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Weinland’s Books Like Fleece

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area yesterday.  Ron’s elders continue to have health woes, with Tina who is the Associate Elder and wife of Senior Elder Jim Jamieson still battling the effects of her liver problems.  And Associate Elder Willy Doemeland, formerly of Colorado but now living in southeastern Indiana near his spiritual idol, is also in the hospital.

Ron continued his sermon series which eventually is to lead to a carrot.  He went down memory lane, mentioning 2005 several times.  In 2005, he had a heart attack, taught new truth about the origin of Christ, and announced himself as one of the Two Witnesses.  That was also the year in which he moved to his mansion on the golf course.  Also, April 15th of 2005 is when the statute of limitations began to countdown for any tax evasion he may have done in tax year 2004, which is the first tax year for which the IRS initiated a criminal tax investigation.

During 2007 he figured out that Readers Digest ads would not work the way they did for his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong, and that Google Ads were the way to go.  According to yesterday’s sermon, the feast in 2008 was shorter so that money could be spent on promoting his message.  Actually, there wasn’t to be an organized feast in 2008 because we were to be greatly suffering the Great Tribulation.  Speaking of organized feasts, there will be a feast site in Florida, and the hotel in Nashville has only king-sized rooms available for reservation, and since the church’s discounted block of rooms is exhausted the rooms are market price.

Ron revisited his “running down the hill” theme which is a distortion of the story of Gideon’s army of 300, which happens to have been the approximate size of PKG in the years leading up to 2008.  Ron likened his books to Gideon’s fleece which Gideon used to test whether the voice in his head really was God.  But Ron has never tested the voice in his head, which gave him the material for his second book when he sat down to write.  The only fleecy thing about “2008: God’s Final Witness” is what it does to the gullible who believe the already failed prophecies in it.  Ron described himself increasing in boldness throughout the interviews he had promoting his books beginning in 2004.  His boldness increased all the way up to last year, topping off when he spoke at ideaCity, after which he boldly fled after taking exception to the material of another presenter.

Perhaps the sermon series will eventually get to his promised carrot.  In the meantime, he threw out another one.  Many unnamed long-time members are eligible to be ordained, but the time is not yet right.  I guess that means there will be plenty of time to ordain them and train them before the Great Tribulation starts.  But it will have to start soon, as there are now less than 98 weeks before Christ doesn’t return on the eve of Pentecost, 2012.