Time and a Half

Last Saturday was a significant day on False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s timeline.  The latest one, that is.  In his 2009 Last Great Day sermon, Ron reset the “Time, Times, and Half-a-Time” period of Great Tribulation to begin the day after the Feast of Trumpets of 2009, a day on which he was too ill to deliver a sermon.  Also, he redefined “Time” as 280 days instead of 360 days.  So under that new understanding, last Saturday was the end of “Time and Half-a-Time”.  Only two more Times to go before the non-return of Jesus Christ.  Amazing that Ron made absolutely no reference to that historical occasion during his historical jump into the future last Saturday.

Sunday was two Roman years since the Seventh Seal opened for the second time in 2008.  The world was not “shocked and in horror” on November 14, 2008 as prophesied on page 23 of “2008: God’s Final Witness”.  Nor has it been shocked and in horror on any day since then.

On a different topic, a rumor has reached me that Weinland has disfellowshipped his elder Bill Kotaska of Florida.  This may relate to his realignment of senior elders, taking some territory from Dave Conley and assigning it to Mitch Williams, and assigning Florida to Dave  instead.  There is no confirmation of this rumor, if you have any more information on this situation please leave a comment or send me an email to the address on the mailbox in the right-hand column.   Perhaps Bill had sin in his life as evidenced by questioning the lack of fulfilled prophecy, as was the case with “Washtay” in this email exchange almost two years ago.  If true, this would be the second of Weinland’s elders to be disfellowshipped in the last year.  Benjamin Ikwueme was defrocked because he wouldn’t knuckle under to Ron and give up his Facebook page, and later was disfellowshipped.  Here’s hoping this rumor is true and that yet more will soon follow.


  • Karen Mustard says:

    I thought I’d see some serious amount of dead animals by now in the 2.5 tribulation. Or at least some beach on the coast washed away…

  • Steve says:

    Unfortunately Karen i am of the opinion that it makes no difference anymore that his prophecies are a complete joke and thus have all been proved false, because every disaster that happens (which allways happen in life) is and will be playing on their minds and due to their lack of knowledge that this is just how life is and not a sign of the end etc…people like ronnie prey on their lack of knowledge and uses his best ally of all in his brainwashing manipulation game called COG PKG…that ally being…… “fear”.

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    I reckon if Ron kept his word, and admitted he is a false prophet, his very followers would try and convince him that indeed he is, and comfort him.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Kirrily, I agree with you. Back in May of 2008 he mentioned having a crisis of confidence when the effects of the first trumpet didn’t manifest right away. Laura talked him out of it, and when he mentioned the episode in a sermon some of his followers called to encourage him.

    Also I understand that, when he shut down the first timeline in June of 2008, some of his followers refused to accept that they hadn’t really been “sealed”. Probably on May 28, 2012 some will be convinced that they are spirit beings.

  • jack635 says:

    “2008: God’s Final Witness”

    That book is going to chase Ron until he retires. No matter how hard he tries to run or hide, he will never get away from 2008 God’s Final Witness.

    Perhaps he will blame it on temporary insanity and continue preaching. I really am curious about what he will do in May and June 2012.

  • jack635 says:

    Since we are discussing a false prophet, I guess I should mention that today November 18th is the anniversary of another false prophet’s antics. Jim Jones murdered almost a thousand human beings with his “truth”. That was back in 1978 but it is still a chilling lesson that needs to remembered.

  • J says:

    Amazing that Ron made absolutely no reference to that historical occasion during his historical jump into the future last Saturday.

    Mike, I bet it didn’t even cross his mind. You’re being more diligent about Ron’s timeline than Ron himself. What with the medical and legal problems and “tending his flock”, he probably hasn’t had time to focus on it. Then again, I doubt he would want to remind his followers about how soon the end of this age is supposed to be. 18 months from the return of Jesus Christ? The grass is still green, the US dollar still has value (though it IS easy to reason that it doesn’t), and all harbors are still up and running.

    I really am curious about what he will do in May and June 2012.

    jack, as am I. Will he even bother going through the motions of being in Jerusalem when Pentecost 2012 rolls around? I don’t know how far he will take it. Things should start getting VERY interesting this time next year, if not the 2011 holy days.

  • jack635 says:

    Things should start getting VERY interesting this time next year

    Indeed. He will probably carry this sitcom to the very end. He has a couple of scriptures he can fall upon. “torment for five months” and “all this has come upon you in one hour” are fallback clauses I am sure he will twist as his time gets short.

