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Wayne Matthews: “We Are Deceived”

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was a no-show in Melbourne, Australia where he was scheduled to appear.  The Day of Atonement is over with in Australia, those PKGers in the US have to continue to starve themselves until this evening. Ron’s evangelist and local sheriff Wayne Matthews gave the sermon.  He explained the situation like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Weinland have arrived safely, which is exciting and holding up health-wise, which is very good.  And other than that, we’ll just get straight into the sermon.

There was no other evidence of their presence, and it appears that Wayne was using his own computer, not Ron’s.  So where was Ron?  He’s had all week since appearing last weekend in Los Angeles to travel to Australia and recover from jet lag.  Perhaps he’s frantically working on his Last Great Day sermon which needs to be a barn burner, tying all 4 of his new “truths” together.

At one point Wayne said “We are deceived”.  He had it right until he went on explaining that they were deceived but aren’t anymore.  So sad. His sermon was mostly the same boring nonsense.

If you’re looking for a more interesting bit of Armstrongism, you may want to download some audio files from another site.  Gerald Waterhouse was a brown-noser for Herbert Armstrong and then Joseph Tkach who traveled around delivering 3-4 hour tributes to them.  There are files for two different “bible studies” on the linked site each well over 2 hours long.  These were recorded in the early 80s prior to Herbert Armstrong’s death before he could be one of the Two Witnesses.  I sampled some of these comedy routines, including his description of the organization of the government which God would be establishing any year now after eating Sunday chicken and giving salivation (sic).   Somehow I missed out when I was required to warm the hard metal folding chairs, he must not have made it to my area before I escaped.  So this is a chance for me to catch up.

Odds and Ends

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

A YouTube video went up the other day. It was put together by someone who’s gone through Ron’s sermons as far back as 2006 to get some interesting prophetic statements. (No, not by me.)  Particularly of interest as some of them must already have come to pass, because after all Ron is a true prophet of the god of Abraham.

After my last post, I heard again from Fred Roberts. Trimming out the redundant parts, here’s his reaction:


So Fred’s not Fred, but Fred is in PKG?  Hmmm…  Interesting.

Before receiving this latest, I was disinclined to believe that Fred is a PKG member as I doubt the average member is profane as Fred. Now I’m inclined to think that he is a member. Fred, tell it to Adrian, and to Ron when you’re in Rotorua next week.

In other news, Dill Weed notes that we’re more than halfway through the 1260-day period leading to the non-return of Jesus Christ on May 27, 2012 (actually mid-day in the US on May 26th, 12:36 PM Eastern Time).

Da Do Ron Run?

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from the Los Angeles area this weekend.  Ron was pleased that PKG members disobeyed him.  Previously he had ordered that people were not to travel long distances to attend in LA this weekend so that they would not use up feast expense money or overflow the small location where the locals normally gather in this large metropolitan area .  His elder Don Edwards traveled all the way from Phoenix and was rewarded with a speaking slot for the opening prayer.

Ron has mostly managed to restrain himself from revealing the four new truths in sermons.  But he has been discussing them with his evangelists.  One hint that he did drop is that at least one of the new truths will relate to what will go on in the new age, the 100 years following the millennium.  Fresh carrots to dangle.

Thursday was the Feast of Trumpets.  For the third year in a row, the sermon for the Feast of Trumpets posted on the PKG website is one that Ron recorded by himself with no audience.  He did deliver a live sermon on Thursday in Cincinnati streamed over the Internet for those in US time zones.  The sermon was as boring as most of the other sermons he’s delivered lately.  What was interesting was what happened immediately after the sermon. He paused for a few moments, but instead of calling someone up to deliver the closing prayer, he started talking about the stirred-up spirit being.  He has increasingly talked about the stirred-up spirit world in the past few weeks, but this time he said that this time it was so severe that he’s felt this way only two prior times, repeating that twice. (0.5 MB Windows Media audio clip). We have a clue as to what those two other times were.  On June 28, 2008 he announced his new timeline which included the 280 days between Christmas of 2007 to Trumpets of 2008.  The following weekend, July 5, 2008, he talked about great anguish (0.1 MB MP3 clip)

which he’d felt only once previously, when the Worldwide Church of God broke up in 1995.  On that occasion, he also talked about spiritual warfare and Satan lashing out (0.15 MB MP3 clip). 

July of 2008 is when he found out about the IRS criminal investigation.  So we have the three great spiritual crises in Weinland’s life:

  1. WCG breaks up in 1995
  2. IRS launches a criminal investigation of him in 2008
  3. Whatever’s happening right now.

What’s going on right now?  We’ll have to wait to find out for sure, but reading the tea leaves and checking other sources, I think it likely that the IRS criminal investigation is over and that a prosecution recommendation has been made to the US Justice Department.  The normal procedure is for the IRS to give the accused taxpayer a conference at which he can try to persuade the IRS to not recommend prosecution.  And the Justice Department normally gives the taxpayer another conference at which he can try to persuade them not to follow through with the IRS’s recommendation for prosecution.  Perhaps Weinland has had both taxpayer conferences and the case is on the docket of a grand jury right now.

