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Looneytune as All Getout

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the beautiful mountains of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho yesterday.  Planning is underway for organized attendance at the full Feast of Tabernacles this fall which may not be possible due to the Great Tribulation, but God’s most formidable prophet can’t tell us.  God has placed his name at suite hotels in locations such as Florida and Los Angeles.

People in the UK don’t understand the lineage of their royalty, they must not have read the Wikipedia article on the English monarchy and don’t realize that their royal house descended from Germans.   Apparently Ron hasn’t either, and believes that the English are descended from Isaac (“Saxons” from “Isaac’s sons” / “sack’s sons”, etc).  Ron relies on Herbert Armstrong’s British Israelism teaches plagiarized from writings of dubious scholarship.

God inspired Moses every step along the way as to what to say and do, and exactly what to say to Pharaoh.  And that’s what’s happening now.  God inspired Ron to prophesy calamity first and foremost on the United States and then the other scattered nations of Israel, and then caused an earthquake in New Zealand followed by an even bigger one in Japan.

Ron telegraphed another aspect of his exit strategy.  Referring to the description in Exodus 17 of the battle against the Amelekites during which Moses’ arms were held up so the Israelites would win.  PKG members are to pray to help lift up Ron’s arms to give him power.
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Hmmm, let’s review Revelation 11:

Rev 11:3  And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.
Rev 11:4  These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.
Rev 11:5  And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.
Rev 11:6  These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.

Will have to reread that.  Didn’t see anything about the Two Witnesses’ arms needing to be lifted up.  Didn’t see anything about the Two Witnesses having a church backing them up and giving them their power.  No matter.  PKG members will believe it.  And they’ll believe that it’s their fault for the non-arrival of the Great Tribulation when Ron blames them for not praying hard enough in the right way to get close to God and make Him do His will.

Ron dangled another carrot, promising more signs and lying wonders in a sermon series to start this coming weekend during the church-wide fast.  This sermon series leads to observance of Passover by PKG on April 17th after sunset  — the most special Passover in 6000 years and the last one to be observed in an organized fashion before the return of Christ.

I close with Ron’s ironic statement for this weekend:
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Ron, Just Cut It Out

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

A hat tip to the Banned by HWA blog for bringing this story to light.  According to Los Angeles TV station KTLA, Lyn Benedetto tried to kill her two children and herself to spare them the agony of the soon-coming Great Tribulation.  According to the story on Banned by HWA and confirming comments, this woman and her husband were WCG members back in 1994 but no one had information as to what group they are affiliated with now.

So we don’t know whether or not they are PKG members or members of another Herblet cult.  No matter.  The disgusting message put out by Ron and his ilk can result in deadly harm.

Ron, you are morally responsible if this was one of your members.  As you are morally responsible for all the family relationships you’ve helped destroy.

Ron, Just Cut it Out.  You know you’re a false prophet, that you’re just making your balogna sandwiches as you go.  Limit any further damage, just admit it to your followers.  Let your people go before it happens to one of them, if it hasn’t already.

Can We Reason Together?

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave his sermon from Georgia yesterday. His long-time elder Paul Worth gave the opening prayer which seemed like it was going to turn into a sermonette. Paul has given sermons for PKG but it’s been quite a few years. Willy Doemeland is having health problems as is Paul’s wife Elmira.

The organization for the Feast of Tabernacles this year.  Those who are able to attend should plan to do so, even though God’s most formidable prophet doesn’t know whether they’ll be able to.  I hereby prophesy that most PKG members will be able to attend the full 8 days of the feast and Last Great Day this fall.

The sermon was a continuation of the series he started last week.  He reminded us of the challenges he presented last week concerning whether he is God’s prophet and what-if? his prophecies did or did not come true.  I’ve made my statement last week.  He also made his and I don’t believe him as he’s lied before.

The thunders are going to increase and hit the US much, much worse than what Japan has experienced, making the Sendai tsunami puny in comparison.  So does that make what hit Japan not a thunder?  Must be since Weinland prophesied last month that the thunders were going to hit the United States first and foremost, but he didn’t address that point.  It’s going to happen in 2 weeks.  Or two months.  Or further down the road.  But it’s going to happen this year, he was clear on that point.  Maybe Weinland will save his current set of prophecies by extending 2011 by a few months.

