What is Peace?

Yesterday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Erie Pennsylvania.  Apparently he did not have his evangelists in tow, as local elders Skip Henry and Bob Madison got to deliver the prayers.  Erie is one of his old stomping grounds as he was assigned there as WCG pastor for the area from approximately 1987 through mid-1994. While in Erie, he dealt with many WCG members who sinned by continuing to smoke. Their continuing to smoke had nothing to do with nicotine being more highly addictive than heroin, but that they really didn’t want to stop that “puny” habit.  As someone who foolishly took up the habit in my youth,  I can personally attest to the addictive nature of nicotine as I really wanted and fortunately was able to quit after several attempts.  (If you haven’t started, don’t.  If you have, quit and tough out the withdrawal symptoms because they will end.)  While recovering from appendicitis in a Sydney, Australia hospital, Ron declined a private room so he could remain in a room with three others who had suffered ill effects from the nasty habit.  Perhaps he was able to get three new converts.

Ron doesn’t know if PKG will be able to have another Feast of Tabernacles, but is planning for one.  Trust me, PKG will have another organized Feast of Tabernacles.  Despite the loss of members since this year’s feast and his prediction that more will leave, Ron is optimistic for more calamities which will drive more people to join PKG in fear.  So he is planning for twice as many in attendance next year.  I’m hoping for the reverse, such as each remaining PKG member having their own personal, private organized feast site away from home. 😉

Ron implied that people who remortgage their house to get a lower interest rate should take out a 30-year note. And should “pile it on”, which means they can take out more equity to donate to PKG (Ron). Obviously Ron didn’t do that, as he continues to pay his property tax, not through an escrow account at the mortgage company, but directly to the county or this year through a multi-partner law firm as described in my last post. In the comments area to that post, the consensus was that this method of payment is highly unusual. One speculation was that perhaps Ron is being sued having had a car accident.  Seems Ron drives like a teenager but being almost old enough for social security doesn’t have the quick reactions of a teenager. My speculation is that the Two Witnesses are getting a legal divorce with the Silent Witness getting all the assets so that the government has nothing to collect in the event of a conviction for tax evasion. We’ll have to see how this plays out, or perhaps the Spokesman Witness will explain (not holding my breath on that one).

It seems that some members are having problems accepting the ordination of women.  Since they don’t agree, they should stop attending PKG.  I suppose that after “investing” your life savings in PKG, it’s hard to leave.  My advice is to do that, don’t throw good money after bad.  There is still strife between PKG members.  Ron waxed philosophical about peace:

What is peace? Experiencing peace with others around us. Being at peace even if others aren’t at peace with us. I have people out there who would like to see me dead. They would rejoice if I died. They would say (mockingly) “It’s so sad what I heard. Ppphhhhttt.” (Silent witness and the rest of the crowd chuckles). They would have a hard time keeping a straight face, because they would be so happy. (sarcastically) “Look at — I can’t believe the things he took to himself. Man, oh man. He really had a high estimation of himself. The Elijah-to-come. Hoo, hoo. Man did he really go out in left field. A prophet. Not just any prophet, but one of the two at the end. One of the Two Witnesses. He died. Man, was that guy nuts.” There would be people who would be happy about it. They would reverberate through the scattered body. Because people would be happy.

To really get the full impact, you have to listen to the tone of Ron’s voice (short mp3 clip if you don’t see the flash player above).  As far as the what the reaction of the “scattered body” would be, for most of the other Armstrongite splinters it’s “Ron, who???”.  When it comes those directly affected as a result of Ron’s false prophecies and exploitation, it’s another matter. Ron continued on about his mockers:

I don’t feel badly toward any of them. I don’t like what they do. I loathe some of the things they do to people, mainly to others in the church. I don’t take it personally. You can’t. It’s not about me.

Ron, you lying scumbag. It’s all about you. It’s about your ego trips and world travels including stays at places like the 5-star Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino. It’s about the bad things you do to people, giving them a false fear about the immediate future and a false hope for May 27, 2012. It’s about the bad things your members do to their unconverted family members, destroying their families and in one case even putting an unconverted family member in prison on false accusations.

