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Marching on Wednesday

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Toronto this weekend.  The attendance was augmented by several people from the Detroit area, Terry Wrozek included. And further augmented by a family that came in late and needed the hall rearranged so they could sit together.   Ron announced the ordination last weekend of an associate elder but refused to give even her first name because of all the websites that post their names and twist and distort about them.  If any of the PKG elders and members who read my website have any corrections to the twisting and distorting about them, please leave a comment or send an email to the address on the mailbox picture to the right.  The new associate elder may be Mary Kay Giannotta, whose husband John is an elder.

Ron is desperate for evidence of the Great Tribulation, and has been reading the World Nut Daily website.  He read an entire article from their website about what a Los Angeles TV station filmed off the coast.

Much is made of the fact that the US government can’t give us a definitive answer what this is. According to Joseph Farrah, this is a missile launched from a Chinese nuclear submarine. Personally, I find the analysis on this chemtrail debunking website much more convincing — what was filmed was a contrail from an airliner which could be interpreted as a missile launch because of the angle, an optical illusion. After studying the issue, the Pentagon agrees.  On the other hand, if it really was a Chinese missile then we’ve started the year, month, day, and hour leading up to the 6th trumpet. So we should see movement by the Asiatic hordes in less than 391 days.

Ron continued to recycle his blog post from January about the curse on women. Despite the time elapsed, most men in PKG have not changed their attitude toward women. But then Ron has not allowed women to speak during services, not even to give an opening or closing prayer.

There’s a crack in the British Israelism theory inherited from Armstrong.  Ron is not sure of the identity of the tribe of Dan, although he’s sure that the UK & British Commonwealth is the tribe of Ephriam and that the melting pot of the US is the tribe of Manasseh and if that doesn’t quite fit it’s all spiritual anyway.  Ron also took a few shots at Herbie’s tame scholar, Herman Hoeh.

Ron failed to make mention last week of the end of another Half-Time that day.  I reminded him in my last post of that milestone, and he mentioned it yesterday.  So it’s now “Wednesday” in the “7 day week” of Half-Times as PKG marches around Jericho and reads blogs twisting and distorting about them, and we may have to wait til the last “day” for the Great Tribulation.