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Satan’s End

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has delivered his second sermon of the third feast after the last feast. During this sermon he delivered the first “truth” of this year (Jewish year that is) .  After meandering about and running several minutes over, he finally spit it out — Satan’s end will be an end.  That is, Satan will die.  After the 100 years after the millennium, this quite powerful spirit being will cease to exist.  OK, whatever. Snore. The faithful in Australia’s Gold Coast had to wait a few extra minutes for this startling revelation as their 9:30 start was delayed by the overtime.  New Zealand is 3 hours ahead of Australia’s eastern time zone, so after Ronnie finished the sermon he uploaded it for those in Australia while they waited.  The revelation was further delayed for them by Pat Cameron, whose closing prayer turned into a mini-sermon itself.

Some of the faithful here in the US heard Ronnie’s first sermon today in the same hotel in Nashville where PKG had its 2006 Feast of Tabernacles.  During the first Feast of Tabernacles sermon of 2006, Ron referred back to the period following the breakup of WCG in 1995:

So I remember the first holy day season of unleavened bread.  And then later Pentecost.  And then the Feast of Tabernacles.   ….and so there was a greater appreciation because it wasn’t being taken away from us.  We had to fight for it.  And now it’s about to be taken away from us again.  But in a different way.  Because of what’s going to happen in the world.  We understand that we’re fast approaching a period of time — of a 3 & 1/2 year period where we will not be able to meet together like this in a fine hotel in fellowship.  And in food.  And in halls like this.  (4 minutes, 40 seconds into audio file for Oct 7, 2006 sermon “God’s Command for the Feast”)

So here we are in the second feast season of the second Great Tribulation, and PKG is meeting together again in the same fine hotel.  Imagine that.  Amazing!!!!!

The Prophet and the Pastor General

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

After his mysterious absence last Saturday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has resurfaced in Rotorua, New Zealand to start the third organized Feast of Tabernacles after the last organized feast before the return of Christ held in 2007.  He stated that plans would be made for the feast again next year, just in case should the situation permit — and it is prophetically possible.  I also prophesy that PKG will have an organized feast next year, provided Ron is free to move about.

Joseph Tkach, Jr (Joe Jr)

Ron related how he encountered Joe Tkach, Jr in a New Zealand airport.  Joe Jr is the Pastor General of Grace Communion International, formerly the Worldwide Church of God. Son of Perdition Ron regards Joe Jr’s father as the Son of Perdition and Man of Sin. After a phone call with Joe Jr in March of 1995 Ron became an ex-pastor of WCG.  Despite this common history, Joe Jr had to be reminded who Ron is.  So much for the Sixth Thunder.

In past years there have been difficulties with the live audio feed between Australia and New Zealand.  So Ron recorded a sermon during the morning in New Zealand and Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews recorded a sermon during the morning in Australia’s Gold Coasts.  That way each site could listen to the other site’s morning sermon during the afternoon.

Wayne announced the baptism of Taryn Visser.  She has been drinking the Flavor Aid for two years but as she is off in South Africa by herself she only now is able to get dunked, after traveling to Australia.  Perhaps Ron will ordain her next week so she can baptize the hordes in South Africa who will soon clamor to join PKG.

Ron’s sermon was titled Satan’s Confinement and his End, Part 1.  He’s winding up to deliver one of his new “truths” but this one was summarily boring.  He talked about Job a lot.  Turns out that my being deprived of birthday parties growing up in WCG was an abominations.  Ron did make a true prophecy during the sermon.  During one of his patented rants against his critics (“get a life”), he prophesied that critics would be listening to his sermon.  The only prophecies of his that come true are the ones made by his critics.  Ron, it’s just your luck that I find fishing even more boring than your sermons.