Ron talked about the impact of the Japanese situation on the global economy, mentioning that Japan is now the third largest economy after China.  Ron didn’t mention which nation has the largest economy.  Which is, even after the devastation of the fourth thunder compounded by that of the first trumpet — the United States.  Back in 2008, Ron said that the dollar wouldn’t be worth anything soon after April of that year.

Seems that one of his prophecies has come true, the one made in Jerusalem in April of 2008 when he wasn’t really a witness even though he knew for certain at the time that he was.  That would be this prophecy:

According to Ron, his mockers and critic are eaten up, dead and dying inside.  I guess that I haven’t mocked Ron hard enough because I feel better inside physically and emotionally than I did several years ago.  If anyone is in that condition it is those who have loved ones sucked up into Ron’s cult.

Those who left PKG did so because of sin, such as adultery or the really, really big one of not paying tithes to Ron. Speaking of, I found a statement he made rather interesting:
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Particularly interesting after reading some of Herbert Armstrong’s coworker letters (8 MB PDF download).  For example, his November 16, 1961 letter:

The work is not yet out of this tight financial bind. The NEED, right now, is GREAT, and URGENT! Even though a good portion of those who have LOANED money to the work have not had to call for repayment, and many have been able to later donate it, still several others have needed what they had loaned, and this year we have had to repay many thousands of dollars on such loans. So that this does not have to stop or cut down the GOSPEL WORK, I have to still ask all who have larger sums you feel you cannot GIVE outright, at this time, to send in such sums as a loan. If you can GIVE a larger sum of one or several thousand dollars, it was never more seriously needed.

Even the widows’ mites, from the many who do not have such larger sums, count up BIG. Every one is NEEDED!

And another statement by Ron that … well, I’ll let you listen to and comment on it (warning — extra dose of irony supplements recommended first):
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Sincerely wRonG

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Yesterday, Mal challenged me to listen to Ron’s sincerity in last Saturday’s sermon, which I did and offer to you as well in this convenient audio clip:

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I also offer you this audio clip from Weinland’s sermon of March 29, 2008, just prior to the first blowing of the First Trumpet:
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My question: Does Ron sound more or less sincere in the first clip than he did in the second of these clips?

And I offer this bonus clip from last Saturday’s sermon and invite your reaction to it:
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And I also offer this clip of what happened after Ron’s dog found out that Dill Weed Jr didn’t think too highly of his master.

WWRD, Sailing Through the Scriptures

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Bloomington IL yesterday.  His elder Al gave the opening prayer. Al has followed Ron for a long time and broke his pitcher for him.  Al and Barbara recently filed for bankruptcy in federal court.  Ron is still ordaining people and last week ordained a woman in North Carolina.  Despite the calamity that’s required to hit the United States NOW!!!, planning for the Feast of Tabernacles this fall is continuing and members are to register for a feast site at a website that Ron’s geek Greg will open on Monday.  Instructions were given for the upcoming fast on or about April 2.  Members are not to go off medication for the fast.  Ron pointed out that the Church of God never taught that people should go off insulin for a fast.  That fits in with my recollections, people were not to go off medications for a fast as they weren’t to be using them in the first place.  While Herbie’s wife Loma died of a bowel obstruction that could have been corrected with a simple procedure, Herbie used medical services later on when he had issues and continued to live on the tithes of the faithful into his 90s.

Ron glossed over the contradictions between the following statement in his last blog posting and reality: “Severe storms of destruction are not just in the distance any longer, but coming down quickly upon us. These begin harshly upon the United States, first and foremost.”  Ron made essentially the same statement in a sermon a week earlier prior to the latest Christchurch NZ earthquake which killed dozens of people.  Yesterday he said that after the Christchurch earthquake he prayed for a disaster 10-fold worse, and even 10-fold over 10-fold worse.  The Japanese earthquake/tsunami clearly meets that requirement, but it’s at the wrong location to be fulfilled prophecy.  Ron did not address that discrepancy yesterday.

