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We’re Not Going to Coast Through the Great Tribulation

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in his home state of Kentucky this weekend, in Bowling Green. His local elder Curtis Fields gave the opening prayer and he imported his senior elder Steve Dalrymple to give the closing. Ron did give some of his new elders a chance to exercise their baptizing skills.

This may be the last of his “Vision” sermon series. Ron needs for his followers to have the correct vision so they’ll continue to follow him to the end. The “end” will come whenever Ron is no longer able to preach, and “correct vision” is ignoring the lack of confirming evidence of his prophecies and abundance of contradicting evidence.

Ron went back to his latest book, reading excerpts beginning on page 89 of “2008: God’s Final Witness”. He spent a good deal of time seizing on ambiguous statements and redefining the difficult parts or glossing over them. “Great worldwide tribulation” is “great worldwide upheaval”, and while we in the US have it good other parts of the world have upheavals. Ron spent a good deal of time discussing the upheavals in Egypt.  While this situation is of concern, the situation of worldwide upheaval is not and has not been as several as that of World War II.   “The direct effect of all four events [the first four trumpets] is first and foremost upon the United States.” (2008 GFW page 116) and “the first four trumpets announce massive destruction, which is first and foremost upon the United States and her closest allies.” (2008 GFW page 66), but the trumpets are delayed for the very end.

The trumpets and thunders are all mixed up now. The first trumpet is the economy, which is also the fourth thunder. The fifth through seventh thunders are reserved for the end of the great tribulation, so the five specific minister who were to die to prove Ron as a prophet of God are still not safe. And somehow the sixth thunder will come true despite the statement on page 116 “Also, by this moment in time [talking about the opening of the seventh seal], there will be a strong, rapidly growing recognition within the United States that I am who I say I am—one of God’s end-time witnesses and His prophet.” Sorry Ron, your thousand or so deluded followers do not constitute “strong, rapidly growing recognition”.  Except of course in the deluded minds of your followers.

Ron mentioned flooding in Australia, with flooding abating in Queensland but increasing in New South Wales and Victoria.  He also read articles about the weather, including the drought in the US Southwest with rainfall below normal.  He didn’t read Revelation 11:6 which states about the Two Witnesses: “These have power to shut heaven, so that no rain falls in the days of their prophecy;”

Ron also spent time reinterpreting Matthew 24.  Jesus Christ came as a “thief in the night” to the Sardis era of his church (the Sardis era being whatever God’s church was before Herbert Armstrong brought about the Philadelphia era in the 1930’s).  Referring to verse 40, “Then two men will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left” and verse 14 “For many are called, but few are chosen”, he cautioned his followers against losing faith, it’s up to them whether they are chosen.  The type of faith required for Ron is that mentioned in Hebrews 11 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  His followers hope for the end, and continue believing him despite fulfilled prophecy not seen.

Ron is doing most of his prophesying via the Internet, with a relatively low-key Google Ad campaign.  Sighted recently was the sponsored link shown to the right.  But wait, I think the worst must be over.  Two years ago, he was serving up the following:

Now for something completely off topic.  Taking a page from Dill Weed, I hope you enjoy this video (I did).  Let’s see Dill Weed Jr. top that!!!

No Man Knows

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Phoenix Arizona yesterday, where the weather is nicer than in other parts of the country, after visiting Palm Springs with similar weather. I imagine that’s one reason the “snow birds” go to nearly Sun City during this time of the year.

Ron imported Jim Jamieson to give the closing prayer, and Johnny Harrell to give the other part of a split sermon. Johnny did his usual cheerleading, pointing to the coming destruction from Europe now forming the beast power. Johnny still believes that Christ is returning on May 27 of next year despite the failures of Weinland’s prophecies to come true when he said they would, or for that matter at any other time.

Ron continued his sermon series on vision. It was mostly a rehash of the prior week’s sermon, bemoaning the PKG members who have wised up since the feast becoming ex-members, and warning against leaving in the next few months before Christ returns despite nothing happening as expected. Ron did make one new prophecy, stating that this is for sure the year when the economy will collapse.

Ron doesn’t enjoy being picked on by the hordes of critical websites. Why pick on PKG? It’s so puny compared to other groups. Well Ron, it’s not the size of the group, it’s the size of the ___hole running it.

Take a Hammer to It, Ralph

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in San Jose, California yesterday.  Although his traveling senior elder Ralph Dowd was along to entertain us by playing an old sermon, he allowed some mike time to local elders Tom and Russ to deliver the prayers.  PKG is still short of technical expertise, with the streaming audio feed delivered at a too low bandwidth of 8 kbps and the sermon recorded for download at a bandwidth-wasting 128 kbps.  But then again anything about 0 kbps is bandwidth wasting when it comes to Ron.

