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What is Peace?

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Yesterday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Erie Pennsylvania.  Apparently he did not have his evangelists in tow, as local elders Skip Henry and Bob Madison got to deliver the prayers.  Erie is one of his old stomping grounds as he was assigned there as WCG pastor for the area from approximately 1987 through mid-1994. While in Erie, he dealt with many WCG members who sinned by continuing to smoke. Their continuing to smoke had nothing to do with nicotine being more highly addictive than heroin, but that they really didn’t want to stop that “puny” habit.  As someone who foolishly took up the habit in my youth,  I can personally attest to the addictive nature of nicotine as I really wanted and fortunately was able to quit after several attempts.  (If you haven’t started, don’t.  If you have, quit and tough out the withdrawal symptoms because they will end.)  While recovering from appendicitis in a Sydney, Australia hospital, Ron declined a private room so he could remain in a room with three others who had suffered ill effects from the nasty habit.  Perhaps he was able to get three new converts.

Ron doesn’t know if PKG will be able to have another Feast of Tabernacles, but is planning for one.  Trust me, PKG will have another organized Feast of Tabernacles.  Despite the loss of members since this year’s feast and his prediction that more will leave, Ron is optimistic for more calamities which will drive more people to join PKG in fear.  So he is planning for twice as many in attendance next year.  I’m hoping for the reverse, such as each remaining PKG member having their own personal, private organized feast site away from home. 😉

Ron implied that people who remortgage their house to get a lower interest rate should take out a 30-year note. And should “pile it on”, which means they can take out more equity to donate to PKG (Ron). Obviously Ron didn’t do that, as he continues to pay his property tax, not through an escrow account at the mortgage company, but directly to the county or this year through a multi-partner law firm as described in my last post. In the comments area to that post, the consensus was that this method of payment is highly unusual. One speculation was that perhaps Ron is being sued having had a car accident.  Seems Ron drives like a teenager but being almost old enough for social security doesn’t have the quick reactions of a teenager. My speculation is that the Two Witnesses are getting a legal divorce with the Silent Witness getting all the assets so that the government has nothing to collect in the event of a conviction for tax evasion. We’ll have to see how this plays out, or perhaps the Spokesman Witness will explain (not holding my breath on that one).

It seems that some members are having problems accepting the ordination of women.  Since they don’t agree, they should stop attending PKG.  I suppose that after “investing” your life savings in PKG, it’s hard to leave.  My advice is to do that, don’t throw good money after bad.  There is still strife between PKG members.  Ron waxed philosophical about peace:

What is peace? Experiencing peace with others around us. Being at peace even if others aren’t at peace with us. I have people out there who would like to see me dead. They would rejoice if I died. They would say (mockingly) “It’s so sad what I heard. Ppphhhhttt.” (Silent witness and the rest of the crowd chuckles). They would have a hard time keeping a straight face, because they would be so happy. (sarcastically) “Look at — I can’t believe the things he took to himself. Man, oh man. He really had a high estimation of himself. The Elijah-to-come. Hoo, hoo. Man did he really go out in left field. A prophet. Not just any prophet, but one of the two at the end. One of the Two Witnesses. He died. Man, was that guy nuts.” There would be people who would be happy about it. They would reverberate through the scattered body. Because people would be happy.

To really get the full impact, you have to listen to the tone of Ron’s voice (short mp3 clip if you don’t see the flash player above).  As far as the what the reaction of the “scattered body” would be, for most of the other Armstrongite splinters it’s “Ron, who???”.  When it comes those directly affected as a result of Ron’s false prophecies and exploitation, it’s another matter. Ron continued on about his mockers:

I don’t feel badly toward any of them. I don’t like what they do. I loathe some of the things they do to people, mainly to others in the church. I don’t take it personally. You can’t. It’s not about me.

Ron, you lying scumbag. It’s all about you. It’s about your ego trips and world travels including stays at places like the 5-star Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino. It’s about the bad things you do to people, giving them a false fear about the immediate future and a false hope for May 27, 2012. It’s about the bad things your members do to their unconverted family members, destroying their families and in one case even putting an unconverted family member in prison on false accusations.

You don’t feel badly toward others? What a crock!!!! Lest we forget, one of your own followers posted this excerpt from one of your sermons (April 19, 2008) on YouTube:

No, Ron — this was not a slip of the tongue. From the cadence of your voice, it’s obvious that you were reading from a prepared written statement. And you reiterated this death curse 8 months later when you really-for-real had your Witness power on your second 1335-day timeline.

Ron, you lying scumbag. You don’t get to take the moral high road on this. You took an affirmative step to cause my death and the deaths of others who rightly mock you,  An affirmative step in your own mind if you really believe the crap you ladle out.  On the other hand, no one has taken any action, spiritual or physical, to cause your death. In fact, I have taken affirmative action in the opposite direction, to convince someone else not to publicly post your address.

No, Ron — I’m not looking for your death. And if I were aware of a threat to your life, I would take affirmative action to prevent it by notifying the authorities. As far as how others whose lives you’ve damaged feel, I would not presume to judge their feelings. If it were to happen, your little routine from your latest sermon mocking your mockers mocking you should be transcribed as your epitaph.