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Black Electrons

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Georgia yesterday.  A large group was there, including Audra.  Ron did not deliver the sermons, allowing Terry and Wayne to split them.  He did announce that, during the ministerial meetings the prior week in the palatial digs at the Venetian Hotel, Resort, and Casino, planning was underway for a Feast of Tabernacles next year.  Even though he doesn’t know if it will be possible.  Trust me, PKGers, it will be possible.

Terry blathered on about the commitment to “this way of life”.  Spending a few days at the Venetian Hotel, Resort, and Casino would be a motivator to that way of life.

Wayne gave a physics lessons.  It seems that thoughts are electrical charges.  Satan broadcasts black electrical charges.  On the other hand, God’s mind is captured on the PKG website.  It seems that God is confused, because the website states:

Roderick C. Meredith is guilty in his failure to acknowledge Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong as the prophesied Elijah to come, who would restore all things to God’s true Church.

God doesn’t realize that Ronald Eugene Weinland is the prophesied Elijah to come, who is continually coming up with new truths.  Herbert Armstrong was only a type of the end-time Elijah, paving the way for Ron.

Wayne stated that the mockers of PKG members would be given an opportunity to change their minds and repent.  When reviled, PKG members should not revile back.  Fred Roberts of New Zealand and Zachary/helpingusoon of Arizona apparently didn’t get that message based on what they posted in comments here on this blog.  But Ron didn’t get it either, since he issued a curse for my speedy death from the inside 22 months ago.