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Fleeing to Javan

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s itinerary has him in Singapore right now and in Hong Kong this coming weekend.  I wonder if he really is there.  He missed delivering the sermon on Saturday due to illness, perhaps this illness is not one of those 24-hour things.  He has still not posted the promised articles on his 4 new “truths”, and Jeremy has not cleaned up the website as he normally does after the Audio page is mangled to post the latest sermon.  Could Ron be suffering a more severe illness?  Will be interesting to see if Ron delivers a sermon from Hong Kong this weekend.

Oct. 7 UpdateRonnie’s itinerary is updated, Hong Kong this coming weekend and Cincinnati the following weekend (Oct 16) have been removed, leaving Oct 23 in Las Vegas as the next scheduled appearance.  It appears more likely that his illness last Saturday was more than just a 24-hour bug. Could it be a reprisal of his 2005 heart attack?  Maybe appendicitis? Or maybe someone wore tiger lily perfume in his presence. Perhaps we’ll learn more this weekend if one of his evangelists delivers the sermon while the Spokesman Witness recuperates in Australia.

During June, False Prophet Ronald Weinland described how he had disfellowshipped one of his members from Montana who believes himself to be one of the Two Witnesses.  I have a copy of an email from the Second Witness’s wife, reproduced below.  I’ve edited it only to remove their last name and change the first names.  This couple has a minor daughter.


From: Melissa
Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2010
Subject: To flee
Realizing that today is the day of Atonement and the afflication of our souls and that I should be more focused on that subject I am also asking God to give me forgiveness and council about the writing of this letter because I am focused elsewhere and am sorry for it.
It is not without rejoicing that time has come to the last Sabbath that God has allowed us to be in America for His day of rest and gaining of knowledge and wisdom. And a High Day at that. We have been so blessed to have the horses, dogs and chickens and multiple other wild animals to share our woods and streams with in the few years here. But when God tells you to flee, you flee. Not acting upon it, dragging our feet would certainly be an addition of sins. Actually, in the bible in regards to the end times, He tells us eleven times to flee Babylon (which is the USA) and go. When the abomination that makes desolate is made known, you flee. God has revealed this to a few other people and recently my husband, that Paul is that abomination.  There were other types of abominations spoken of that effected 60,000 in WWCG but Paul’s was for billions and billions of people since the catholic church put the books together of what we call the bible in 300 ad by the recommendations of a priest that was killing true followers. Left many great books out that should have been in and others in just to be a witness in the end. God’s Spirit in you makes this perfectly clear, so easy to see. No more trying to make Paul’s books fit or be twisted to fit what Jesus’s teaching were.
How can people stay to help others that will turn to His ways? As many people as this household has talked to, myself, Mitch and even Kendra, it is so clear that people reject God and His ways. Great distress will only bring a very very very few to want God more than anything Even those who keep the Sabbath and believe they are in Gods church. God does not say to stay He says to flee. God says in the last day Babylon will be completely destroyed. I believe that God’s word is true and that He means what He says. It grieves me that others are still following the teaching of a man that God was certainly working with, maybe even to give the final date of Pentecost 2012 to the two witnesses, which does still match up but like others in the past, he is sadly gone off the mark. But he can still repent and ask for God’s mercy.
This letter is not to be harsh or condemning. I know chances are great that I will not be talking with any of you soon and seeing none of you, except two of you, which is very exciting, in the land of Javan. I am so excited to find the small flock that truly wants to follow the Eternal’s commandments and to do so maybe during the Feast of Tabernacles found be even more wonderful.
Planes do not wait and so I had to write this letter with only a couple of days before we fly out to Greece. I can only surmise what will happen to those who remain the the US and Canada but thankfully we have a merciful God.
Delusion on top of delusion.  Ron has arrived, now having his own splinter (as small as it is) breaking off.  I just hope the second witness’es daughter doesn’t suffer in Greece after her parents run out of funds waiting for Christ to return. Or for Ron to admit his prophecy failed.