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A Historical Jump Into the Future

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from a hotel next to the Providence RI airport.  He got a rental car despite the fact that it was within walking distance.  God’s most formidable prophet must still be recovering from his appendectomy.  Ron announced the death of Steve Blair of Pflugerville, Texas on Monday.  Steve was only 52 but had a history of heart problems.  Steve was also one of Weinland’s elders, making the third of them to die this year.  No matter, because they will all be resurrected in about 18 months at the same time Ron and Laura are resurrected from the streets of Jerusalem.

Update: Thielogical Bob wonders if Weinland’s death curse has boomeranged on his own church elders.  Or maybe it’s the first phase of the Fifth Thunder.  Although the COG-PKG (not “CGPFK”) has more elders than Bob thinks, it’s somewhere around 100 by now.

Ron also elevated Mitch Williams to senior elder.  Ron must have gotten over Mitch telling others that he can speak better than Weinland. Having attended Ambassador College didn’t hurt his eligibility.  Since Ron said this is the last big one, we can expect the ordinations of yet more senior elders to add to the 14 already in place.  Too bad that Ron didn’t go to Providence before the feast or Mitch could have stayed at the 5-star Venetian Resort Hotel and Casio during the last senior elders conference.

Although this was about the future, Ron spent a lot of time in the past, mentioning his party days in college in Hays, Kansas.  And attending WCG in Wichita with 600 other local members in 1969-70, and being shocked we he discovered that converted people were not perfect.  Today we have Ron as an example of that.

Ron recycled a post from his blog from January, reviewing the curse on women.  Between that and his reminiscing, he didn’t talk much about the future.  Ron must be short on his irony supplements, reading from 2 Peter 2.  For a change he didn’t mention his critics.  But this was only part 1 of a series.