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Weinland One-Ups Herbie, Again

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Thursday is the opening day of the Feast of Tabernacles during which False Prophet and Son of Perdition Ronald Weinland continues with his signs and lying wonders by rolling out another 4 new “truths”.  It’s been mildly interesting speculating what these new “truths” might be.  The following which appeared in the past few days on the PKG website could hold some clues:

The Rest of… Mystery of the Ages

The addition of four new truths revealed during the 2010 Feast of Tabernacles will complete the Mystery of the Ages initially revealed through Herbert W. Armstrong. The publication reveals the rest of that story.
*These new truths will be posted throughout the Feast after each one is covered in a sermon.

Chapter 1: The Completion of Mystery of the Ages
Chapter 2: History of the Spirit Realm
Chapter 3: Creation of Evil
Chapter 4: The Creation of Elohim

(Right now the site has hotlinks for the chapter titles which are dead-ended.  They’re placeholders so web-unsavvy Weinland can simply upload the files after introducing them in his sermons.) From the chapter list, we see that God created evil before he started creating Elohim, the God family.  Weinland teaches that Jesus, the second member of Elohim, did not exist prior to being born to Mary.

On another of Weinland’s flock of websites is the following:


This book is the compilation of the ministry of Herbert W. Armstrong. It was written to explain the plan of God in an easy-to-read format and also serve as a textbook at Ambassador College. No other book written in the previous 1900 years so succinctly covered the truth of the Bible.

“Mystery of the Ages” is one of the last pieces of literature written by False Prophet Herbert Armstrong before his death.  Currently the copyright is owned by Gerald Flurry’s Philadelphia CoG following an epic court battle with WCG which concluded with a negotiated sale.  The Philadephia CoG publishes this holy work but somehow I doubt that future editions will include Ron’s holy supplement.

On the COG-PKG website it says:

The Living Church of God, under the leadership of Roderick Meredith, is also asleep spiritually. Roderick C. Meredith is guilty in his failure to acknowledge Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong as the prophesied Elijah to come, who would restore all things to God’s true Church.

Yet elsewhere on the same COG-PKG site it says:

39 (18) Herbert W. Armstrong was a “type” of the prophesied “Elijah to come,” as he restored all truth essential to salvation to the Church of God during the Philadelphia Era.

Perhaps one of the new truths revealed over the next week will be that this blog, along with Dill Weed’s and Jack’s, is operated by Satan himself. As evidence of that notion is that it continues on despite Weinland’s curse for a speedy death issued in December of 2008. A death curse would be ineffective against Satan since he has to be around at the 100-year period following the Millennium to be cast into the Lake of Fire just ahead of Weinland’s mockers  suffering their second deaths. 😀

Any other guesses as to what the new “truths” are that Weinland will dazzle the Flavor Aid drinkers with?