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Broken Pitchers, Broken Families

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

According to the “Trips” page on False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s blog, he is scheduled to appear in Las Vegas this weekend.  Will Ronnie miss the 4th week in a row and if so will Wayne start the rotation of evangelists giving sermons?  Or will the Spokesman Witness make an appearance, thundering about his critics twisting and distorting and spinning the episode as God’s intervention to allow him to deliver 4 new truths?  And will he also explain how it is that he managed to prophesy each and every day* despite being too sick to deliver a sermon? Was his sick body somehow giving testimony?  Too whom? We’ll soon find out.   (* Rev 11:3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. )

In other news, it turns out we have a spare.  About a year ago, Ronnie announced that he is an apostle.  And according to this other blog, Six-Pack a.k.a. Gerald Flurry has decided that he also is an apostle. (So if Ron’s appendicitis turns out to have be fatal, we’re still OK as we have a backup apostle 😉 Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but is Six-Pack imitating Ron? Or maybe it’s Clarion-Call David Pack?  No, it’s probably the ultimate spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong.  Now refresh my memory, has That Prophet also claimed to be the end-time Elijah?  If not, what are you waiting for, Gerry?

Back in February, I reported on Weinland’s elder Al whose business was undergoing foreclosure.  His case is working its way through the court system, already with a judgment of foreclosure and orders for sale of the property.  I also reported on another of Weinland’s elders, Greg’s, and his woes and tribulation in the court system as he tried to get the court-ordered child support reduced in the divorce case filed by his now-ex-wife who wasn’t favorably impressed by Weinland’s false prophecies.  The Michigan Court of Appeals was not very sympathetic to his arguments, and a few months later the Michigan Supreme Court refused to even hear the case, letting the ruling of the lower courts stand.

I found an online resume from a 53-year-old who, like Greg, also worked for the Church of God – PKG.  In this case from 2007 through 2009.  Here is the resume’s description of his accomplishments while working for Ron:

Position: International Distribution Manager
• Responsible for the supervision of: Inbound (Unloading and Receiving), Distribution, Outbound (Loading), Transportation (Carrier Relations) and Office Operations
• Develops strategies and objectives to maximize productivity and leverage expenses. Analyze trends, solve problems and motivate associates to maximize productivity.
• Manages to ensure operational excellence in all distribution areas, including efficient operations of software systems, equipment, inventory, warehouse layout and product placement, maintenance and organization of all distribution.
• Evaluates the effectiveness of and recommends alternatives for work methods, procedures and controls to achieve accurate and timely movement and processing of product.
• Manages continuous improvement and efficiency gains to reduce overall costtoserve.
• Coaches, trains, and develops Associates informally and through formal training programs.

Translating all of this, the resume is for Weinland’s senior elder Steve in the Cincinnati area.  Steve’s wife Patty is one of Weinland’s associate elders. Using his airline miles, Steve financed  Weinland’s first trip to Europe as the head of his own CoG back in November of 1999 .  Steve was in Europe at the time working for Procter & Gamble, and knew Ron from when he was assigned in the mid 80’s to Cincinnati as associate pastor in the Worldwide Church of God.  Later on Steve hopped up on Ron’s false prophecy bandwagon.

Steve left his job with Procter & Gamble and went to work for Ron just before the Last Organized Feast of Tabernacles in 2007.  Steve’s job was to run the “fulfillment center” which processed orders for Ron’s books.  After the feast in 2007, Ron went on his Total Resolve Cruise and also ramped up spending on Google Adwords advertising.  Late in 2007 and during the first part of 2008, a Google search of various apocalyptic terms would result in a sponsored link for where the gullible could order a free copy of “2008 God’s Final Witness”.  Greg was in charge of baiting the Google Ads hook, and Steve was in charge of reeling in the fish by sending them a copy of Ron’s work of fiction.

After Ron shut down his first timeline in June of 2008, he also suspended his Google ads for a few months and then resumed it again at a lower pace in the fall of 2008.  Traffic to reduced in 2009 except for a brief spike at the end of the year associated with the release of the movie “2012”, but then fell off even further.  With this reduced traffic, Steve’s services weren’t needed any longer so now he’s looking for employment.  This resume was put online in June.

I hope that Steve is picking up the pieces of his broken pitcher and has found employment to replace that which he foolishly gave up to work for a false prophet.  Likewise, I wonder if Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews has found employment to replace that which he gave up early in 2008 to become Ron’s evangelist just ahead of the first Great Tribulation that didn’t happen. And I hope that Steve and Patty soon come to their senses and quit following Ron.  But that probably won’t happen, as Steve and Patty were sealed on the Feast of Trumpets in 2008 as part of the 144,000 to be converted to spirit beings on May 26, 2012 when Christ doesn’t return.

Greg’s is not the only family broken up as the result of Weinland’s false prophecies.  A recent comment to my last post has told of another divorce in process.   I know of other divorces resulting from his apocalyptic fantasies.  And of others who have mentally abused their mates.

Another recent comment by an ex-member expressed somewhat less than a wish for Ron’s speedy recovery. Despite his speedy death curse against me, I’d notify the authorities if I thought his life was threatened.  But if he beat the odds and turned out to be one of the rare individuals to succumb to appendicitis in spite of advanced medical care then I would mourn him for oh, about 2 nanoseconds.  Or maybe a little bit less.  Ron’s legacy of broken pitchers, broken families, and broken futures.