Ron went back to “2008 God’s Final Witness” to read about the third thunder.  Then he went on to cherry pick news sources in support, surprisingly all were mainstream instead of World Nut Daily and that ilk, to describe droughts in some areas and floods in others.  He started with a mention of the severe flooding in Queensland, Australia.  Reader and sometime contributor Kirrily lives there and is rightly concerned about the devastation, but recognizes that it’s not a fulfillment of Ron’s prophecy.  After all, the title of the chapter from which Ron read is titled “The Seven Thunders of the 6th Seal”. The 6th Seal ended on November 14, 2008 with the opening of the 7th Seal on which day the whole world was shocked and in horror as we well remember since events were even more devastating than those of September 11, 2001, another day we well remember.  Except for me, I’m having a senior moment so perhaps one of the PKG members who reads my blog will leave a comment to remind me.

Ron continued with his Jericho theme.  Each 140-day half-a-time is like one of the days the children of Israel marched around the city of Jericho, which fell on the last day.  Next Saturday will be halfway through the “week”.  I’m surprised that Ron didn’t announce a fast to mark the occasion, it will be interesting to see if he notes the event next weekend. Ron is concerned that people will leave (as some have done since the feast) over the next year while nothing significant happens as the situation builds to a crescendo just before Christ returns.  He’s also setting the stage to hang onto his members well into 2012, speculating that the 5th trumpet will be benign as the beast power takes us over peacefully.  Some how he will manage to spiritualize the 5-month period of the 5th trumpet during which we will be stung and tormented.

He also revisited his vultures-gathering-around-the-body theme.  Just as there are many websites critical of the deposed end-time Elijah-to-come Herbert Armstrong, there are websites critical of him.  Let’s see.  There’s Dill Weed, who writes a short piece every week.  There’s Thielogical Bob who writes an occasional piece criticizing Ron and pronouncing an altar-call for his favorite false prophet, Rod Meredith.  And then there’s yours truly, the most prolific blogger, who has decided to cut back on his blogging as we wait for the false prophet to do something interesting like a new prophecy, a new title for himself, or a new doctrine.

Today is the 25th anniversary of Herbert Armstrong’s death.  Weinland can’t understand why people hate him so much so long after his death.  But so long after Herbie’s death, people are still drinking varieties of his Flavor Aid.  It’s just that new people are serving it up, and mixing in more or less of their own.

I ran across this on my Facebook feed (yes I’m in rebellion against God’s apostle and end-time Elijah) and thought I’d tear a page out of Dill Weed’s book to share it with you.  If you think about it, it’s sort of topical.  Enjoy (I did). (YouTube has taken down the original embedded video, but here’s an official clip of the exchange.)

On the Road Again (To Detroit)

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

False Prophet was in Detroit for a second week in a row.  The reason for this was so that Ron could preach the funeral service for Mike Terlecki, the husband of Ron’s elder and long time member Helen.  According to Ron, Mike asked Ron to do this for him even though he wasn’t a PKG member.  Of course Mike Terlecki isn’t here to verify this.  My condolences to the Terlecki family (including Helen) for the loss of their loved one.

According to Ron, his in-house geek Greg tuned up the Internet audio system.  Despite that the audio was scratchy.  Greg, you’re not geeky enough, so let me help out.  Even with today’s advanced technology, if you set up an 8 kbps connection, then audio quality will degrade significantly compared to the 24 kbps you were using.  On the other hand, the 128 kbps you used to encode the partial sermon file you loaded to the website is a much higher bit rate than you need to encode Ron’s voice.

Ron returned his attention to prophecy, including a reference to the “Aflockalypse” with mass deaths of birds and fish at a few locations and spending quite a bit of time reading articles about it.  Although mass die-offs of animals is not unprecedented (Foxnews), Ron is taking it as evidence of an increase in the thunders.  He went on to mention the “rapid” movement of the magnetic north pole toward Russia causing airport shutdowns.  The fact is that the earth’s magnetic field constantly changes. (Foxnews)  Navigation charts need to be continually updated as the earth’s magnetic field drifts.

While rejiggering the runways is a very extreme event, the fields are constantly in flux and constantly being remapped, explained Lorne McKee, a scientist with the geomagnetism division of Natural Resources Canada.

“Since the fields change relatively slowly, they’re marked out at 10 degree increments,” he explained. The field has swung from approximately 10 degrees east in the late 16th century to 25 degrees west in the early 19th century — before returning to a current value of about 3 degrees west.

Ron is inoculating his followers against the continued failures of his prophecies.  He referred to Peter’s thrice denial of Christ, warning PKG members not to think they couldn’t change their mind.  He likened the Great Tribulation to the fall of Jericho, during which Israel marched around around the city for 6 days with no effect until the walls fell on the seventh day (guess they were breaking the sabbath by marching on it).  A half-a-time of 140 days is like one of those days.  Ron is setting the stage to compress the Great Tribulation further.  Somehow he will spiritualize the fifth trumpet in January of next year when the Germanic/Roman Catholic beast power does not conquer the US.  And will continue to compress the time required for the Great Tribulation before the hard deadline of Christ’s return on the eve of Pentecost next year.  That is until he again changes his hard deadline to another, or somehow manages to spiritualize the whole thing.

