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Ron Can’t Wait

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland battled the Internet yesterday while in Minneapolis, with the streaming audio feed disconnecting numerous times.  Evangelist Terry Wrozek and Senior Elder Ann Wrozek were also in attendance.  This afternoon he travels to Wisconsin to meet with the deluded faithful in that state. Laura is looking forward to baptizing a new acolyte while there.  Wonder if that could be one of the fence sitters on this blog.

Last week ended his “More Time” sermon series, and this weekend he resumed the interrupted sermon series on a subject near and dear to his heart: tithing.  When I was required to warm the hard metal folding chairs as a child growing up in a household led by a parent drinking Herbert Armstrong’s Flavor Aid, there were three tithes that had to be paid.  The first tithe was 10% of gross pay (before taxes) to be sent to Herbie to spend as he saw fit.  During the 1979 receivership crisis, checks were made payable to Herbert Armstrong a corporation sole rather than his church.  A second 10% of gross pay was to be saved to attend the church’s holy days, but 10% of that (a “Tithe of the Tithe or 1% of gross income) was to be sent to the church to finance the feast sites, as not much of the first tithe was left over after Herbie put aviation fuel in his Gulfstream jet and paid for silver ice buckets.  The feast of tabernacles was the WCG equivalent of Christmas for kids — for other kids, anyway.  My parent scrimped so that he could turn over yet more excess second tithe to Herbie.  On top of that, on two years out of seven a third tithe was to be paid.  The third tithe supposedly was to be used to support widows and other needy people, but rumor has it that it was used for other purposes, like sending the ministry to the feast as they were not required to save second tithe.

Ron read from his FAQ section, and a number of changes have been made, reducing the requirements:

  • First tithe has been changed so that it’s computed on the net after taxes.  Additionally Ron has stated that tithing is not required on commuting expenses.  (Which Ron doesn’t have since he works at home).
  • No tithe of the tithe is taken from second tithe.
  • Third tithe is not required, as this is covered by social programs from the taxes you pay.

Additionally, students and retirees are not required to pay taxes on their income.

Ron is having trouble restraining himself from revealing the “new truths” he has lined up to reveal during the Feast of Tabernacles this year.  But he is restraining himself from sending second tithe assistance to those who have not saved second tithe as they are instructed on the FAQ pages on the website.  Ignorance is no excuse, and they are to repent for disobeying God’s laws.  Nevermind that any teaching of doctrines during sermons is largely incidental so that Ron can blather about his prophecies and other topics. Of which “other topics” have mostly used up his sermons since he spends less time talking about prophecies.  Even when he mentioned this fall’s feast during yesterday’s sermon, he did not throw out the usual disclaimer that feast attendance might not be possible, even though we’ll be after the midpoint of the Great Tribulation by then.

On another topic, this website has experienced problems over the past few weeks.  I’ve received an email from my hosting company acknowledging the problem and stating it was a hardware problem being resolved.  In compensation they’ve awarded a free month of web hosting.  My web hosting is paid up through May 30, 2012.  What’s the value of an additional month of web hosting given that the earth will be in ruins by May 27, 2012?

Clarion Call Dave

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

I’d like to bring your attention to a new blog that has a similar topic as this one.  SplinterSurfer grew up in Gerald Six-Pack Flurry’s Philadelphia CoG.  According to him, he has been a member of CoGs led by some but not all of the men whose pictures adorn the banner of his blog.  One of those pictures should be familiar to readers of this blog, but from my reading I don’t get the impression that SplinterSurfer was ever a PKG member.

SplinterSurfer has guest posts from two who were members of Dave Pack’s Restored CoG.  Dave Pack is yet another claimant to Herbert Armstrong’s mantle, going so far as to claim being personally trained by Herbie for the last 15 years of his life.  Like Ron, Dave also claims to be an Apostle.  Pack had one of his acolytes write a biography of him which is liberally sprinkled with material quoted from Apostle Dave.  Here is one such excerpt from Pack’s biography

In early 1997, the United Church of God pastor in Toledo, Ohio, broke away from that organization and formed his own. The man was relatively young in the ministry, dating back to about 1987 or so.

He had become disenchanted with United. Soon after he left, some of the people who left with him shortly after came with Global. They kept contact with certain friends and, after a time, he wanted to meet with me, and invited me to his area to speak.

