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God Bought You That Ice Cream

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland must have sin in his life.  For the 2nd time in two weeks, he is a no-show for services, still no explanation for his absence on the Day of Atonement.  For this weekend, Wayne Matthews explained that Ron is ill and then proceeded to fill in for him delivering the sermon.

Wayne’s sermon was about clean and unclean, but he wasn’t referring to meats.  PKG members need to be careful about preaching to new members, and are not to go beyond what is in sermons or on the PKG website.  Disfellowshipment is done out of love for the disfellowshippee.

Wayne bought the PKG children ice cream using church funds.  I’m all for that, as the ice cream money is money that won’t be spent on Google advertising the next time Ronnie thinks of some key words he’d like to use.  Also, that would not have been with tax-free money as would the case in the United States, donations to PKG are not tax-deductible for Australian members as is the case for US members.

According to Wayne, the fifth thunder is about to happen.  Specifically the deaths of CoG ministers.  It’s about time, as Weinland prophesied this over 4 years ago, particularly to 5 specific CoG leaders who were to die early on as proof that Weinland is God’s prophet.  Despite the fact that all of them are eligible for social security, not a one of them has died.