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Thomas From Missouri

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Denver on Saturday.  He announced the ordinations of two new associate elders: Travis and Debra Luksich from New Mexico.  Maybe Ron will also learn to pronounce their last name correctly.  Also, a previously unannounced associate elder was being promoted to full elder and placed over the area of parts of several states in the area around western Kansas.  New elder Scott Cameron is also Ron’s brother-in-law, having married Ron’s youngest sibling Kristina.  Interesting that no ordination has been announced for Kristina, despite having her been baptized before her niece & senior elder Audra and like Audra having a career in finance.

Ron answered an email asking if oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the 2nd Trumpet.  His reply is that it is not since everything in the book will happen as stated (never mind that the demise of the US was to have happened by June of last year, and that the book states that the First Trumpet is the destruction of vegetation, not the destruction of money), but that the oil spill is a Thunder.  He did not state which Thunder it is.  It’s not #1 (war), #2 (earthquake), #3 (weather), #4 (economy), or #5 (death of ministers, celebrities, and epidemics).  Certainly not #6 (publicity of Ron) or #7 (revelation of Ron’s version of God).  Perhaps Ron will clarify this point next week?

Ron tried out his PA system, but had to turn it off because it echoed.  Ron does not normally speak to groups large enough to require sound amplification and such was the case in Denver.  Maybe he thinks it really will be required in the future for the hordes of people who will demand to hear him when his prophecies finally, finally materialize.

The sermon series about the crucifixion of Christ is finally ended.  Ron discussed how the Jews mocked Christ, even though he healed.  This almost in the same breath as discussing those who mock him and his nonsense.  Ron, have you healed anybody lately?  His will be a short work at the end just before May 23, 2012 when he is killed in the streets of Jerusalem.  I agree that it will be a short work, as zero is pretty short.

According to Ron, whether or not his prophecies have come to pass are not grounds for belief — he has to say this because I and others continue mocking despite the death curse he issued against us 71 weeks ago.  He has now diverted this to believing him because he has truth about the sabbath and holy days, which God just puts in your mind.  To which I respond (1) is it only God who can put something in your mind, and (2) there are hundreds of groups, Armstrongite and not who believe in the sabbath and other such stuff.  Why pick someone whose prophecies for certain events at certain times have failed miserably and consistently?  Be a doubting Thomas from Missouri, the show-me state.