Can We Reason Together?

False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave his sermon from Georgia yesterday. His long-time elder Paul Worth gave the opening prayer which seemed like it was going to turn into a sermonette. Paul has given sermons for PKG but it’s been quite a few years. Willy Doemeland is having health problems as is Paul’s wife Elmira.

The organization for the Feast of Tabernacles this year.  Those who are able to attend should plan to do so, even though God’s most formidable prophet doesn’t know whether they’ll be able to.  I hereby prophesy that most PKG members will be able to attend the full 8 days of the feast and Last Great Day this fall.

The sermon was a continuation of the series he started last week.  He reminded us of the challenges he presented last week concerning whether he is God’s prophet and what-if? his prophecies did or did not come true.  I’ve made my statement last week.  He also made his and I don’t believe him as he’s lied before.

The thunders are going to increase and hit the US much, much worse than what Japan has experienced, making the Sendai tsunami puny in comparison.  So does that make what hit Japan not a thunder?  Must be since Weinland prophesied last month that the thunders were going to hit the United States first and foremost, but he didn’t address that point.  It’s going to happen in 2 weeks.  Or two months.  Or further down the road.  But it’s going to happen this year, he was clear on that point.  Maybe Weinland will save his current set of prophecies by extending 2011 by a few months.

Ron talked about the impact of the Japanese situation on the global economy, mentioning that Japan is now the third largest economy after China.  Ron didn’t mention which nation has the largest economy.  Which is, even after the devastation of the fourth thunder compounded by that of the first trumpet — the United States.  Back in 2008, Ron said that the dollar wouldn’t be worth anything soon after April of that year.

Seems that one of his prophecies has come true, the one made in Jerusalem in April of 2008 when he wasn’t really a witness even though he knew for certain at the time that he was.  That would be this prophecy:

According to Ron, his mockers and critic are eaten up, dead and dying inside.  I guess that I haven’t mocked Ron hard enough because I feel better inside physically and emotionally than I did several years ago.  If anyone is in that condition it is those who have loved ones sucked up into Ron’s cult.

Those who left PKG did so because of sin, such as adultery or the really, really big one of not paying tithes to Ron. Speaking of, I found a statement he made rather interesting:
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Particularly interesting after reading some of Herbert Armstrong’s coworker letters (8 MB PDF download).  For example, his November 16, 1961 letter:

The work is not yet out of this tight financial bind. The NEED, right now, is GREAT, and URGENT! Even though a good portion of those who have LOANED money to the work have not had to call for repayment, and many have been able to later donate it, still several others have needed what they had loaned, and this year we have had to repay many thousands of dollars on such loans. So that this does not have to stop or cut down the GOSPEL WORK, I have to still ask all who have larger sums you feel you cannot GIVE outright, at this time, to send in such sums as a loan. If you can GIVE a larger sum of one or several thousand dollars, it was never more seriously needed.

Even the widows’ mites, from the many who do not have such larger sums, count up BIG. Every one is NEEDED!

And another statement by Ron that … well, I’ll let you listen to and comment on it (warning — extra dose of irony supplements recommended first):
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  • Atrocious says:

    Who said for his flock to liquidate their assets and send them to him? Who told his flock that if they borrowed money, they wouldn’t have to pay it back because of the GT? If he doesn’t beg, then how come his flock have to file bankruptcy because of the “resolve” sermons?

    And, sacrificing to a church that lies to them???? Wow! This man is demonic! Brainwashing at it’s finest. It’s like he’s got his hands wrapped around their throats and squeezing the life out of them, while at the same time telling them that he’s not choking them (that’s what other churches do) but that he’s loving them and they have put their necks into his hands and causing him to squeeze.

    This man is (insert words here. I’ve said them all) and he makes me sick!

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron doesn’t beg for money the way Herbie did. He just puts it to them that if they want to be in the 144,000 that they’ll sacrifice. Or he demands, as in pay your tithes or else.

  • randy terlecki says:

    i thought to my self if i had it to do all over agian i would be a man like this false prophet guy weinland, but than i tought its just not in my heart to do people like that even if u can get away with it. what ashame this guy is. he will pay someday.

  • Mark says:

    “it takes a lot to continue to pay a minister who’s lying to you”.

    That’s probably the only truth coming out of this lying man’s mouth.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Randy said: “he will pay someday.”

    I hope so. In the meantime, his followers and their families are paying today.

  • Atrocious says:


  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Ronald Weinland, you are on trial…careful what you say in the court of KARMA…

  • Whisper says:

    He will pay someday? Oh mercy but one must take a look at human nature. He pays now! He pays every day as his mental kingdom breaks apart one brick at a time. To see that his lifes work fail. To see the Mockers arise in truth. To see his sheeples in danger of leaving him. To see the empty shell of PKG come to full illumination as a one man show. To try to polish the crowns Ron has given himself that fade away every day. Oh, I think Ron pay’s now for this mental charade he instigated. May he continue to pay for all the lives he has blemished, the dulsions he has fostered upon others, the outright gaul to proclaim himself, HIMSELF, as Prophet – an Apostle – an Elijah. The ego to deem himself (the word dripping with disdain) worthy to issue truths of God.
    Oh Ron pays now, later, and always.

  • Mark says:

    “Ronald Weinland, you are on trial…”

    Exactly. And the prosecution rested in 2008 and he was found guilty. He was ordered to stop preaching. He is now in contempt of court.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    By the order of the court, Ronald Weinland you have been found guilty of fraud in the first degree, extortion in the second degree, and contempt of court in the first degree. You are hereby ordered to relinquish all assets to charity, renounce any and all religious affiliations with Christianity proper, serve the community for 700 hours at the behest of all primary, secondary, and tertiary victims of your crimes, and remain under house arrest for a period of no less than one year concurrent with police escort for any court mandated external activity. You are also hereby ordered to undergo psychiatric assessment and counselling effective immediately, and failure to do so will result in immediate incarceration for a period of 5 years with no possibility of parole, and a fine of no less than $750,000 US dollars payable to the victims of said crimes. Case closed, court is adjourned.

  • Baywolfe says:

    Just to play Devil’s Advocate here, what if Ron doesn’t “pay someday” and what if Ron isn’t nailed by “KARMA”. What then? What if his “ministry” outlasts all anti-Ron websites? What if he dies rich and secure atop his church like HWA did? After all, does anybody have accurate numbers on whether he’s attracting new followers? We came into the WWGC way after all the crap in the 1970’s happened, and had no knowledge of them until after we were brainwashed. How many new people are coming in and only hearing the revised timeline nonsense?

    And, for those of you who still practice any brand of Armstrongism, what if Ron is sincerely deceived and, at his baptism, he just got wet, instead of receiving the holy spirit? That means that in the millenium, he’ll still have his chance for conversion. How does that make you feel?

    I suspect that, like most of us who have left the various WCG’s, disgust, and not logic, is the only thing that will cause people to flee Ron’s church.

    And, as Frank Herbert said in Dune, “Revenge is for children and the emotionally retarded.”