMPLETE and TOTAL sense of all this.

    Unless of course Ron’s God is…how do I put it? Not not-lacking in reality?

  • Mal says:


    I dont ‘know’ he is God’s end-time witness. If I did, I would join PKG. But there is a lot that seems to make sense. Particularly the part that could be directly from God ie. the complex chart he has come up with using Biblical numbers and expressions (AFTER he wrote his book, which I find particularly interesting).

    Listening to his sermons, I don’t see him as the evil, money grabbing charlatan that most people here do. I think he genuinely believes he is who he thinks he is, and genuinely believes in Christ’s return at Pentecost 2012. He wants nothing more than Christ back on earth and sees the chaos and destruction as a necessary, and Biblically prophesied, step to that end.

    I also don’t view him as a ‘poor speaker’ as some have said. To my mind, his sermons have not been unlike what I would expect from an ‘end-times witness’.
    Flavor-aid ? – perhaps. But many of his sermons have contained large parts of ‘pure Bible’, which I would have given credit to any preacher for.

    If you want more details of why I maintain an interest in him, check out the ‘Firmly on the Fence’ thread, where Mike has put a link to one of my longer posts.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “many of his sermons have contained large parts of ‘pure Bible’”…Shouldn’t they contain “ALL parts of pure Bible”? And parts COULD be directly from God? Boy, Mal. You and Ryan and pg have what I would classify as REALLY low standards for spiritual truth. Personally I prefer ACTUAL truth to things that might be true, and science has told me more truth than Ronald Weinland has. I am not looking for salvation from some mysterious God who can’t seem to keep track of what is going on. How could that complete LOSER of a God have had the clarity of thought to produce the human nervous system? So God can’t figure out what he wants yet he can create your metabolism, DNA sequence, and brain chemistry?

    Can’t you see? People like me here at this site expect the God of the Universe to be as sophisticated and organized as “his” Creation, since He is fond of telling us how perfect and loving he is. And since he isn’t, I feel NO need to follow this evil creature you call God. Camembert cheese, the rock band RUSH, my Vietnamese girlfriend, and my cat have done more to make my world a better, happier place than the (non-existent) God you believe in.

  • Don D says:

    Mal, in your posting of April 3, 2011 you say of Ron Weinland:

    “He claimed only that 2008 came to him purely by revelation from God. It was AFTER he had stuck his neck out with ’2008′, that a whole range of numerical fits began to be seen. This resulted in his timeline change, but so what? Throughout the Bible there has been progressive revelation from God. To me, the sequence in which things occurred i.e. 2008 being announced first then the numerical backup afterwards, makes it MORE likely he is genuine, not less likely.”

    Let’s look at the five major claims (prior to the so-called “50th Truth”) that Weinland made about receiving revelation from God in connection with the year 2008.

    1) Firstly he claimed that what is written in his book “2008 God’s Final Witness” is not his own opinions, ideas or prejudices – the words come direct from Almighty God (pp. 57, 173, 177). That is, everything in his book constitutes the REVEALED WORD OF GOD.

    2) He also claimed that God had REVEALED to him that three and a half years of Great Tribulation would BEGIN with the opening of the Seventh Seal and destruction of one-third of the US (pp. 4, 9; 60, 61, 111).

    (He denounced “the scattered churches” for refusing to believe this [pp. 30-32, “Time Has Run Out” at ]. He said that because of their “hard-hearted pride and arrogance” against God they would be “confused and totally caught off guard when the great tribulation strikes” at the opening of the seventh seal. Their great ignorance and their “rebellion” against God [i.e. their refusal to heed Mr Weinland], would lead to their deaths in that very destruction.)

    3) He also claimed: “God has given to Jesus Christ the timing for the seals to be opened, and Jesus Christ, in turn, has given the timing to me” (“2008GFW”, pp.23-24). He subsequently announced THE DIVINELY REVEALED date for the opening of the seventh seal to be March 18, 2008 – the foundation for his original time-line.