I am gratified and humbled by the response to my announcement last week that I’m scaling back my blogging.  Again, I’m not stopping (as evidenced by this post), just scaling back.  I’m honored that I’m able to make a small positive difference in the lives for some.  At the same time, I’m saddened that while I have the opportunity to step back and disengage from the situation, it’s not so easy for those whose spouse, child, parent, or other family member is caught up in the maw of Weinland’s delusions.

On the Road to Detroit

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

We were blessed with about a half-an-hour of silence yesterday, as that’s about how late False Prophet Ronald Weinland was getting started in Detroit.  He had major problems getting his Internet streaming audio feed started despite the presence of his house geek Greg Chipps.  Ron wound up his sermon series on relationships in the family, and promises to get back to prophecy starting next week.  2011 is the year that things start happening, with the US going down the tubes.  Nevertheless, he is planning trips all the way up to the Feast of Tabernacles which with the Last Great Day is again planned for all 8 days.  Somewhere along the line he’ll drop back to reducing the 5-month captivity of the US by the European beast power to 4 months and part of a month during 2012.

I get the sense that Ron does a lot of his plotting and planning on the road.  It was on the road to Detroit just over a year ago that he decided that he was an apostle after all.  A road trip takes him away from the distraction of cable TV and gives him a chance to ponder and plot.  Ron finally made reference to the turmoil in the United Church of God with a large number of their misters leaving to form a new organization, the Church of God a Worldwide Association.  The continued splintering in Armstrongism reminds me of a joke:

A man was marooned on an island by himself, and finally rescued.  His rescuers asked why he had three huts.  “Well, that one is where I live and that’s the church I go to.”  “But what about the other church?”   “That’s the church I used to belong to.”

With the new year we take a look back and a look forward.  Ron started off the first sermon of last year in January announcing a long list of new elders, giving only the first names.  When I reported first AND last names for many of them, Ron said I was doing a favor by publicizing them.  Despite that stated opinion, he continued to give first names only as he continued his ordination spree and lately has become even more closed mouth, not even giving first names mentioning numbers only, and some of his ordinations have not even been announced. February was a big elders conference in a nice Cincinnati area hotel.   Major blizzards changed his travel plans last winter as he did not exercise his witness powers to shut up the heavens.  I mentioned a couple of his elders undergoing personal trials related to following a false prophet.  March started some interaction with “Aaron Robinson”, a wordy blogger who shot his wad with apolgetics for Weinland and then disappeared from view.  In April we dealt with Zachary/helpingusoon, who swooped into the comment section of this post with an obnoxious defense of Weinland backing off when chastised by someone else thinking about following Weinland.  In May, Weinland’s long lost sermon about establishing his Swiss bank accounts came to light, astonishingly revealed by Ron himself on the PKG website.  The summer was slow with Ron repeating his objection to Facebook and adding an edict prohibiting bikinis and speedos.  The activity picked up in September as PKG member Fred Roberts stopped by to profanely battle and threaten the RAT P#### Weinland-haters.  Ron and a contingent including his brother-in-law went down under to attend the feast and deliver four new “truths”.  Ron was missing most of October as he recovered from a burst appendix, resurfacing in Las Vegas at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino to conference and whatever else with his top elders and evangelists.  The pace reduced in the last two months of the year as Weinland blathered on about family relationships.

As expected, we had disasters, natural and man made which Ron amplified using reputable websites such as worldnetdaily and sources such as Christian Identity leader James Wickstrom.  As I did not expect, Ron remained free to travel as the IRS investigation has not resulted in a Department of Justice prosecution.  On April 15th the statute of limitation for any offenses Ron may have committed relative to tax year 2004 expires, unless he filed his 2004 tax return after April 15, 2005 or unless the IRS gains some additional time by documenting all the time Ron was out of the country after that date.  Also, the IRS is investigating his tax returns for years after 2004 and the statutes of limitation expires later.  So we just have to wait and see, as the IRS is not allowed to publish the existence of the investigation or even if it has been ended due to the lack of prosecution potential.

Kirrily has reduced her participation here and while I welcome it, I view the reduced participation as a good thing if it means that she’s moving on with her life and wish her continued success.  In August, Mal stated: “I stick to my original estimate, that at the start of 2011 I expect to have reached a decision regarding RW and PKG.”  I hope he will recognize Ron as the false prophet he is but based on recent exchanges fear that he will climb down on the opposite side of the fence.  Despite their behavior here, I hope for the best for Zachary and Fred Roberts and that they also will recognize Weinland’s prophecies for the nonsense it is.  And Aaron Robinson, where ever he is.  I hope that Weinland’s own little splinter comes to its senses before falling into hard times in Greece.

As for myself, I plan to reduce my focus on Weinland to pursue other interests.  But I’m not going fishing, as Ron has recommended as that doesn’t interest me.  But I am interested in photography and also an athletic activity which has a social component, and sometimes combine the interests.  But Ron would secretly be disappointed if I quit blogging, as he is secretly tickled to have critics just like Herbie does.  So I plan to continue blogging, just not as often.  At least until he does something interesting, which will happen sometime over the next 17 months as we wait for the non-return of Jesus Christ.