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Creation of Evil

Monday, September 27th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland flew from New Zealand to Australia to visit the Gold Coast Meter Maids.  Spiritual warfare raged as he delivered his 5th sermon of the 3rd organized feast after the last one — Satan and his demon won this battle, interrupting the streaming audio feed to those in New Zealand who were trying to listen live to Ron’s latest interpretations of the Bible.  Other feast site locations, such as a hotel in major metropolitan area supervised by Ralph Dowd, will listen to a recording of the sermon tomorrow.

Ron mocked people who worship gods which they created.  At least a wooden or stone idol is tangible, unlike the invisible god that Ron created and which intentionally lies to Ron knowing he’ll pass along these lies to others.  And it turns out that the god Ron created is responsible for creating evil.  How about that!!!

Ron’s god has not actually granted Ron Witness powers.  Otherwise he could have used his rain-stopping power to prevent the flood in Portage Wisconsin as a rising stream breached a levee.

Ron promoted associate elder Peter Herrmann to full elder.  Peter is the prime suspect for ptr775 who entertained demons on another forum and who knows Kirrily and considers her to be anti-Christ.