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Angelic Realm

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland gave his 4th sermon of the 3rd organized feast since the First Trumpet blew for the first time.  He had his local elders Pat and Adrian give the prayers, forgiving Pat for the sermonette and even promoting him to elder.  The next sermon comes from Johnny Harrell while Ron is traveling to the feast site on Australia’s Gold Coast.  I wonder if Ron will again encounter Pastor General Joe Junior.  After all , Joe Junior may also be in Rotorua.  WCG New Zealand is also having a Feast of Tabernacles in Rotorua.

Ron got through this sermon in well under two hours, laying out the 2nd “truth” at the end.  It turns out that the angels are not immortal, and are not self-sustaining.  Angels exist only as long as they are sustained by God.   Angels were given spirit-sustaining life but were never given the holy spirit, nor ever had access to it.  Since Satan is an angel, then Weinland’s God sustains him so Weinland’s God could end this whole farce.  Instead, Weinland’s God sent us a false prophet who tells us that God lied to him which makes it OK for him to have lied to us.  And inspires Satan to commit evil and lead men astray.  So Weinland’s God must be inspiring this blog as well.  How about that!!!!