Ron tried to take the high road, stating that he didn’t despise people who’ve left PKG and would welcome them back with open arms (and of course their tithes, but he didn’t say that).  He would even welcome back people like Kirrily who despise him.  (For those who haven’t read my blog, I don’t think that “despise” adequately describes how she feels about Ron.)  He went on to include his remarks as addressed those who are part of “the scattering” — those who were members of the Worldwide Church of God at the time of Tkach’s apostasy in December, 1994, and those who are members of one of the hundreds of Armstrongite splinter group.  He added on the fence sitters like Mal and RJ who hang out on my blog.  Also included are those who are listening in order to find fault with Ron.  He then put a wrapper on it, addressing it to everyone.  I wonder if that really, really includes me.  What about the death curse he issued in April of 2008 and repeated in December of 2008 against anyone who mocks him?  Ancient history, I guess.

He pointed out that some who refuse to follow him are alienated from family members (Jesus will send a sword to break up families).  Does this portend a no-contact rule like the one Six-Pack Gerry Flurry has, to add to his no-Facebook rule?  He warned those in “the scattering” about the upcoming fifth thunder that finally, finally is going to start after the upcoming fast the first weekend of April.  The 5 specific people prophesied in his book to die early on as proof of Ron as a prophet of God who are all still alive despite being advanced in years, but now are really, really going to die.

Ron challenged people to listen to what he had to say and judge it without prejudice.  But then he wasn’t addressing his band of Flavor-Aid drinkers at the time.  I think it’s only fair that they be included in this, don’t you think?  Now to the body of his prepared statement.

If I’m not a prophet, I’ll reason with you accordingly, and be open with you about it.  If I am a prophet, then can you do the same?  Can you truly reason accordingly?  So often for those who do not believe that I’m a prophet, the question is asked “What will you do if these things do not come to pass?”  And I’m going to answer that more fully in this particular sermon today.

Ron sailed through the scriptures for a few minutes, and then said that he was going to interject with what some are saying, twisting and slanderously distorting what he was saying.  Some just can’t wait until May 27, 2012 when Ron will squirm and equivocate about his failed prophecies.  Ron said that he would be open, candid, and truthful about what he will do on that day.  But first he wanted to establish that he truly believes the bologna sandwiches he hands out.

Some can’t wait for me to say that I am not a prophet or to say that I’m a false prophet.  Indeed, no one has long to wait, do they?  May the 27th 2012 is not too far away.  And if Europe hasn’t arisen by early 2012 and if China does not begin destroying the earth before that date, then the reality would be manifest much sooner.  Obviously. You have to wait until 2012.  Then the question that they ask “What would I do?”

Well, first I’d repent before God and the church.  I’d acknowledge my sin and pray that God have mercy on me for being so horribly presumptuous.   Candidly, I’d deeply repent of all those things that concern prophecies that I’ve given in the office of a prophet.  But I’d seek to hold fast to all that I believe with all my being to be true concerning the word of God.  I would begin to go back through all 57 truths.  And I hope others would do exactly the same thing.  IF, just to be open about it.  I’d go back through all 57 truths and eliminate those that are shown to be untrue, repenting as I did so.  But I would hold fast to all that I believed to be true.  That would quickly take me through the first 21 truths — through the time of Mr. Herbert W Armstrong.  Then after that I’d pray and seek guidance on the rest.   Because I know the truth of many without those that are prophetic, given through the office of a prophet.   There is that which God made clear to me at one point not to long ago and that concerned how I came to see and believe what I do, was given as an apostle.  Candidly, that wouldn’t change.  There are too many truths that testify to the reality……

I would be true to what I believe regardless of what anyone else did.  Perhaps I would be by myself or only a few others.  But I’ve been there before.   But one has no integrity at all if they don’t act in an unwavering manner toward what they believe to be true.   … I would strive to reason with the church to strive, not to get them to follow me … But to encourage them to go through the same process of evaluating the 57 truths honestly before God.  I know how discouraged and distraught people were when the apostasy occurred, and due to that I would encourage people to examine their lives during the past several years.  I would ask “Was it in vain?”  … What would you do honestly between yourself and God?  Go back to United?  Go back to  Philadelphia?  What would you do?  …. I’d throw myself before the mercy seat of God.

