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Ron Can’t Wait

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland battled the Internet yesterday while in Minneapolis, with the streaming audio feed disconnecting numerous times.  Evangelist Terry Wrozek and Senior Elder Ann Wrozek were also in attendance.  This afternoon he travels to Wisconsin to meet with the deluded faithful in that state. Laura is looking forward to baptizing a new acolyte while there.  Wonder if that could be one of the fence sitters on this blog.

Last week ended his “More Time” sermon series, and this weekend he resumed the interrupted sermon series on a subject near and dear to his heart: tithing.  When I was required to warm the hard metal folding chairs as a child growing up in a household led by a parent drinking Herbert Armstrong’s Flavor Aid, there were three tithes that had to be paid.  The first tithe was 10% of gross pay (before taxes) to be sent to Herbie to spend as he saw fit.  During the 1979 receivership crisis, checks were made payable to Herbert Armstrong a corporation sole rather than his church.  A second 10% of gross pay was to be saved to attend the church’s holy days, but 10% of that (a “Tithe of the Tithe or 1% of gross income) was to be sent to the church to finance the feast sites, as not much of the first tithe was left over after Herbie put aviation fuel in his Gulfstream jet and paid for silver ice buckets.  The feast of tabernacles was the WCG equivalent of Christmas for kids — for other kids, anyway.  My parent scrimped so that he could turn over yet more excess second tithe to Herbie.  On top of that, on two years out of seven a third tithe was to be paid.  The third tithe supposedly was to be used to support widows and other needy people, but rumor has it that it was used for other purposes, like sending the ministry to the feast as they were not required to save second tithe.

Ron read from his FAQ section, and a number of changes have been made, reducing the requirements:

  • First tithe has been changed so that it’s computed on the net after taxes.  Additionally Ron has stated that tithing is not required on commuting expenses.  (Which Ron doesn’t have since he works at home).
  • No tithe of the tithe is taken from second tithe.
  • Third tithe is not required, as this is covered by social programs from the taxes you pay.

Additionally, students and retirees are not required to pay taxes on their income.

Ron is having trouble restraining himself from revealing the “new truths” he has lined up to reveal during the Feast of Tabernacles this year.  But he is restraining himself from sending second tithe assistance to those who have not saved second tithe as they are instructed on the FAQ pages on the website.  Ignorance is no excuse, and they are to repent for disobeying God’s laws.  Nevermind that any teaching of doctrines during sermons is largely incidental so that Ron can blather about his prophecies and other topics. Of which “other topics” have mostly used up his sermons since he spends less time talking about prophecies.  Even when he mentioned this fall’s feast during yesterday’s sermon, he did not throw out the usual disclaimer that feast attendance might not be possible, even though we’ll be after the midpoint of the Great Tribulation by then.

On another topic, this website has experienced problems over the past few weeks.  I’ve received an email from my hosting company acknowledging the problem and stating it was a hardware problem being resolved.  In compensation they’ve awarded a free month of web hosting.  My web hosting is paid up through May 30, 2012.  What’s the value of an additional month of web hosting given that the earth will be in ruins by May 27, 2012?