The End of Time and More of It

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke in Toronto Saturday before an audience assembled from Calgary in the west to Nova Scotia in the east.  But none of the Canadian elders got a chance to shine as neither of evangelists Johnny Harrell and Terry Wrozek have left PKG but instead were in attendance to give the prayers.

Yesterday was the last day of the first “Time” under his revised second timeline, with a “time” being 280 days instead of 260 and the start of “Time, Times, and half-a-Time” being the day after the Feast of Trumpets last year.  Ron interrupted his series on tithing to address to revisit prophecy.

At one point, Ron rambled off on a rant about taxes, and then said “I’m not sure why I went off on that tangent.  But yes, I do”.  And we do too.  It seems that Cesar doesn’t believe that the Spokesman Witness has followed his own teachings by rendering all that he owed to Cesar.

Ron stated that the thunders are increasing, but that we’re numb to it.  Hmmm.  I thought that the reason for the thunders increasing was to get our attention so we’d repent.  And he said that all the thunders have increased, except for the fourth one, the economy, which has morphed into the first trumpet.  Again, hmmm.  I haven’t heard that even a single one of the five competing CoG meisters whom he prophesied would die early on to prove him as a true prophet of God have cooperated with that.  And as Thielogical Bob has pointed out, his websites have dropped dramatically in the Alexa ratings the main reason for which is that Ronnie has stopped spending money on Google advertising.  Ron claimed that the intensity and frequency of floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes is increasing.  He cited a few examples of events but hasn’t provided hard statistics.  How about it, Ron?  It’s been awhile since you’ve written anything on your blog — give us a new post with some hard statistics, comparing the intensity and frequency of earthquakes or whatever for recent periods to prior periods.  I double dare you, you Insane Lying False Prophet.

Ron’s sermon title was “More Time”, but he promises that he’s not revising the end date.  Some carrots were dangled on the topic of Time for next week and the Feast of Tabernacles.  I’m preparing to be not-dazzled.


  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Copying the comments which were left to this post in the midst of the database problems:

    Aggie posted several Comments:

    “Ron claimed that the intensity and frequency of floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes is increasing”

    Are they ‘increasing’ any more than they were ‘increasing’ in 2008, during Weinland’s first (and now failed failed FAILED) timeline? Because the dittoheads on the forums were saying every quake, flood, and tsunami, was ‘proof’ then…..Yet here we are, two years later….

    Aggie again:
    ….audience assembled from Calgary in the west to Nova Scotia in the east….

    Yikes! If they’re not poor from tithing, they’ll be poor from the commute to/from services! I’m also surprised none of them have been picked off by the CSIS crazy-watchers in the G20 security forces yet….They’ve allegedly got plain-clothes officers in the crowd, keeping their ear to the ground for potential insanity….

    (Hmmm, counting Leonard McGlynn, “Observer”, and the “one woman from Ontario” who allegedly attended a feast with PKG in 2007, the Two Witlesses and their groupies, I’m thinking you could probably make pretty good bank on the fact that there were probably no more than ten or twelve people in attendance, yesterday.)

    Aggie again:
    Oh, I forgot to add to my count, the people who commuted to Toronto from Detroit for services in the past (one of whom was an ex-member who passed along this info to me in 2008); this was actually for a DoUB weekend, IIRC. So, even if you add one or two from Detroit and, potentially, Buffalo, I still can’t see there having been more than fifteen, unless the groupie entourage was larger than just the evangelists and their wives….

    Jack said:
    Ron rambled off on a rant about taxes
    Yes we are paying too much tax and we have to send our children off to war. Karzai is not in love with us. Babblings about Babylon. Yet still no prophecy of what and when from the prophet with a direct line to his god.

    Ron has either a bad connection or his phone to his god was disconnected long ago; he just pretends to be talking to someone who is not there. He can’t even get a dial tone.

    Steve says: June 28, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    We have only been keeping records for what i don’t know how many years…maybe 100? Either way clearly even if quakes were increasing…this might be nothing compared to a few years or whatever “before” we had the technology to record such events plus the fact that there are more reports of quakes because there are more people.

