The Prophet and the Pastor General

After his mysterious absence last Saturday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has resurfaced in Rotorua, New Zealand to start the third organized Feast of Tabernacles after the last organized feast before the return of Christ held in 2007.  He stated that plans would be made for the feast again next year, just in case should the situation permit — and it is prophetically possible.  I also prophesy that PKG will have an organized feast next year, provided Ron is free to move about.

Joseph Tkach, Jr (Joe Jr)

Ron related how he encountered Joe Tkach, Jr in a New Zealand airport.  Joe Jr is the Pastor General of Grace Communion International, formerly the Worldwide Church of God. Son of Perdition Ron regards Joe Jr’s father as the Son of Perdition and Man of Sin. After a phone call with Joe Jr in March of 1995 Ron became an ex-pastor of WCG.  Despite this common history, Joe Jr had to be reminded who Ron is.  So much for the Sixth Thunder.

In past years there have been difficulties with the live audio feed between Australia and New Zealand.  So Ron recorded a sermon during the morning in New Zealand and Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews recorded a sermon during the morning in Australia’s Gold Coasts.  That way each site could listen to the other site’s morning sermon during the afternoon.

Wayne announced the baptism of Taryn Visser.  She has been drinking the Flavor Aid for two years but as she is off in South Africa by herself she only now is able to get dunked, after traveling to Australia.  Perhaps Ron will ordain her next week so she can baptize the hordes in South Africa who will soon clamor to join PKG.

Ron’s sermon was titled Satan’s Confinement and his End, Part 1.  He’s winding up to deliver one of his new “truths” but this one was summarily boring.  He talked about Job a lot.  Turns out that my being deprived of birthday parties growing up in WCG was an abominations.  Ron did make a true prophecy during the sermon.  During one of his patented rants against his critics (“get a life”), he prophesied that critics would be listening to his sermon.  The only prophecies of his that come true are the ones made by his critics.  Ron, it’s just your luck that I find fishing even more boring than your sermons.


  • Whisper says:

    Ron & the wife fly to New Zealand for an extended visit and are then off to China?
    Mercy but where does the money come from? I am here to tell you that running a church is not a money making enterprise with all the charity, feeding people, helping the homeless, sending missionaries off to forign countries, subsidising local charity organizations, teaching all the children each week, cost of books, cost of meals, costs of gas & cars to transport all the helping hands to different locations in the area to help the less fortunate and spread the word. This stuff is expensive and often takes every last dime, there’s no money left over and the church staff have to pay thier own way to local retreates and meetings… what? Ron has none of these? Ron is not distrubuting his books? Ron is not seriously buying into google anymore? Well what is Ron doing? Oh, he’s traveling across the world and having fun at it. Ah the life of a Witness is a trying on is it not?

    Go figure?

  • Atrocious says:

    It must bother Ron that his critics listen to his sermons. In this day and age it is much more difficult to keep things a secret anymore. I imagine he would much prefer that what he says stays with his congregation, but it doesn’t work like that. I find myself grinning at that little frustration of his.

    Well, Mike, at least with fishing you can read a book or listen to some music while you’re waiting for the fish to bite.

  • Dill Weed says:

    Listening to Ron’s sermons is a sure way to ruin fishing. Even Dill Weed, Jr agrees and all he does is laze around waiting for me to catch and the prepare his dinner.

  • angel says:

    Does the mockingbird get tired of annoying the crow? It’s just too much fun! I laugh every time I see a mischievous mockingbird swoop down on a clumsy crow; watching him flop around trying to get away from it just tickles my funnybone!

    Keep flopping, Ron, but you can’t get away from us…

  • Be Gentle says:

    God is coming for us all! Ronald Weinland you are included in the End-Times. You will not ever escape judgment! It is Jesus Christ alone that will judge the matters of your heart! I will pray that the End-Times do not occur in your lifetime, for your sake. This is not a mock this is faith without proof and trust with no reservation. YOU WILL NOT BE EXCLUDED FROM JUDGMENT. May you search your heart thoroughly before Jesus Christ does. I am speaking the truth, the truth of the heavenly FATHER, The God of Abraham, the ONE WHO IS and ALWAYS WILL BE. You are a brilliant man with great knowledge of HIS WORD, you are held up as a teacher, therefore you will be judged harsher than others. May God be with you! In Jesus Name I pray!

    You have broken my heart.

  • Frank Thomas says:

    How sad. Doesn’t Ron realize that the greet tribulation happened nearly 2,000 yrs.ago?