    4) He also claimed that God’s end-time prophecies would come true EXACTLY as his books describe (p. 4). Indeed, God would use the timing of the Seventh Seal event of one-third destruction of the US to PROVE Weinland’s skeptics wrong: “God is going to begin removing the skepticism of the world, especially once the Seventh Seal is opened” (p. 24). That is, the catastrophic destruction of March 18, 2008 would be the acid test proving that he was God’s End-Time Witness and Prophet receiving REVELATION FROM GOD.

    5) He also claimed that if nothing happened it would prove the contrary: “If nothing happens then you can know positively that this [the content of his books] is complete fiction” (p. 8). That is, if nothing happened this would prove that “2008GFW” was NOT THE REVEALED WORD OF GOD, and that his claim to be God’s end-time Witness and Prophet was FALSE and DELUSIONARY.

    Such were Weinland’s FIVE MAJOR CLAIMS TO REVELATION FROM GOD concerning the year 2008, prior to the “50th Truth”. In “2008GFW” he said “One of the most difficult things for people to do is admit they are wrong” (p.25).

    But when nothing happened on 18 March 2008, did he admit that he’d been wrong, and had FAILED the critical tests which would prove his authenticity? No, he did not. Nor did he openly admit the obvious – that his CLAIMS TO REVELATION FROM GOD were FALSE. Instead, he merely offered two contradictory excuses for getting his timings wrong.

    In his FIRST EXCUSE he claimed that God’s actual time frame was NOT given until the “50th Truth” in mid-2008. If this is so, it means that his original claim that GOD HAD REVEALED His actual time-frame to him prior to mid 2008 was FALSE and he’d been DELUDED when he thought he’d been receiving such revelation from God.

    He also claimed that his prediction that one-third destruction of the US would occur when the Seventh Seal was opened was based only on the long-held mistaken beliefs of his Church. If this is so, it means that his original claim that it was BASED ON REVELATION FROM GOD was FALSE, and he’d been DELUDED when he thought he’d been receiving such revelation. (His admission that “God’s true Church” had held mistaken beliefs for years flatly contradicts his claim on p.177 of “2008GFW” that “God’s true Church” was the only religion not to go astray.)

    (Note that the “ignorant and arrogant scattered churches” were proved RIGHT and “God’s End-Time Witness” was proved WRONG! Sadly, he has learnt nothing from this episode. Instead of apologizing to them, he is still berating them. His posting of April 1 2011 says: “The Church that was scattered will also begin to answer for ignoring God and His prophet for this end-time, as judgment begins to be executed upon the scattered organizations where God’s people fled after the apostasy”.)

    In his SECOND EXCUSE he claimed that God had CHANGED THE TIMING for catastrophic destruction to begin. But a very confused Ron Weinland failed to realize that for a “change of timing” to be true there had to have been an earlier time frame TO change – thus contradicting his first excuse that God’s only actual time frame had not been revealed until mid-2008. Weinland did not specify when the postponed catastrophic destruction would begin. He simply said: “The reality is that all that has been given in the past will still come to pass, but simply A FEW MONTHS later than previously understood”. The “reality” is that it’s already 37 MONTHS later than the “previously understood” date of 18 March 2008!

    Summary: His first excuse contradicts his “divinely revealed” claims in “2008GFW”, and his second excuse contradicts his first excuse.

    Mal, you say: “It was AFTER he had stuck his neck out with ‘2008’ that a whole range of numerical fits began to be seen. This resulted in his timeline change, but so what? Throughout the Bible there has been progressive revelation from God”.

    Two points here:
    1) You conveniently ignore the glaringly obvious fact that had his ORIGINAL CLAIMS TO REVELATION FROM GOD been genuine, such that one-third destruction of the US began on March 18 2008, there would have been NO NEED for a timeline change, and NO NEED for a “range of numerical fits”.