    Whisper says: June 28, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    Well Ron can’t do the “prophecy” thing as he keeps a-guessing wrong (no wonder, what are the odds?). So he gets board and makes up more titles for himself and again gets board (once you have them all it’s no fun being all the kings). Ron needs a huge catastraphy to happen for his star to arise again but it would be just dumb luck and a sheer horror for those effected… if only we could reverse that around so its a sheer horror for him and just dumb luck for us…

    Go figure?

  • Atrocious says:

    Every week he just makes it worse and worse for himself. It makes me sick how he keeps trying to make it sound like everything is going “as prophesied” when he’s just making excuses for his own idiocy. What a piece of work. The Devil’s advocate. Greed is his name and fleecing the sheep is his game.

  • JB says:

    He keeps digging a hole deeper and deeper to fill it with all his nonsense and yet his poor little flock travel hundreds of miles to a city filled with traffic jams, extra security and inflated hotel rooms. What a con game he plays with no concern for his flock!!!!!

  • Atrocious says:

    He never did have concern for his flock…except that they be sure to send him all their money. His flock driving hundreds of miles to “hear him/see him speak” just stokes his ego and makes him feel special. Aaaauuuugh.

  • Baywolfe says:

    Well, Krakatoa went off in 1883, the Great San Francisco Earthquake was in 1906, and, oh yes, Mount Vesuvius originally erupted and destroyed Pompeii in the year 90 A.D. Those were some very bad natural disasters that didn’t herald a durn thing.

    As for floods, as more and more people move to the coasts, it’s pretty logical to expect more and more flooding. Let’s remember that New Orleans was not flooded by the storm surge of Hurricane Katrina, but by the levees failing that held back Lake Pontchartrain. A man-made lake to support the growing population of the greater NO area.

    With two million people now living in the immediate vicinity of Mount Vesuvius and another few million or so around both Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens, it’s not hard to picture another disaster of biblical proportions in the future. Will they be the signs of an imminent physical return of Christ to earth? Ummm, no.

  • Steve says:

    If the national guard end up evacuating 20-40 million on the gulf coast, Ron will be on a high sayin all kinds of ballony about how its proof of jesus comin back soon etc lol…it is quite a big event….moving 40 mil…but as i have said and others have said…occasionally big things do happen and christians/religous folk in the western world tend to think that any time anythin even remotely bad happens here, it MUST be the end times etc because we have had life all peaches and roses for so long and not used to having calamities as much as others because we are all so rich etc and can thus usually handle it anyway if an event does strike…but if we take a trip to the third world…they should be the ones thinkin its the end of the worldand have the highest number of cults….its all a western dellusion this fundamentalist or cog pkg hocus pocus…if the third world held the same viewpoint like pampered westerners, they would think its the end of the world every day and it is technically speaking… just struggling to find a meal but oh no…the end of the world is ONLY when western nations are in trouble…lol…i thought all men were equally valuable to God?…so why does it only matter when westerners are suffering?…it doesnt in my opinion…it matters when anyone is suffering…whatever country, race etc.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    About a year ago, I overheard a non-Weinlander musing that she wished the economic situation was much worse because that would mean that Christ’s return would be imminent. I just shook my head. Some people are begging to be deluded.

  • Karen Mustard says:

    I’ve often thought that the people who lived through the Holocaust might think it was the tribulation. And the people in Darfur wouldn’t be impressed with RW’s great tribulation….. It’s just AMAZING what people focus on and only consider their own perspective….

  • Kirrily Xpkg says:

    As you guys say, there have always been times of trouble, wars, disasters etc. I remember Ronnie bagging other “Prophets” for saying
    things in retrospect was fullfillment of thei
    prophecy. Helllllooooo Ronnie!!!

    The very thing which was to prove he was of God was things
    happening EXACTLY as he said – not even close you poor excuse for a human being.

  • Aggie says:

    “I’ve often thought that the people who lived through the Holocaust might think it was the tribulation.”

    Or the fall of the Second Temple, which is actually what the book of “Revelation” is about, in the first place….That “Great Tribulation” is about three thousand years past it’s best-by date!

