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Odds & Ends 2

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

As reported in the last post, our most formidable prophet Ronald Weinland was brought down by appendicitis.  Based on further research, I suspect that it was more than just appendicitis, but that his appendix also ruptured.  According to WebMD: “Most people feel better immediately after surgery. Some people can even go home the same day.”   According to Johnny Harrell, Ron did not express being back to 100% on Friday,  a week after coming down with it (based on missing the sermon the week before).  On another website, someone posted their experience: “The surgeon told me after the surgery that my appendix was perforated and dead and that all that was left in my appendix was air. Spent 3.5 days in the hospital, a week at home recouping and am now back to work half days for the next week before going back full time.”

Since Ron’s appearance in Cincinnati this coming weekend is canceled, and he wasn’t back in form to deliver the sermon on Saturday, I suspect that Ron’s appendix burst.  This can be serious as infections (peritonitis) can set in and in some cases be fatal if not medically treated.

Mal took exception to the title of my last post (“Ron’s Demise”) which was a reference to some search engine referrals looking to see if Ron had died.  Was it wishful or fearful thinking?  Don’t know, but the PKG rumor mill was obviously running full speed.  I expect that Ron will survive this crisis as he did his heart attack in 2005 and as he will the beast power on May 23, 2012.  He did recover enough to post his latest writings (PDF download) which minimized Herbert Armstrong further.   And I expect him to recover in time to make it to Las Vegas weekend after next to play his second favorite game of chance, whatever that is.  His first favorite game of chance is seeing whether his prophecies come true — so far he’s pulled the handle numerous times but still is waiting to see any cherries.  But I expect that someone will fill in for Ron this coming weekend — since Wayne and Johnny did their bits, it’s now Terry’s turn at bat.

xHWA pointed out a website which had an interesting graph.

The graph shows the annual cyclonic energy (hurricanes & cyclones) for each year.  Whether or not this disproves global warning, it does disprove Ronald Weinland as a prophet of God, as in 2006 he wrote in “2008 God’s Final Witness” (page 96):

Yes, there have always been times of intensity when destructive powers have been unleashed. However, now is different because the destructiveness and change in weather patterns is going to continue to increase dynamically, not following normal patterns.

If the trend of 1998 through 2004 had continued to increase at the same rate, Ron would have something.  But it’s interesting that after writing that, the cyclonic energy decreased every year except for a slight uptick in 2008 with this year being at a 33-year low.  Now is when some PKG apologist will swoop in with a list of recent disasters, but without comparison to prior times or other point of reference.

Speaking of PKG apologists, in case you missed it in the comments, Fred Roberts of New Zealand returned.  After previously claiming that he was not a PKG member, he wrote:

All I wanted to say is that, We all had such a great time together and we were all like one big happy family at the Feast site in Rotorua.. It was Truly Wonderful.  It was also very nice to meet Mr & Miss’s Weinland and there very Loving family members aswell and also other Loving members that came from over seas for the Feast site.  Such Dear and Wonderful people that they all are..

He also made a feeble attempt at damage control:

Only you and I both know that you Added too and took away from what I worte on here
But you added way to many of them bad swear words one would think to make yourself look good and the other person look bad  Your very good at thee old Copy and Paste and Add and takeaway I must say.. Well Done Mike!!Your a winner at your own game.
But thats Okay, It doesn’t matter to me much at all what you write, I Forgive you.

Fred, how generous of you — but forgive me for …. what?

Fred, Adrian and Pat and even Ron are human. (Although they probably know when to use “to” and when to use “too”.) But don’t you think that a being who keeps track of all the sparrows and the hairs on your head would also know who was the author of honorifics such as “F##### RAT PR$$$”?  If mocking the Spokesman Witness results in a death curse, I wonder what the penalty is for lying to him.  Do you really expect to live on into the new age?  Come on now, really?