    2) You see “progressive revelation” at work in Mr Weinland’s writings. Let’s examine that. If we believe Mr Weinland’s claims BEFORE the “50th Truth” and his second excuse AFTER the “50th Truth”, it means this: God made an initial revelation containing a very specific prophecy, and when that failed to eventuate God make a second revelation retracting and contradicting the first revelation. Is that how “progressive revelation” works? I’d always imagined that it would consist of a series of revelations which clarify and/or expand on earlier revelations. Surely the one thing they do NOT do is reject and contradict earlier revelations!

    I doubt that Weinland has EVER received genuine divine revelation. In his book “The Prophesied End Time” available at he says (p.145): “During the past seven years, God has been revealing to me the very meaning of the vision He gave to John”. He says, quite specifically: “God began to reveal the meaning and timing for the opening of the Seals of Revelation”. One of the fruits of this supposed seven-year divine workshop on the Book of Revelation was his prediction (based on chapters 7 and 8) that one-third destruction of the US would occur when the Seventh Seal was opened. If after SEVEN YEARS OF REVELATION FROM GOD Weinland got it wrong, can we seriously imagine that he actually receives genuine revelation from God?

    Mal, you seem to be so fascinated by Weinland’s current numerological claims, that you blithely ignore all of the above as if it’s of no consequence whatsoever. THAT is what so exasperates Kirrily.

    Did not Ron Weinland, by his own admission, misinterpret key end-time texts in the Book of Revelation despite his claim that God spent seven years explaining to him the meaning of the vision of John? As I’ve shown above, have not his claims to have been receiving revelation from God proven to be false and delusionary time and time again? Didn’t he fail the very tests he claimed God Himself set up to prove that Weinland was God’s End-Time Witness and Prophet? Are not his pre-50th Truth claims and his post-50th Truth claims a mass of contradictions?

    The answer to all those questions is self-evidently “yes”. Nothing Mr Weinland now says can change that.

    Therefore I confidently predict that Weinland’s numerological prognostications pointing to the return of Jesus Christ on May 27 2012 will prove to be nothing more than illusion leading to disillusion.

    Don D

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    I wish all PKG members would read your excellent article Don.

    Sadly however, most would ignore the bleeding obvious.

    Would love to know more about you Don! Were you ever caught up with PKG? Another COG?

    Again, great article – on a side note, I’m jealous of your wordsmithing abilities!

  • Atrocious says:

    Ditto @ Kirrily. Also, Ditto @ Don. Don, you wrote an exquisite article and THAT MADE PERFECT SENSE!!! I wish the pkg members would read and re-read that.

  • Don D says:

    Kirrily, thanks for your comments. No, I’ve never been involved in PKG or any other COG. My interest is sparked by a deep sadness at how deluded religious charlatans like Weinland deceive and trick good people into believing outrageous claims. Unfortunately, his cynical and dishonest techniques of obfuscation and rewriting his own history fool some people who are unwilling or unable to see through his claims with the application of a bit of good honest critical thinking. (I honed such “writing skills” as I may have when I did an MA(Hons) degree a few years ago critiquing Christian Fundamentalism, which flourishes in the US in particular.)

    From memory I think your previous postings indicate that you live in Queensland. Is that correct or am I confusing things? I’m on the Sunshine Coast as it happens.

    Atrocious, yes, I also wish pkg members would read material which counteracts the blatant dishonesty of Ron Weinland’s pretensions. But I guess they are not going to spend a lot of time lurking here….

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Don, yes I live on the Gold Coast! I have lived on the Sunshine Coast too, but much prefer it down here.

  • J says:

    Don – Believe me, PKG members lurk here. But they shut their eyes to anything that threatens their beliefs.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    “Oh Foundation of the earth and above it throned,
    whoever thou art, beyond our mind’s poor grasp,
    whether Zeus or fate or spirit of men,
    I implore thee…

    …tell Ronald Weinland to shut his mouth.

  • Jack says:


    LOL. That was awesome.