I drove to Toledo, thinking there was some possibility he wanted to come with Global, or was at least exploring the idea. It became apparent that this was not on his mind, but not right away. Neither was it on the minds of any of the people with him. This was actually good because I did not any longer know how to represent Global in such matters. He was at that point no better or worse off had he been with United or gone with Global.

We met for dinner on one other occasion. I also stayed with him at his house. He seemed like a nice person, just very confused about what he had experienced in both the WCG and UCG. He was disillusioned with all forms of church government, including what Mr. Armstrong taught.

Eventually it became apparent that he was not going to do anything other than his own thing. I watched—up close and personal—as this tragically inexperienced and unsound man literally melted down. Today, he believes that he is one of the Two Witnesses, and if this is not bad enough, he has appointed his wife to be the other.

Of course, the man is simply a false prophet. He would be one of a number that the apostasy would produce. Watching these men sort of ‘pop up’ here and there, as well as watching the kind of people who went with them was its own extraordinary coursework for me. I would later see this coursework as being even more valuable.

Talk about black pots and kettles!!!  In November of 2007, Pack asserted in the Clarion Call sermon that the end was so close that his members should “get those assets and get them here“.   (Sermon summary with transcript, or you can listen to the sermon starting at one hour and 13 minutes into the file and the following several minutes and get the gist quite quickly: 7 MB Real Audio or 47 MB MP3)  He went on to suggest that his members should ride roughshod over any objections from unconverted mates (“Woman, you don’t have a voice here”).

So Dave doesn’t think too much of the Spokesman Witness.  But Ron doesn’t think too much of Clarion Call Dave, as Dave is one of the five CoG leaders who he prophesied would die early on as part of the Fifth Thunder to prove that Ron is God’s prophet.  Dave returned the favor, suggesting that Ron should be put to death.

Dave did get one fact wrong.  Weinland started off earlier in the ministry than 1987, being ordained as a local elder in 1981 and then going into the full time ministry for WCG in 1982.  That factoid is available in Ron’s biography, which wasn’t self-commissioned like Dave’s  — that biography is on this website, just click the “Biography” link up on the banner of this blog.

Dave lives near Cleveland and Ron started his false prophesying while living in Toledo.  What’s in the water in Ohio?  Ron and Dave share more than pastoral backgrounds in WCG. Each, as head of his own CoGlet, recognized Herbie’s teaching that he who controls the money controls the church. Dave’s daughter Jennifer is the accountant for the Restored Church of God, and Ron’s daughter Audra, about 2 1/2 years older, is the bookkeeper for PKG. I wonder if Dave, like Ron, has an IRS criminal investigation for tax evasion. Just think about the possibilities: if they ended up sharing a jail cell would both emerge alive? Probably so, as they would just pronounce death curses on the other and given that I’ve survived one issued over a year and a half go, nothing would come of that.

Believe or Leave

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the Los Angeles this weekend. He announced that his associate elders Willy Doemeland and Tina Jamieson are recovering from their ailments. Ron did not return to Cincinnati from his gig in Portland last week because it was too arduous to travel across 3 time zones. At 61 years of age he’s no spring chicken. Ron imported his traveling senior elder Ralph Dowd and his senior evangelist Johnny to give the prayers. Perhaps the PKGers aren’t traveling as much as they used to as he mentioned only one other out-of-stater in attendance.

This was the wrap-up to his “More Time” sermon series. I guess he’s anxious to get back to his series on tithing. He reviewed the quarterly report and has disfellowshipped some who stopped tithing. How dare they rob Ron God? Also, it’s getting back to him that some are murmuring about him being a false prophet and he wants to get rid of them. He also made an indirect reference to Ananias.

Ron revisited some of his old themes, particular the one about his Red Sea moments — his metaphor for being in a hard place with no place to go, like the Israelites at the banks of the Red Seawith the Egyptian army in pursuit. Ron went through the story of Gideon’s army of 300 and his “running down the hill” distortion. One that I don’t recall him mentioning for some time is his prophecy from several years ago that his church will get 3000 more members from “the scattering”, which is those who were baptized members of WCG when Joe Tkach Sr. opened the first seal on December 17, 1994.

Ron is looking forward to gaining 3000 more members. The members have the Feast of Tabernacles to look forward to at which Ron will deliver 2 more “truths”, bringing the total up to 55. I’m looking forward to the IRS moving their investigation forward, and perhaps they are. Ron talked about a stirred-up demonic world, which recently has been references to the IRS investigation – the last time they were stirred up was when his daughter and church bookkeeper was served with an IRS summons.