Since finding out about the criminal investigation for tax evasion, Weinland has made a number of overseas trips for which I expected that it was highly probable that he would return to the the US. Weinland departs from Los Angeles this week for feast activities in Australia and New Zealand — I’m open to the possibility that this time he will not return voluntarily.

On Thursday, Weinland encouraged his members to draw close to God and eliminate sin from their life so that they would be protected from the spirit world.  Right after Steve Dalrymple gave the closing prayer, Ron asked them to wait while he turned off the audio stream so he could make another announcement.  The last time he made a private announcement after services was in September of 2008 to discuss the wedding reception for his daughter/church bookkeeper later that day.  The following week he derided some for speculating about that — but I was never aware of any bloggers trying to make anything significant of that.  This time, all his kids are married off so it wouldn’t be a wedding reception.  Maybe it was the restaurant location for PKG members to gather later for dinner.  Or maybe he finally made a formal announcement to his church members acknowledging the IRS criminal investigation which they probably all knew about anyway.

This all is quite speculative and there could be other explanations.  Equally likely is that Weinland will refer to this post and talk about eagles gathering about the body.  Whatever.

Earlier this week we had a bit of activity in the comments here on this blog with one or two of Weinland’s followers.  I say “one or two”, because they used two different identities but ended up sounding the same.  He/they became rather profane, and I had to ban them for that.  We’ve had other Weinland followers on this blog and I’ve never had to to that.  As several of the previous, the last comment posted started out using certain four-letter words including one beginning with “f”, and ended like this:


What is it about so many of Weinland’s followers being grammatically challenged? And infected like Herbert Armstrong with overuse of capitalization? So, Fred Roberts of New Zealand, since the death curses of your spiritual idol have no efficacy with it being 630 days since he pronounced a curse on me for a speedy death, you feel the need to step in and fill in for his ineffective god?

Weinland’s Fading Thunders

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

In the past few days there have been some discussion on my post Kiwi Second Thunder.  A follower of Ron has posted a list of recent disasters as a comment to prove Weinland’s validity.  Then Mal posted a link to a site with a graph showing that global natural disasters have markedly increased in 2008 and 2009 doubling after being relatively flat in the years 2004 through 2007.  What’s interesting is that the same site has another graph from 2008 showing global natural disasters markedly increasing in 2006 and 2007 after being relatively flat in the years 2001 to 2005.  This site is run by a Holly Deyo who is marketing a survivalist book and thereby stands to profit from fear.  The page with the later graph also republishes an article by Ron Fraser, who is on the staff of another false prophet, That False Prophet Gerald Flurry.

Holly can get away with that because the natural tendency is to recall recent events more clearly than those which have happened some time earlier.  I appreciate Holly not cleaning up her website.

In looking over the page on Holly’s site that Mal linked, I noticed a reference to the Center for Research on Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED).  This is a non profit associated with the World Health Organization, a United Nations agency.  It has more credibility than a website operated by a fear monger easily demonstrated as a purveyor of lies. Right up at the top of their publications page I found a PDF report which includes the following graph:

CRED Data for Global Natural Disasters

I call your attention to the dotted line which is the number of global natural disasters.  Note that the number of global natural disasters reached a peak of 434 back in 2005 and has been lower every year since.  Back in 2005 and 2006, Weinland was writing his fictional book “2008 God’s Final Witness” and on page 115 he stated:

During the Sixth Seal, all Seven Thunders will be getting progressively louder. Before the Seventh (and final) Seal is opened, the Seven Thunders will become so pronounced that the validity of everything written about them in the previous chapter should roar loudly in the ears of anyone who is willing to admit the truth.

The Sixth Seal ended back in 2008, twice: the first time in March and the second time in November.  The thunders did not become so pronounced.  Rather the ones attributable to natural disasters decreased.  Whatever else you want to interpret from the graph, it clearly shows Weinland to be a false prophet.

And what about the upward trend in natural disasters prior to 2000?  Let’s look at the criteria for disaster used

  • 10 or more people reported killed;
  • 100 or more people reported affected;
  • declaration of a state of emergency;
  • call for international assistance.

Over the past few decades there has been a significant increase in global communications capability, particularly with the growth of the Internet.  Population increases have also contributed.  For example, a tornado might not kill anyone if its path is in a rural area, while it could kill dozens of people in a populated area, and an increasing population increases the number of natural events that will qualify as natural disasters.  These factors continue into the last decade yet the number of annual disasters leveled off and started declining.

So Mal, I appreciate your link as it led to this reliable data showing what a false prophet Ronald Weinland is.

If by Labor Day

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Here’s a timely YouTube video I thought I’d share:

In case you didn’t catch it, the Labor Day being referred to is the one two years ago, as Ron was in a radio interview earlier in 2008. Ron still hasn’t admitted to being a false prophet even with this the third Labor Day after that statement. We have only one more Labor Day before Christ doesn’t return on Pentecost of 2012. And Ron will not have admitted to being a false prophet before that one, either. On and on it goes.

