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The Lost End

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Denver this weekend, speaking before members from Colorado and adjacent states.  Augmenting the attendance was a visitor from the Netherlands who needed Mieke Van Lerberghe to transcribe the sermon to Dutch for him.  The Dutch visitor lost the end the of the sermon along with the rest of us, as the internet connection went down about 20 minutes before the normal ending time.  This happened despite Ralph Dowd traveling all the way from Cincinnati to ask in the opening prayer that God watch over the connection.

Since the sermon MP3 was not posted on the PKG website yesterday evening as is the usual case, and still isn’t posted as I write this post, perhaps Ron experienced a crash on the laptop he uses to broadcast and record the sermon.  Ron, since God obviously doesn’t care about your blatherings enough to prevent technical problems, let me suggest that you instead rely on backup equipment to record your nonsense for posterity.  In the meantime, PKG members looking for the latest pronouncements from their spiritual idol and those looking for something to put them to sleep can listen to the portion broadcast before the technical failure by downloading this 24 MB file (right-click the link and Save-As) provided as a service from this website.  I promise, I haven’t changed a word of Ron’s ranting.  I couldn’t make it any worse.

It seems that Ron reads my website, apparently referring during the sermon to a comment I left in my last posting:

As far as PKG having biblical students, forget about it. Weinland has told them they don’t know how to interpret the Bible, and need to listen to his sermons and read his website. The Bible is only to be used in conjunction with Ron’s interpretations.

In this clip from yesterday’s sermon, Ron accuses me of twisting and distorting.

I invite you to decide for yourself if I’m twisting and distorting.  We have Ron’s statement earlier in the in the same sermon:

And we have the following clip from his sermon of November 6:
Ron said that people who’ve left PKG are cursed. I don’t think that Kirrily would agree. And I doubt that senior elder Dave Conley’s stepdaughter who left PKG and is moving on with her life would agree.

Update Nov 29: The sermon has been posted on the PKG website.  Seems to be a bit shorter than the version I posted.  I wonder what the differences are.