Ron’s Sermon From James

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Within the last few days, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has posted a PDF transcript of the first sermon of his “More Time” series which he delivered on June 26 in Toronto (just over a year after having fled from the ideaCity event after warning the audience of the first trumpet and the soon-to-manifest second trumpet).  Ron spent the last part of his June 26 sermon prophesying from the headlines, and the PDF of the sermon has links to various websites for the articles he referenced including mainstream news sources. Then he started quoting stories from sites like World Nut Daily, and wound up his sermon going overtime to read from an article entitled “Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment”  written by a Dr. James P. Wickstrom.  My antenna went up when I noticed the article was linked from

"Dr." James WickstromIn the article, Dr. Wickstrom refers to unnamed experts who claim the oil in the BP well is under immense pressure, creating a sandblasting effect on the well head plumbing.  On his blog, Wickstrom highlights Richard Hoagland’s (yet another nut featured often on woo-woo talk radio) claim that the oil will erupt and create a tsunami devastating the Gulf states and possibly requiring that Ron evacuate his mansion on the golf course in northern Kentucky.

Wickstrom’s name sounded familiar to me, and I did a bit of Googling.  Sure enough, I found that, as I remembered, Wickstrom is a far-right extremist and Christian Identity minister.  His doctorate is in literature and without seeing his diploma I would expect that it is either self-awarded or printed off by a diploma mill. On a more personal note, Wickstrom had some influence on a cousin who later joined a cult which ended horribly.  But then Herbert Armstrong also had some influence on my cousin.

At this point, most of us are cautiously optimistic that BP’s current attempt at capping off the oil flow will be successful.  When it comes to the Spokesman Witness, I’m confident that he will grasp more and more straws from any quarter to keep his false prophecies alive for his followers.

Weinland’s Books Like Fleece

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area yesterday.  Ron’s elders continue to have health woes, with Tina who is the Associate Elder and wife of Senior Elder Jim Jamieson still battling the effects of her liver problems.  And Associate Elder Willy Doemeland, formerly of Colorado but now living in southeastern Indiana near his spiritual idol, is also in the hospital.

Ron continued his sermon series which eventually is to lead to a carrot.  He went down memory lane, mentioning 2005 several times.  In 2005, he had a heart attack, taught new truth about the origin of Christ, and announced himself as one of the Two Witnesses.  That was also the year in which he moved to his mansion on the golf course.  Also, April 15th of 2005 is when the statute of limitations began to countdown for any tax evasion he may have done in tax year 2004, which is the first tax year for which the IRS initiated a criminal tax investigation.

During 2007 he figured out that Readers Digest ads would not work the way they did for his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong, and that Google Ads were the way to go.  According to yesterday’s sermon, the feast in 2008 was shorter so that money could be spent on promoting his message.  Actually, there wasn’t to be an organized feast in 2008 because we were to be greatly suffering the Great Tribulation.  Speaking of organized feasts, there will be a feast site in Florida, and the hotel in Nashville has only king-sized rooms available for reservation, and since the church’s discounted block of rooms is exhausted the rooms are market price.

Ron revisited his “running down the hill” theme which is a distortion of the story of Gideon’s army of 300, which happens to have been the approximate size of PKG in the years leading up to 2008.  Ron likened his books to Gideon’s fleece which Gideon used to test whether the voice in his head really was God.  But Ron has never tested the voice in his head, which gave him the material for his second book when he sat down to write.  The only fleecy thing about “2008: God’s Final Witness” is what it does to the gullible who believe the already failed prophecies in it.  Ron described himself increasing in boldness throughout the interviews he had promoting his books beginning in 2004.  His boldness increased all the way up to last year, topping off when he spoke at ideaCity, after which he boldly fled after taking exception to the material of another presenter.

Perhaps the sermon series will eventually get to his promised carrot.  In the meantime, he threw out another one.  Many unnamed long-time members are eligible to be ordained, but the time is not yet right.  I guess that means there will be plenty of time to ordain them and train them before the Great Tribulation starts.  But it will have to start soon, as there are now less than 98 weeks before Christ doesn’t return on the eve of Pentecost, 2012.

I Get Email

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Today I heard back from Alvin.  Seems he visited this blog again and took exception to my last posting.  Alvin wrote:

There isn’t much of a problem with my grammar.When I am in a hurry I don’t focus on my grammar.Yes I do have someone who is editing a book that I am writing and they are helping me with my grammar;thank you.

They (your editors) certainly have their job cut out for them.  Looks like you’re in a hurry all of the time.

