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A Sobering Jolt

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

As I predicted in my post on Wednesday, Terry Wrozek filled in for False Prophet Ronald Weinland on the third weekend in a row that he has missed delivering a sermon.  God’s most formidable prophet apparently is still dealing with the aftereffects of appendicitis.  I say “apparently” because Terry didn’t breath a single word about his spiritual idol.  There were no indications of others present during Terry’s sermon, so I believe that he recorded it in a room by himself.

With a bit more research including consultation with someone who has a medical background, here’s possibly what has happened:  On the Day of Atonement, Ron started his episode with appendicitis.  He suffered severe abdominal pain and was not able to deliver the sermon that day.  His appendix then ruptured and the pain subsided enough that he was able to travel to New Zealand, meet the son of the Man of Sin in an airport, and deliver 4 new trivial “truths” during the feast of tabernacles.  However, stomach bile and fecal matter were oozing into his abdominal cavity via the perforated appendix, and infection set in in forcing him to seek medical attention after the feast of tabernacles (two weeks ago).  The delay in seeking medical attention means that his recovery is delayed more than normal as he deals with the resulting complications.

If my speculation is correct, then I expect that when and if he returns Ron will spin the situation as God battling Satan, holding back the appendicitis until after he could deliver his 4 “truths”. <barf>

Strenuous activity is to be avoided for a time after an appendectomy.  But two weeks on, he should have recovered enough to be able to deliver a sermon.  Word is that he often speaks sitting down, which normally works given the crowds of a dozen or so he speaks to in smaller hotel conference rooms.  But it seems that he’s bedridden and in such bad shape that he couldn’t even prepare and record a sermon from bed.  Perhaps even more could be read from the lack of any status from Terry, but maybe the Spokesman Witness will be back next week thundering about critics who lie, twist, and distort.  In some cases appendicitis can be fatal, but that can’t possibly happen to Ron as he has to remain alive to be killed by the Beast Power in the streets of Jerusalem on May 23, 2012 as the Asiatic Hordes gather nearby in the Valley of Meggiddo for the great battle to commence the following weekend.  Besides, it’s my fate to die speedily from the inside according to the curse he issued against me 95 weeks ago.