  • Debbie says:

    Mike –

    Thanx for all your efforts in keeping this site going – This source of truth is a good balance for any new “fish” that Ronnie might snag – especially if they ‘google’ & want to do some research about the Insane Lying False Prophet – as Ronnie has described himself in several different ways. For any of you new folk, please ‘look before you leap’ – Ask questions and do the research on the truth of the matter.

    From your article “but he promises that he’s not revising the end date” – Any of us here that have been following along since Spring 2008 know that Ronnie has made many promises which he has not kept – He is not a man of his word – as demonstrated with his ” If by Pentecost… ” statement for one example.

    My thoughts on his revision of the end date will highly depend upon the ‘nest egg’ he & Laura are building for themselves – Since he has a way with numbers ( ha, ha! ) his calculations of how much $$ he can accumulate until May of 2012 may be enough for now – however, I can’t help but wonder if he has included the costs of inflation into his formulation. If not, there may be a requirement to extend the date @ that time.

    Wow, ‘Calgary in the west to Nova Scotia in the east’ – that gathering must have boosted Ronnie’s ego that folks would travel that far to see him – He would have needed that to offset the depressive thoughts he would have had in reflection of his ‘failed attempts’ @ Idea City this time last year. As far as the number of Canadian sheeple attending – perhaps no more than a baker’s dozen.

    Just wondering – Do you have any update on the IRS investigation of Ronnie?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Eventually Ron will have to adjust his timeline (unless he pretends that Christ returned and it’s spiritual). But I expect to see a continuation of his minor adjustment, delays, and redefinitions.

    As far as the IRS criminal investigation, we won’t know how or whether it’s progressing unless and until there’s a court filing. The IRS is prohibited from publishing the investigation. In fact, if they decide to drop it there will be no public statement by them unless Ronnie requests it. If they did decide to drop it, would Ronnie do that? After all he hasn’t mentioned it directly in sermons — just oblique references to Satan being stirred up and that sort of thing. But he probably would want to hod it up as his so far undemonstrated Witness powers.

  • Baywolfe says:

    No, Ron won’t go with a spiritual return of Christ. Why should he? There’s been fringe groups for centuries that keep updating their timelines (or finally quit making them like the Mormon’s finally did). His group wants to be Kings and Priests, and rule the earth. That’s not going to happen with a spiritual return.

  • JB says:

    Ron is going to have to do some fast thinking and back pedaling fairly soon. Right now his main focus is hanging on to his poor mindless little flock as long as possible. He certainly hasn’t done anything that would bring in those thousands of new members and neither has God. Everything about Ron is false and it amazes me that anyone still follows him.

  • Whisper says:

    Imagine for a moment you are dead. You’ve gone on to the great beyond and God, creater of all this was, all that is, and all that will ever be, sits you down to a talk about your past life to enlighten you for your future in his presnce in the after life. You tell him you lead a “End of the World Church”, you told everyone you could that you where “Gods End Time Witness”, that you further -to help the flock- told them that God made you a Apostle, you claimed the Title “End Time Elijah” as it seemed good to be such and help the flock, you wrote 2+ books all about the coming “End of the World” where you state that God has given you all this wisdom and insight. You tell God that you took in Tithes from your inspired learning of the Old Testimate, you pleaded with your flock to break jars and send in all monies as it is the “End of the World” and you used said proceeds to further your view -in Gods name of course- of the end and to buy houses, cars and jewelry.

    God looks on at you with a constant blank stair and states rather decisevely then “I never told you anything of the sort”.

    Now we can decieve ourselves here and now, as all human beings can. But imagine being in a place and with a “GOD” where you could not decieve yourself. You could not fall back on a cushion of delusions and self lies. You had no mental playground to run away to. You only had the reality of what your GOD says to you and nothing else. But, as a special gift, you where given the ability to grieve and lament.

    Hell is word man invented to give mental substance to his darker imaginations. Now apply that word to the above scenario…

    Go figure?

  • Atrocious says:

    Paraphrased: “People will say, Lord, Lord; and the Lord will say ‘I never knew you'”

    Yes, the above scenario will happen someday, and he will face the “Lord” and will have to answer to Him for his actions. I hope he comes to his senses before that day comes. I doubt it, though.

  • Steve says:

    JB says “Everything about Ron is false and it amazes me that anyone still follows him.”