    He will save the “one hour” clause for the great day of disappointment. That’s about how long it takes to pack his bags………….unless he continues his show until retirement.

  • Whisper says:

    Unless I am mistaken Ron does not mention his books anymore? They are passé, not to be mentioned, yesterdays triumph, you know – embarrassing. Same with Ron’s old interviews, Idea City, etc… Not spoken of by the big man as they are, well, painful.

    It’s the life of smaller and smaller returns. Remember when Ron thought he was all that? Riding high, being the humble upcoming Witness, the Apostle to be? Writing books, interviewing on radio and hoping for a TV interview slot? Oh his hopes where so high, I’m sure he could feel that burst of pride and power in his chest as he stood at pulpits and spoke. Oh ya, a true tower of power in his own mind.

    But what now? No books, no lectures, no interviews, nobody calling for him to please speak at their congregations or gatherings. No notoriety, no fame, no overflowing tills of cash, no adoration. Oh this has an effect on a man. Oh sure, don’t mention it, hide it, make sure everyone else disregards it… but it’s their. Men don’t fall from power gracefully often, even imaginary power that never appeared in the first place. It’s hard on a person, no doubt. Ron has fallen so far already, he’s down right boring.

    Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Ron and wife.

  • jack635 says:

    No appearances on Oprah or Larry King, Glen Beck, the View, the Tonight Show, etc. Poor Ron. His dreams of stardom are fading away. Better concentrate on cash and how to hide it as well or better than that damned book.

  • JB says:

    How true that the “great one” is losing his standing in greatness. All those names and titles he pulled out of a hat are just sitting there collecting dust. These days he seems to spend more time putting down the mockers and assigning more elders so it insures members in his flock, that is as long as they still believe everything he says. I am still wondering when all the millions are that will flock to this little unknown cult. It seems more are leaving than joining. I want to yell at those remaining—–wake up and smell the coffee, salvation comes from God not from Ron!!!

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Yeah, JB – it does seem more are leaving than joining. Leaving or dying.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ron doesn’t know whether PKG will have a feast next year, but he’s planning for twice as many people. He insists that everything is going to happen as written in the book and that JC returns Pentecost of 2012. But doesn’t mention it as often, preferring to focus more on signs and lying wonders. Like his new truth about women being freed from the curse, although their plumbing difference still makes them ineligible to speak in church.

    When it comes to the 5 months of torment, it doesn’t necessarily mean 5 full months of torment. 4 months and 1 day will count. I made my entry in Dill Weed’s end of the end contest based on 5 full months of torment. So it appears that I will not win the contest. But Ron will probably work his Strong’s concordance to decide that 5 months is really 5 weeks, no 5 days, no 5 hours, no 5 minutes. In March of 2012 the “Trips” page on his blog will probably have him in Jerusalem on May 23rd.

  • jack635 says:

    I started laughing as I read this sentence:

    In March of 2012 the “Trips” page on his blog will probably have him in Jerusalem on May 23rd.

    And Las Vegas the following Sabbath? Or will he return from Jerusalem via Australia? Thanks for the laughter Mike.

  • jack635 says:

    You know for a con artist, the best disappearing act he could do would be to go to Jerusalem and retire to Germany. No explanation, no appointing a sucessor, just disappear. Leaving everyone wondering if the beast got him, while he munches on bratwurst and chugs beer on the veranda of his villa.

  • Mark says:

    I think his church is dying slowly from the inside out.

  • James says:

    Personally I would like to buy Ronnie’s book………when its in the dollar store! I could send him taunting messages while he is residing in Leavenworth.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    You can download Ronnie’s book of fiction for free from his the-end.com website.

  • Atrocious says:

    I tell you what. Why doesn’t somebody (I don’t want to do it, but hey, maybe one of you will) get a voodoo doll in the likeness of Ron and stick some pins in it and see if he can feel it. Wouldn’t that be something??? LOL Just kidding of course, but hey…

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I can confidently say that the voodoo doll would be at least as effective at doing that as Ron is at prophesying correctly. 😉

  • jack635 says:

    Voodoo dolls don’t work. Ron has had a Mike doll for years and nothing is happening.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Agreed Jack, but still maintain that the efficacy of voodoo dolls as at least that of Ron’s prophesies.

  • jack635 says:

    Which is nothing.