You don’t feel badly toward others? What a crock!!!! Lest we forget, one of your own followers posted this excerpt from one of your sermons (April 19, 2008) on YouTube:

No, Ron — this was not a slip of the tongue. From the cadence of your voice, it’s obvious that you were reading from a prepared written statement. And you reiterated this death curse 8 months later when you really-for-real had your Witness power on your second 1335-day timeline.

Ron, you lying scumbag. You don’t get to take the moral high road on this. You took an affirmative step to cause my death and the deaths of others who rightly mock you,  An affirmative step in your own mind if you really believe the crap you ladle out.  On the other hand, no one has taken any action, spiritual or physical, to cause your death. In fact, I have taken affirmative action in the opposite direction, to convince someone else not to publicly post your address.

No, Ron — I’m not looking for your death. And if I were aware of a threat to your life, I would take affirmative action to prevent it by notifying the authorities. As far as how others whose lives you’ve damaged feel, I would not presume to judge their feelings. If it were to happen, your little routine from your latest sermon mocking your mockers mocking you should be transcribed as your epitaph.



  • randy t says:

    amen mike
    i agee 100 % thank you

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    Well Ron, if it BEGONS with Mike’s death, then it hasn’t begun yet has it? Another one of your “divinely” inspired thoughts. Christ said “forgive thine enemies”. Clearly you believe in the?a kind of Old Testament god by ignoring Christ’s words, so you actually aren’t a “Christian”. And if you aren’t a christian you can’t be one of the Two Witnesses.

    Therefore I mock YOU Ronald Weinland. Not God, not Jesus, not Christians, not PKGers, not HWA, not WWCG splinters, not anyone other than YOU. You are Mr. Poopypants. You say poop words. Poop words that make poop feelings in people.

  • Mark says:

    This is the guy who RAN OUT of ideaCity because he couldn’t take the pressure. He’s not the guy for the job of end-time witness. He needs thicker skin.
    He’s that guy who has ambition but no talent and goes around blaming everyone else for his woes. It’s been the story of his entire life.

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Ron believes it is not about him alright. If you reject Ronnies message, you are rejecting the message of GOD Himself. If you hate Ronnie, you hate GOD Himself.

    Ronnies right about one thing – yeah, I wish him and his wench 6ft under (better yet, both of them to rot in jail). I personally wouldn’t ruin my own life to attempt to take their life. I also wouldn’t bother ‘praying’ for his death, as it’s obvious God doesn’t keep his word in punishing false prophets, so what’s the point?

    So if Ronnie and his wench died tomorrow, I’d be happy. I agree with you Mike, most of the splinters would say ‘Ron who?’.

    Do I hate Rotten Ronnie? Yes.
    Do I hate lying Laura? Yes.

    BUT, it’s not an all consuming hatred. I have my life back. I have two beautiful dogs, a lovely home to live in, live in a beautiful country, have great friends, loads of fun, have more money as I no longer give it away to thieves, have a good car, a beautiful loving husband who stuck with me through all this, and a healthy body (even tho I haven’t looked after it all that well – but that is changing).

    So I have a full life again. So I guess it’s a dispassionate hatred, but hatred nonetheless.

    Ron and his God ‘trip’ – what a nightmare. Thankfully, I woke up.

  • Atrocious says:

    After I read your post, Mike, this poem popped in my head. Maybe someone can put a tune to it. I don’t know. LOL You told the truth, for sure.

    It’s all about you,
    It’s ALL about you.
    Ron, you lying scumbag,
    It’s all about you!

    It’s all about you & company
    Going to 5-star digs.
    And spending all the money
    Like you’re almighty big-wigs.

    It’s all about you,
    It’s ALL about you.
    Ron, you lying scumbag,
    It’s all about you!

    It’s all about the bad things
    That you do to your own flock,
    Giving them a false fear
    While counting down the clock.

    It’s all about you,
    It’s ALL about you.
    Ron, you lying scumbag,
    It’s all about you!

    It’s all about destruction,
    It’s all about your lies,
    It’s how you teach your sheeple
    To sever family ties.

    It’s all about you,
    It’s ALL about you.
    Ron, you lying scumbag,
    It’s all about you!