Give you a Prophecy here is one for you.Luke 11:29.How about Mark:11:27-33.Here is another word for you Matthew23:31-34.It is people like you that I will face and will probably do to me as Jesus talked about in these passages.

I looked up these verses, the first two don’t read as prophecies.  Now the last one sort of does read as one, but I have never killed or crucified anyone.  And my fun at your expense on my blog hardly counts as flogging in a synagogue.

I know nothing about you or Ronald Weinland.I was doing a background check on him and came across a site where he was called a False Prophet.Do I have a prophecy;yes I do several.Five hundred pages many with prophecies in my journals.Have he shown me destruction coming to the Great U.S.A. yes he has.Will I share anything with you ;no I will not.

Oh, darn.  I guess I’ll just have to wait like everyone else to see what happens.  I’m wondering, why would a prophet choose to do a background check on another prophet?  Checking out the competition, huh?

You just keep on doing what you are doing.

Thank you for your permission.  I shall.

And by the way it was the Holy Spirit that led me to the site where you posted my e-mail and talked about my grammar and asked for a Prophecy.

Oh it wasn’t the holy spirit.  It was a Yahoo search for “ronald weinland false prophet”.

Here is one just for you.I live in a small town and I gave the people here a prophecy.In several messages they were told to REPENT or else.A town of 1450 people and in the last 5 years that I have been here there is an average of 15 deaths a year this year already.Excuse my grammar,but to be honest God isn’t concerned about it.

Now that one I can agree with — God is not concerned with your grammar.  As far as your prophecy, let’s see: about 1% of the people in your small town die every year.  Doing the math, at that rate everyone alive there will be dead in 100 years.  Imagine that!!! Doing a bit of research, the death rate in the U. S. is 8.2 deaths per thousand which is about the same death rate in the much smaller sample size of your small town.

Any other prophecies you can point to, specific and documented, that came to pass?  Or are you going to pronounce a death curse on me?  Like the one Ronald Weinland pronounced on me for a speedy death a year and a half ago?  And here’s a prophecy back for you.  Matthew 24:11.  On second thought, I’m not too sure it applies to you.  Tell me, does anyone actually believe you?

Satan Is Not a Happy Camper

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Warrenton, Missouri this weekend.  Warrenton is between St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri and is where his elder Dee lives.  Despite Dee being the probable hostess for the out-of-towners, the local elders with male plumbing (Shawn and Sam) got to give the prayers and Sam did a better job than during the last visit.

Ron announced that his elder (and wife of senior elder Jim Jamieson) Tina has experienced liver failure.  I lost a co-worker to liver failure after a transplant was rejected, and like Tina was also in his 50’s.  Hopefully Tina’s situation will resolve better.

This was part 2 of his “More Time” sermon series.  It promises to be a long series, with Ron still dangling a carrot as yet undelivered.  Probably yet another straw wrested from Stong’s Concordance and the calendar.  During yesterday’s sermon, Ron revisited his timeline (the current one, his second revised) starting with Christmas of 2007, Feast of Trumpets of 2008 being 280 days later, etc, etc.  He also reviewed the lead-up to the timelines beginning with the opening of the 6th seal on 9/11 and writing his two books, including his heart attack suffered in August of 2005 while pulling weeds from a ditch at his mansion on the golf course. Also one of his Mediterranean cruises back in 2003.  He did not revisit how it was that he can to be a prophet beginning in 1997.

During the sermon yesterday I was preached at twice, receiving this email:

Do you believe there will be two end-time prophets that God will raise up in these last days.It speaks of them in the book of Malachi 4:5.It is said that one will be Elijah and the other Melchizedek.As I begin to read about the so called Prophet Ronald Weinland on your blog I decided to send you this e-mail.I don’t know who  they will be but I do know that I am an end-time Apostle/Prophet of Christ sent by God.I think you want to meet me and hear what I have to say .In the first 15 pages of Ronald Weinland book 2008 there is one thing that I know is true.There is a Prophet that have and record events that will take place and visions given to him by God.Mighty things God have shown him.He is being taught at this time and being prepared to go forth and speak God’s word .The end is near and so is Jesus Christ return.

Well, Alvin, if you are a “Prophet of Christ sent by God”, how about some proof?  Give us a prophecy, specific and useful.  How about some winning lottery numbers?  In the meantime, you should learn some grammar or gather some acolytes who will edit your writings for you, as Larry Spivey does for Ron.