Ron did not take note of a significant date, so I will. Last Saturday was halfway point of the 2nd Great Tribulation. One and three-quarters of the original 360-day times. Or one and one-quarter through his revised 280-day times. That second trumpet will blow any day now. Happy Labor Day and Happy Great Tribulation to you all.

Joyfully Sing Praise

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from the Detroit area this weekend. Greg Chipps was free and gave the opening prayer, and Terry Wrozek closed. Greg prayed that God would look over the technology, but he must have sin in his life as God wasn’t listening.  The audio was plagued with static, and the Cincinnati location lost its connection to the streaming audio feed.  Which meant that the older ex-WCG cohort which doesn’t get on the Internet lost its audio feed via the telephone conferencing hookup which originates in Cincinnati.  Ron stopped the sermon to give Cincinnati a chance to reconnect and spent 5 minutes blathering about how stirred up things are out there.   But then he continued on muttering that he told people to get on the Internet.  I hope more PKGers do get on the Internet, and come to visit my site.

Ron must have sin in his life also, as his computer froze up while he was pre-recording the Trumpets sermon for the PKGers in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  Trumpets is this coming Thursday, we’ll see if he gives a “live” sermon in the US which has not been the case on these highly prophetic dates the last two years.

Ron did not, as I expected, make even the slightest mention of the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ.  Probably checked the cable news shows and noted that the story has already fallen from the news cycle.

Ron announced the titles of 7 songs to be sung during the feast this year, one song at the beginning of each service.  Since there are 9 sermons I guess two of them will have to be repeated.  These songs, which PKGers are to download and familiarize themselves, are:

  1. Oh Come and Let Us Worship Him (Psalm 95, lyrics)
  2. How Excellent is thy Name (Psalm 8, lyrics)
  3. The Lord Eternal Reigns (Psalm 97, lyrics)
  4. Joyfully Sing and Praise God (Psalm 66, lyrics)
  5. I Will Praise Thee Oh Eternal (Psalm 9, lyrics)
  6. Praise the Eternal with a Psalm (Psalm 81,lyrics)
  7. Oh Give Thanks and Praise the Eternal (Psalm 105, lyrics)

These songs are from the WCG Purple Hymnal, and were adapted from Psalms by Herbert Armstrong’s younger brother Dwight Armstrong. (Creds to Aggie for transcribing the lyrics). Most of the songs in the WCG Hymnal were written by Dwight.  Yet as Dwight lay dying back in 1984, Herbert wrote to his followers:

We have had no experience or precedent to know how one with such musical talent should be compensated for his years of faithful labor, but because of IRS restrictions over us by the government, and the fact he is my brother, I feel he has never been properly rewarded for his efforts. However, if some of you brethren do feel you would like him to know how much his beautiful music has meant to your Christian life, and would care to just write him a few words of appreciation, I know that would brighten the few remaining days he probably has in his life.

What baloney!!!  The IRS does not regulate transactions, even drug dealing.  The only thing they are able to enforce is that the proper taxes are paid.  Despite the IRS, Herbie was able to extract money for silver ice buckets and other such religiously necessary items.

The format for services when I attended WCG were, if I remember correctly

  • Three songs
  • Opening Prayer
  • A sermonette, 10-15 minutes by a junior minister or a member of the congregation
  • Song
  • Announcements
  • Main Sermon
  • One or Two Songs
  • Closing Prayer

I don’t recall exactly where the announcements fit into this format (it’s about 4 decades since I suffered through one of these), so perhaps one of my readers will help out.

After WCG broke up and Ron struck out on his own, he began changing things.  He cut out the sermonette.  He cut out songs during the year but still had them during the Feast of Tabernacles.  But then he cut out songs during the feast and for the past several years Passover is the only time at which a song is sung.

Maybe the restoration of singing at the feast is the beginning of a trend, which eventually will result in sermonettes being given.  Ron has all these new elders who aren’t baptizing, so he’ll have to give them something to do.  And Ron needs something to fill the two hours allotted for services — he quit early by 15 minutes or so both this week and last.

Joyfully Sing And Praise God

Kiwi Second Thunder

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

By now most of you should be aware of the magnitude 7 earthquake which shook Christchurch, New Zealand a few hours ago.  A cousin of mine is in New Zealand, and has responded to concern about her safety with:

Hello all,

Thank you for your prayers – I am safe. I am living in Dunedin which is south of Christchurch. While some people felt it here in Dunedin (I did not, I was asleep!) the damage is in Christchurch. Please pray for the people of Christchurch.

I expect Weinland will talk this up in his sermon tomorrow as evidence of the increasing thunders.  Nevertheless, this second thunder will not prevent his appearance in New Zealand as scheduled in 3 weeks.  The PKG feast site in Rotorua is over 300 miles from Christchurch on the northern main island, while Dunedin is only about 150 miles from Christchurch on the same southern main island.  We could hope for a bit of 6th thunder in the form of an indictment on tax evasion charges to stop that, but that is not likely in the week or so before he leaves the US for his annual feast tour.