    You talk about your mockers;
    How “they’d like to see you dead”.
    Yet you, with your false power,
    Put “curses” on THEIR head.

    It’s all about you,
    It’s ALL about you.
    Ron, you lying scumbag,
    It’s all about you!

    Well, you scumbag Ronnie,
    When all is said and done,
    Mocking your mockers mocking you
    Should be on your grave stone.

    It’s all about you,
    It’s ALL about you.
    Ron, you lying scumbag,
    It’s all about you!

  • J says:

    The last verses of the Old Testament (Malachi 4:5-6) state: “Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord arrives. His preaching will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse.”

    Has Ron brought parents and their children together? That’s laughable. He has been doing the exact opposite for years.

    I’d like to see a list of things Elijah was supposed to accomplish in his return with a comparison of what Weinland has (not) accomplished.

  • Whisper says:

    Can’t stay on the high road and wish Ron illness and hurt, but Ron doing it to himself is about right and with any hope he’s on his way. If Ronny has any personal belief in this false system it’s gonna hurt when he can’t die in the J-City. It’s gonna hurt when his following flows away. It’s gonna hurt living on with the realization that he always was a no-body, “Ron who?”. Oh he’ll have money, he’ll have his house and his cars and all the glitter, but the fame (again, “Ron who?”) will be gone in tatters and disgrace. I’ve risen high and fell before, it hurts. Unlike I, Ron put himself in his lofty chair, by his own hand did he become such a Strong and Powerful Man! :-). His fall will cause harm after his many powerful and prideful statements. It’s a house of cards that God allows people to build. The lesson comes when the house falls as it must. It’s a hard lesson and not for children. How “adult” is Ron?

    Go figure?

  • Karen Mustard says:

    He makes it so easy to mock him. He is a complete joke! If only his followers “got the joke”…. They don’t know the joke is on them. MOCK ON!!

  • Steve says:

    Avalokiteshvara said: “You are Mr. Poopypants. You say poop words. Poop words that make poop feelings in people.”

    lol 🙂

  • matt says:

    I don’t know if I hate Ron or not actually. It is very hard to tell. On the surface I find him an entertaining idiot, although sadly one whose idiocy leaves a trail of misery, and who is deeply vain and selfish.

    But that is not the end of it, is it? I may really hate him, and even do things to harm him, spiritually. After all the working definition of “spiritually” as used by Ron is “totally undetectable by any means, and to be accepted unquestioningly if Ron tells you to”. So he may very well be right – spiritually I may hate his guts and plot his demise. There is just no way we could possibly tell. It is all terribly confusing.

    It is the same with my houseplants. I know that 1/3 of them died spiritually a while ago – but how can I tell which ones I only need to water spiritually? And will I need my brown shirt and black marching boots to join the Germanic conquest of Europe, or will spiritual boots do? Or have I already joined them, but failed to notice as I am so crass and worldly? Am I already an Uberstormbannfuhrer, spiritually?

    So I guess that spiritually, it is not all about Ron. It is just that people have this stubborn tendency to persist in believing things that are real and true, and confusing themselves that way. But spiritually, Ron is above all that.

  • Atrocious says:

    It is obvious that Ron and/or his elders/evangelists read this website because he comments on “his mockers” often. He is named on this site, personally – Ron Weinland – yet he says “it’s not about him”. So, he MUST equate himself with God. In Ron’s eyes, he IS God, so I guess Ron Weinland’s name is god. That’s why I call him “ron-god” because that’s what he sees himself as. He tells his sheeple not to read sites like these, not to get on facebook, yet he constantly talks about his “mockers”. He tell them what we say so they believe him and not us. He is one of the worst of the worst. He believes (or pretends to believe) everything that comes out of his own mouth, and he expects his sheeple to believe it, too. And they best not go to any source that might prove him wrong.

    What does that say about Ron? He’s insane. And I mean insane as in he needs to go to an insane asylum, somewhere where he cannot harm others any more.

