The Sinking of the QE2

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Detroit yesterday.  He let local associate elders give the prayers:  Stan Watson did the opening and 20-something-son-of-Terry Parker Wrozek  gave the closing.  As I’ve pointed out several weeks ago, Weinland’s live audio feed has been distorted and scratchy recently because the bandwidth setting was a low 8 Kbps per second.  Yesterday his geek Greg Chipps figured out the problem and reset it to a better quality setting of 16 Kbps —  that is he either figured it out or he read my blog.  So Ron, this is the feedback from the Internet you were looking for — it was better. But Ron did spend about 10 minutes at the beginning playing around with a problem with some type of electrical interference in his audio system.  He blames static electricity due to the dry winter conditions, our technically challenged false prophet thinks that all static is caused by static electricity.  To make up for the lost time, he ended about 10 minutes early.  Ron, you really ought to prove out your equipment during the week instead of watching all that cable TV.

Ron has renamed his sermon series to “The Judgment of Thunder”.  But he continued as last week to try to justify his prophecy from his usual authoritative sources.  About 20 minutes were spent reading from the December Stansberry report.  This is a newsletter written by Porter Stansberry, who was convicted of an  SEC violation and paid a $1.5M fine back in 2007.  Porter predicts a global economic crisis brought on by massive US deficits leading to the end of the dollar’s status as a reserve currency.  Porter discussed how gasoline is more expensive in other countries, blaming it on them having to pay more for their oil because oil is priced in dollars and not their own currency.  It has nothing to do with gasoline being taxed much more in these countries than in the US.  Despite Porter’s fact distortion and checkered ethical history, the US and global economy will suffer in the coming years.  But, as I pointed out last week, the economy could get really bad without Christ returning, whether on Pentecost of 2012 or any other time.

The US is like Pharaoh, with our hearts hardened after the end of the plagues.  Ron is praying for the thunders to be stepped up mightily in the next few months.  He did the same just over four years ago, in a 3-part sermon series entitled “God’s Church, An Overview“.  For some reason, this sermon series is not posted on the PKG website, perhaps he’s afraid that he would be blamed for the unprecedented cataclysmic events that happened early in 2007.  Then two years ago, PKG went through an unprecedented two-day fast during which they prayed for death and destruction to bring about the humbling of the US.  Ron, please keep praying and calling fasts to call for calamity to befall us.  While you’re at it, please toss out a few more death curses on your critics.

Last year, Ron discussed how Facebook, bikinis, and speedos would not be allowed in the Millennium.  Turns out that we won’t have TV or movies either, and the bland entertainment of the Young Ambassadors won’t be allowed either. Sounds like a pretty boring time, if I’m lucky I’ll be killed when the Great Tribulation finally arrives.  And what will Ron do without cable TV to watch?

Last week, Dill Weed talked about Dill Weed Jr’s banjo playing career and how it came to an end.  This video has surfaced which gives the true story behind the end of DWJ’s musical career.


  • Atrocious says:

    What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Every week he keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper until one day he will fall in and not be able to get out. Then the dirt will she shoveled on top of him and he won’t know what got him. Little does he know (or maybe he does) that his lies, deceits, delusions and stupidity are what’s going to get him in the end.

    Cute video. Very tolerant cat. That cat in the video is a Tortie like mine, only mine has much more black in it.

  • Whisper says:

    Atrocious is right, irony is fun to watch in action. Rons charade is a long (boring) irony in action trudging onward to its inevitable end.
    It is so very odd to watch a person build his own end.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Yeah, Ron revisits some of the same things over and over. For example, he went off on his “get a life!! Go fishing!!!” rant against his critics. Didn’t even bother mentioning it in my post. Almost could make a menu of his common stuff and cover a good portion of the sermon.

    “Irony in action”. I like that. Too bad that his followers haven’t taken their irony supplements.

  • Atrocious says:

    Yeah, he would love for us to “get a life” and “go fishing” so he wouldn’t have to worry so much about his followers reading his critics’ blogs. He knows what is written here is true. The thing is, we DO have a life. And it isn’t following his sorry @$$. His followers need to get a real life and stop listening to this lunatic. On Saturday they need to go fishing, work on the car, clean out the garage, take a vacation, go to a ball game, anything other than listening to him. Oh, and their money would go for a much better purpose doing those things than financing the lunatics trips, vacations, and gambling. So, sheeples of Ronnie the Connie, get a life!

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Too true, what to say when we’ve already said it before….

    To repeat, Ronnie said what would set him apart from ALL those people out there ‘saying this’ and ‘saying that’ – is that things would happen EXACTLY as he said they would. Otherwise, how would you know who had the ‘truth’.

    Well, at least we know NOT to listen to Ronnie, as nothing he has ever said has come to pass – ever.

    He may fluke it one day, bound to I guess.

    If this is indeed the year the US goes bust, his prophecy would be no different to hundreds of others, and Ronnie has been wrong every other time in this one regard alone.

    Oh boy, keep going in circles Ronnie…. Your starting to get dizzy…. Do you get your info from ‘God’ or the Internet conspiracy theorists?? If it’s he former Ronnie boy, you may want to stop quoting from ‘experts’ – maybe your followers will think THEY are the real prophets, and you will miss out on your $$$$$

  • Matt says:

    Fab – the thunders are going to increase then – and this is a good thing? He is actively praying for destruction, and we should thank him for this? Some morality…

    Irony – or is it I-Ronny? See, if we had been Rastafarians we would have figured this out a long time ago 🙂

  • Karen Mustard says:

    Maybe Maybe Maybe with RW getting into specifics that DON’T happen AGAIN….folks will wise up and leave his cult… We can only hope.

  • Baywolfe says:

    So, “The Kingdom” is starting to sound worse than heaven.

  • randy terlecki says:

    i got a life (a good one) and i go fishing and i still have time to watch after my mother, that no one hurts her and other people to. ron needs to get a life instead of all his negative b.s.

  • Martin Ortiz says:

    “But he continued as last week to try to justify his prophecy from his usual authoritative sources. ”

    I don’t think Ronald Weinland truly understands how biblical prophesy works.

    You don’t pick up a newspaper with specific events and say “that was me”, when they sorta/maybe/kinda match super general prophecies you mentioned a couple of years ago.

    He needs to check how it’s done, and go check what Moses did.

    With respect to the 10 plagues, Moses was specific to:
    1) The exact day
    2) The exact place
    3) To who it would fall on
    4) The type of plague
    Moses hit 10 for 10. All exact, all prophesied ahead of the event, all came to pass exactly as stated

  • Rambo says:

    Kirrily said:

    “To repeat, Ronnie said what would set him apart from ALL those people out there ‘saying this’ and ‘saying that’ – is that things would happen EXACTLY as he said they would. Otherwise, how would you know who had the ‘truth’.

    … nothing he has ever said has come to pass – ever.”


  • Atrocious says:

    Rotten Ronnie,
    Ronnie the Connie,
    Why do you always lie?
    Your people pay
    to hear you say
    and falsely prophesy.
    You’re just a con
    You rotten Ron,
    Nought has come to pass.
    And every hour
    You have no power,
    Your words come out your @$$.
    Off your rocker,
    You curse your mockers,
    And say they’re going to die;
    We’ve yet to see
    Your prophesies
    at all materialize.
    So Rotten Ron,
    You viper Con,
    And your silent wife,
    Why don’t you stop
    Conning your flock
    And get a flipping life!!!