    Indeed JB…but as you perhaps know, ….it is unfortunately in peoples nature to “need” a saviour or some kind of idol…its psychological in the sense that we are weak creatures mentally and physically no matter how much we might deny it…we are very fragile beings and thus the need to “gain our strength” through a medium and the proof is everywhere- not just with religion but from as simple things as people looking upto and constantly praising football players or basketball players or presidents, movie stars etc when they are just people themselves and have all the same weaknesses…almost everyone has an idol of one kind or another….our ego’s will likely tell us that what i have said is not true…but it is.

  • Aggie says:

    “…it is unfortunately in peoples nature to “need” a saviour or some kind of idol…”

    Or just some kind of concrete answers. The church can basically be summed up in, “Got a question? We’ve got a booklet for that!” (Yeah, if I see one more IPhone ad, I’m going to break something….) Sad, but true. And at the end of every booklet, there was one (or two or three) OTHER booklets mentioned, “free” booklets of course, that you could send away for.

    It was quite the ingenius little scam, but how it manages to work in this day and age, I will never know.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    iPhone ad? I don’t have any advertising on this site. Is somebody framing my site?

  • Karen Mustard says:

    The folks I know who follow RW say they cannot accept they followed anything false before…so when the church broke up RW could give reasonable answers to how it all happened and why it all happened and the other “leaders” had no answers so RW must be “God’s Leader” now. The followers of HWA and splinters believe God only works through ONE church…ONE leader at a time. I know, I know…there were many desciples, but they will say down through history God plucked one person to lead the true church….HWA. It doesn’t make sense to critical thinking people. But this is why my friends follow RW. They believe that even if they can’t quite put it all together or make it all make sense, they are trusting God to make the wild puzzle pieces fall into place at HIS chosen time. Till then, they will continue to follow RW and have faith that God is leading him. 🙁

  • Aggie says:

    Nah, I was referring to the IPhone ads, “We’ve got an app for that” being similar to the church’s “We’ve got a FREE (yeah, right) booklet for that” mentality….

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Ah, OK. You have to bring me up to speed because I don’t watch very much television. And when I do, I skip the ads.

  • Aggie says:

    “They believe that even if they can’t quite put it all together or make it all make sense, they are trusting God to make the wild puzzle pieces fall into place at HIS chosen time. Till then, they will continue to follow [redacted] and have faith that God is leading him.”

    Believe it or not, there is a significant cohort of members in the current Worldwide Church of God/Grace Communion International, who feel the same way; and their trinitarianism-spewing pastors just look the other way, as they continue to keep the Sabbath, keep the Holy Days with other splinter groups (UCG and LCG have most of the “traditional” Feast sites tied up, I understand), keep “God’s Health Laws”, and privately continue to believe in binitarianism, and the other teachings of “God’s Church”, and there’s not a thing the now-toothless evangelical “pastors” can do about it. So why do these long-term old-guard members of the church stay, in the mind-numbing midst of those “preach Jesus, Jesus, but do not preach His GOSPEL”, to paraphrase Herbie?

    Because they still believe, nearly three decades after Senior and Junior colluded to abscond with the church, and all of its funds, that “God will correct His True Church”. Yeah, and if you believe that, I’ve a lovely bridge to sell you. There was NO “correction”, nor is there going to be: ALL religion is man-made, there is NO “God”, gods, or otherwise, and even “The True Church” was false! Why people cannot see this, or refuse to see this, is still beyond me…the very act and consequences of the changes should have proven that, beyond all doubt.

    It certainly proved that, for me….

  • Aggie says:

    I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had the TV on in the last couple years; and I usually tune out the commercials too; but those IPhone “we’ve got an app for that” ads are absolutely inescapable, up here; I think they’re trying to saturate the market to pry us Canucks away from our home-grown Blackberry. (Don’t have one myself, and likely never will.) Good luck with that, I say, they don’t have a prayer.

    Although I will admit to being slightly intrigued by the IPad….Even with the tampon jokes, and the fact that it runs OSX (or whatever Apple’s default is these days). I’m probably better off buying an e-reader, but I want to wait till the format wars are over, before I make that commitment. And the IPad, like any new technology, won’t be problem-free until (at least) the second release, anyway.