    Yes, Ron, it IS all about you.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    As Emo Phillips so rightly said (paraphrasing): The true blasphemers are those who accuse others of blasphemy, implying that THEY know the mind of God, and thus can rightly accuse those who deviate from God’s intentions. Be careful Ron, you may think you know the mind of God, but God DEFINITELY knows what YOU are thinking…

  • Baywolfe says:

    Eh, it’s the same old thing. Rinse, lather, and repeat.

    I was an idiot for ever following Herbert Armstrong, and Ron’s people are all idiots for following him. And so are Rod’s people and Dave Pack’s people, and on, and on, and on.

    The HWA belief system is based appealing to people with egotism, vanity, and a limited understanding of what the bible really is and what the verses really mean, that’s how they suck you in.

    Anyone who joined any of the churches as an adult got or is getting just what they deserve. Those who were born into it or came into it as children, are excused.

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    Even though it stings, a lot, I agree Baywolf. I didn’t see it till I left of course.

  • Avalokiteshvara says:

    I was born and raised an Armstrongite. I have been free for 15 years now and hadn’t sorted out even 20% of that shit in endless counselling, spiritual therapy, religious curiosity, reading of “holy” books, chanting, breathing, neuro-linguistic programming, Anthony Robbins, and such until I just said f**k it to the whole process, and just lived/loved my life. It is amazing how free and relaxed you become when you don’t care about “the meaning of life”!

    Hey Ron, why don’t you join us? We won’t hate you. If fact we will help you recover and be a good, peaceful, loving person. Just man up and own your mistakes and the consequences of them. I’ll be there at the prison gates in a few years to help you get a job and a decent apartment. You’ll make an amazing car salesman…

  • Rambo says:

    that’s my YouTube channel heh

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    My father started following Armstrong when I was 7. By the time I reached my majority, I figured out that Herbie was a false prophet. Unfortunately, my younger siblings did not, and are all in one or the other of the splinters. But at least their splinters are not headed by someone named Ron, Rod, Dave, or Gerry.

  • matt says:

    “Anyone who joined any of the churches as an adult got or is getting just what they deserve.”

    ah but hang on a minute – we are forgetting the cult system that is in place. I know what you mean and I agree, but let us not lose sight of what is actually being done here, and who is doing it.

    I am all for admitting personal responsibility, but let us not forget that the vanity and egotism is used as a lure, masked by a thick layer of righteousness. You are indeed allowed to indulge in some serious megalomania (which is why it attracts the likes of Ron – people like him thrive in an environment like that) but it is all presented as righteousness, as being in tune with god, as being a part of a world-spanning work of good. Then there is the fellowship of the like-minded that you gain, and the feeling that you are part of something incredibly important.

    You are told to stay away from the big bad world, and it is even made difficult to express just what it is you are learning inside the cult – just listen to the mangled group-speak that comes out of some of the people that post here every now and again.

    Then, on the stick side of things, there is the punishment for apostasy, the disfellowshipping if you do not toe the line, the threat of damnation. Also, if you have been a member for a while, chances are you have made considerable sacrifices – would you like to admit years of personal and financial sacrifice were in vain?

    Sure, to a certain level the sheeple are allowing themselves to be fooled. But there is a finely tuned mechanism in place to ensure that this stays that way. Let us not forget that they are not fooling themselves – they are BEING fooled.

  • Mark says:

    “The HWA belief system is based appealing to people with egotism, vanity, and a limited understanding of what the bible really is and what the verses really mean, that’s how they suck you in.”

    I agree with the last part- they don’t know the Bible. I do not believe that the majority of people who got sucked in was because they were vain. They actually were weak. They were seduced and enticed with words of flattery, told they were special. It is the mission of the perpetrator (Ron) to keep his people in a state of feeling worthless and guilty and that he and only he has the keys to fulfillment for them, that no other suitor could give them what only he can. They also need to identify with someone larger than life- a celebrity of sorts.

    It is sickly dysfunctional.

  • Charlie says:

    Mark posted: “They were seduced and enticed with words of flattery, told they were special.”

    Right on the money! And those still in armstrongism hold on to that very tightly. Denial is the most dangerous drug of all.

  • Matt says:

    The reason you have this guy is because he claim to be the End Time Witness. Thats the only reason right. Your tormenting yourself day and night just to prove to everybody with your satanic broadcasting via internet. Nice try demon.