So there we have it.  What Ron will do when his prophecies fail.  At some point early next year, it will become increasingly clear to PKG members that Ron’s prophecies have failed.  He will only be able to delay the Great Tribulation so long.  The five months of the fifth trumpet will only squeeze down so far, and then things will begin to bust loose and he will start losing members at an increasing rate.  Ron will cut his losses and drop his prophecies.  There will be a sermon series going through the 57 “truths” to identify which are “true” and which are not.  The prophetic ones will be dropped.  But all the non-prophetic ones will be kept, because Ron will still be an apostle even though he’s not a prophet.  People will be exhorted to keep their sense of urgency because Christ’s return is still imminent just as it was back in HWA’s day.  While quite a few will leave, quite a few will still continue to follow him, paying their tithes to him and ensuring him of comfortable golden years.

Ron let’s make a few things clear:  First you are a prophet.  That ship has sailed, you can’t unring a bell.  You’ve made prophecies as a prophet of the God of Abraham, and you can’t change history (except in the deluded minds of your followers).  We’re just waiting to see how many people realize that you are a false prophet.  When it comes to integrity, you’ve demonstrated that you don’t have any.  You’ve broken multiple promises to acknowledge being a false prophet when certain things did not happen on schedule.  It’s not what others have said about the timing of end-time events.  It’s about what you said about the timing.  “The proof of the validity of my first book, and now this one, is in the timing and the destruction that follows, exactly as both books describe.” (“2008 God’s Final Witness”, page 4) What you say about “Why manners of time have changed, but the prophecies haven’t changed”, your 50th “truth”, the two-day fast, and your other excuses really, really don’t matter.  It’s not a matter of human nature, except that it’s your human nature Vs logic.  The second, third, and fourth trumpets are not very near now, except that they will remain so in your mind for awhile.

Getting back to a challenge Ron threw out at the beginning:

But what is not asked or considered is by these people is the same question in reverse.  What will you do if I am right and I am a prophet? I know what I’d do if these things do not come to pass.  But do you if they do come to pass?  Do you really?  That’s a tough one for people.

Wrong again, Ron.  I have considered it.  Here’s my response.  Ron, if by some incredible stretch of the imagination you really are God’s end-time prophet, then here’s what I’d do.  I’d hope for a quick death in the shortened Great Tribulation, and when you do take vengeful satisfaction you’d be entitled.  And I’d hope that the Great White Throne judgment as you describe it is true.  I’d look forward to the long walk off the short plank into the lake of fire, hoping that your God who changes his mind didn’t change his mind about this one and there really will be eternal torment in hell.  Because your God is a faulty arbitrary capricious God and I would not want to live in your fantasy universe.

Update: Thielogical Bob has summarized this post with one of his own entitled “Ron Weinland Says He’ll Admit He’s False This Time” (note that I gave Doctor Bob a link even though he didn’t give me one).  In reality, Ron didn’t say that he’d admit to being false, and I didn’t say that he’d promised that.  Here’s what Ron actually said during the sermon:

So yes, I would most assuredly acknowledge that I was not a prophet, IF these things do not come to pass over the next year.

Let me repeat: Ron you most assuredly ARE a prophet, a false one.

Entering Some Incredible Times

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Richmond, VA yesterday delivering part 3 of his sermon series “Pray for Judgment”.  Ron in effect warned of infiltrators, not to trust another PKG member.  I wonder if there are some cracks in his following.  ‘Bout time.

He started off his sermon with this statement:

As has been stated, now is the time to pray for God’s judgment to be unleashed on this earth including far more of the thunders becoming far more powerful.  And worldwide candidly, interspersed with trumpets 2, 3, and 4 as we understand will occur here in this country.  And so again it’s a matter of praying about these things.

Since the thunders have not powerfully struck the United States since issuing his decree two weeks ago, Ron needed to be candid about it being worldwide.  Here’s what his blog says:

Since the beginning of this year, the Thunders of Revelation have become louder and are now overlapping each other. Severe storms of destruction are not just in the distance any longer, but coming down quickly upon us. These begin harshly upon the United States, first and foremost. The Second Trumpet is being prepared to sound, and the Thunders will be intensified dramatically in this nation and throughout the whole world.

Are these statements consistent?  I’ll let you decide. Since it’s been two weeks since Ron called for destruction to hit the United States Now!!! and it hasn’t, they must be. Ron continued his theme of likening the current situation to that of Moses bringing down the plagues on Egypt with Pharaoh repenting and then hardening his heart after each one.  Ron read the verses from Exodus 10 about the plague of locusts eating up all the vegetation, after which Pharaoh repented and asked Moses to end the plague. Ron commented:

So, just a temporary thing for him.  Such power came upon him, what Moses had said, exactly like Moses had said.

There’s the major difference.  What Moses said happened.  When has anything Ron prophesied happened when he said it would? Just over two years ago, PKG was supposed to pray for death from an increase of the thunders to humble us. Now it turns out that it was God showing mercy by delaying the thunders and trumpets by one year for each day of the fast.

And much of it had to do with our prayers.  And a great deal of our prayers had to do with that fast we had, that God led us to.  A two-day fast. Powerful.  Who could have contemplated?  You know, I was dumbfounded when God finally gave that to be seen that it was a year for each day that God held back what he was going to do, to show his great mercy.

……   and this has very much to do with the thunders, and what has been building up.  Because they have been held back as well.  You know, I was dumbfounded, and I thought — this is –what’s, what’s going on?  It’s almost — when different hurricanes in the last two years came up.  And what happened? It’s not time.  It’s not time.  And they go off in different directions.  What’s going on? It’s like this country, what’s taking place? I didn’t know.  I didn’t think about two days for two years.  It’s being held back.  There are things that aren’t being allowed to happen yet.   So thunders and trumpets have both been held back.

So how did God reveal this to Ron?  Well, it’s been two years and we haven’t had the thunders and trumpets.  There’s your revelation, revealed to all of us by God and at the same time.

Two years ago this very day, Ron gave the last radio interview which he posted.  He said in that interview on March 6, 2009:

December 14th was when the first trumpet of the last 7 trumpets was blown.  There are 7 trumpets that are going to be blown, the second one is when nukular devices will go off in this country.  And even back then, just before April I told you in that particular interview that we would have a period of about 45 to 90 days.  That also has changed.  That has been extended to possibly up to a year.

Ron hasn’t reminded us recently what the second trumpet is to be.  In his book he said this about the first trumpet: “When we are told that a third of all plant life will be destroyed, that is exactly what it means.”  But the first trumpet ended up being the destruction of 1/3 of the green money.  I wonder what the second trumpet will turn out to be when the “nukular” bombs don’t go off.

Ron spent part of the sermon mocking us for believing that rabbits lay Easter eggs, and that Santa is detected on Christmas Eve by NORAD’s radar system.  Ron, we’re not children.  Ron thinks that he will be called the “great false prophet”.  Ron, while you’re a false prophet you’re hardly great — just one of many.  And we won’t believe it’s Christ returning because we believe in UFOs.  Well, there are some people who believe in UFOs.

The man of sin has new signs and lying wonders to reveal.  Ron woke up in the middle of the night recently (I wonder if he made his side of the bed) and God revealed something to him.  This year is to be a special and unique passover, as special as the two-day fast.  Ron didn’t tell us what this is, he’s dangling another carrot and will tell us during the upcoming weekend in April of the one-day fast which coincides with one of his 140-day half-time days.

This passover is to be the last passover before Christ’s return.  PKG will not be able to observe passover as a group, because after all this will be about 7 weeks before Christ returns and the US will be under Germany’s boot heel as we experience the 5 months of the 5th trumpet.

I hereby prophesy that PKG will have an organized passover observance as a group in 2012.