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It’s Mathematically Possible

Monday, May 31st, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in the UK this weekend, having his stalwart elder Phillip Burman (former friend of Benjamin) give the opening prayer.  William Milne gave the closing prayer, Ron having learned to pronounce his name correctly instead of like “Mill-Knee”.

Ron is still experimenting with some kind of sound amplification.  Not that he needs it given the size of the groups before which he speaks.  He spent a minute at the beginning adjusting the volume to get rid of an echo.

Ron stated that the ten commandments were given to Moses on Pentecost.  I missed that one when forced to attend the Worldwide Church of God.  From a quick bit of googling, a number of non-Armstrongite religions believe that also, despite the lack of explicit statement of this in the Bible.

According to Ron, no one has Godly love who is not a member of PKG.  PKG members are to treasure fellowship, but not on Facebook.

He loathes murmuring, like people did against Herbert Armstrong who built an expensive auditorium just as the Great Tribulation did not begin in 1972 — an auditorium dedicated to the great God which is now in the hands of Traditional Christianity.

Although the thunders are increasing mightily (the rest of us just can’t see it), Ron continues to delay expectations for the onset of the Great Tribulation.  It’s mathematically possible that there will be a Feast of Tabernacles next year.  Back on Oct 10 during his Last Great Day sermon, the latest that Europe could arise is late August of next year.  He reiterated that in his sermon of Oct 24 (mp3 clip).  So PKG will be able to have an organized feast after the US is devastated to the point that the Germans have conquered us?  I suppose it’s possible — after all, here I am still alive and mocking 75 weeks after Ron cursed me with a speedy death.

What Did Ron Mean?

Friday, May 28th, 2010

In my last post I mentioned how Ron stated that several vials have been poured out.  Here is a transcription of his statement:

Think about Israel.  There’s a lot happened in that time.  By this time.   Several vials have been poured out already. Awesome.

From the context, he could have been speaking about the day of Pentecost.  Perhaps what Ron meant to say was:

There will be a lot that happens on the day of Pentecost 2012.  By this time on that day, several vials will have been poured out already.

If this is what he meant, then why is it that God’s most formidable prophet can’t speak clearly?

Weinland’s Fickle, Mixed-Up God

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Sunday was Pentecost, just two years on the Jewish calendar before the non-return of Jesus Christ.  Being a high holy day, there was a bonus sermon, in which a few interesting things were said.  I’ve provided clips of those statements in Flash players and with hyperlinks for iPods, iPads, and other machines that don’t do Flash.

Associate Elder and son-of-the-Spokesman-Witness Jeremy Weinland gave the opening prayer.  Is it my imagination, or is he developing a bit of a German accent?
God seems to be all over the place now.  First he says not to turn either to the left or to the right.
Then he says to stop, start, turn left, and turn right.
Ron loathes people who raise themselves up.
And he can’t understand why people would leave.
He offers a unique explanation for the purpose of the Swiss bank account.
And the absolute capper.  It seems that several vials have been poured out
The following is from page 133 of “2008 – God’s Final Witness”:

Seven Last Plagues The third and final woe that will follow the blast of the Seventh Trumpet is divided into seven specific events, which are called the Seven Last Plagues of God’s wrath. This wrath will be on those who still will refuse to submit to God. This wrath will crush the superpowers of Europe and China along with her allies:

Then I saw another sign in heaven that was massively great and amazing, with seven angels having the seven last plagues, for in them is filled up the wrath of God . . . Then one of the four creatures gave to the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, who lives for ever and ever. [Rev 15:1]

Now Ron didn’t say which vial numbers have been poured out.  But in any case, he’s got things all mixed up.  The vials aren’t to be poured out until Christ returns.  Has he already returned?  What happened to everything happening exactly as stated in his book?

Like Water Off a Duck’s Back

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

It seems that the second thunder (volcano in Iceland) has abated sufficiently to allow False Prophet Ronald Weinland to fly across the Atlantic to make his scheduled appearances in the Netherlands this weekend. Ron made no mention of the bonus un-numbered thunder (Gulf oil spill). Ron gave associate elder Edwin Van Horne and elder Gijs Van Lerberghe a chance to shine in the opening and closing prayers.  He also gave Ken Zitt in Cincinnati a reminder to turn off his cell phone.

Greg Chipps is still ungaoled and has set up a special website for PKG members to register for the feast site they’d like to attend. Between now and then, Ron will state a few more times that he doesn’t know whether they’ll have a feast this year before they have a feast this year. Evangelists Terry Wrozek and Johnny Harrell have their assignments: it’s Terry’s turn to go to Hawaii while Johnny goes to Europe.

Ralph Dowd is appointed as the 7th senior elder in PKG, the “traveling senior elder”. Ralph follows Ron about quite a bit and is in the Netherlands this weekend. Another individual who has been following Ron about quite a bit is Matt from Hawaii who is also in the Netherlands this weekend — maybe if Matt keeps it up he will be a senior elder too. Ralph actually has the longest tenure of Ron’s elders, having been ordained August 30, 1986 as a local church elder before the breakup of WCG. Ralph’s son Ed is the UCG minister in Wichita KS and as such is scheduled to die in the next two years before Christ’s return since he hasn’t repented and acknowledged Ron as the End-Time Witness and Elijah.

Ron took a good deal of the sermon to read from an email exchange he had with a Jew about the observance of Passover, seems that his correspondent has been published. Ron quoted himself from the email exchange describing his fantasy of what will happen in two years. (Brief audio clip, link for the flash-impaired browsers, otherwise just press the play button if you see one).

He had this to say about how to respond to those who criticize you: (Brief audio clip, link for the flash-impaired browsers).

For anyone who can’t see the irony in this statement, compare it to the audio clips from last week’s sermon.

Twisted and Distorted Minds

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Detroit this weekend.  Last weekend while in Hawaii, he expected to be in Cincinnati this weekend.  The itinerary change wasn’t announced until mid-week on his blog.  He gave two of his new associate elders a chance to shine during the prayers: Stan Watson Jr, and Parker Wrozek (Terry’s 24-year-old son).

During the announcements, Ron discussed planning for the Feast of Tabernacles this fall.  Speedy Sam is running slow, having failed to establish a feast site in the Lake of the Ozarks.  The large facility near the Lake of the Ozarks that WCG setup in the late ’60’s is not available and PKG would be lost inside that huge building anyway.  That is unless the vast hordes of people Ron has prophesied materialize by then requiring that Missouri elders Shawn Christal, Sam Qualls, and his daughter Dee Wobbe work overtime baptizing them.

PKG will be assembling for all 7 days of the Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day this year.  Ron also raised the possibility for a Feast in 2011 because the great tribulation could be compressed into 6 months.  That delays things even further, as last October Ron said that the 5th trumpet could blow as late as August of next year.  The 200-million strong Asiatic horde could prepare invisibly for a year, a month, and a day for the big showdown just before Christ returns on May 26, 2012.  The US still has to be in captivity for at least 5 months — but I expect that in January of 2012 Ron will have us be in spiritual captivity.

I prophesy that, should Ron still be able and not in custody, there will be an organized COG-PKG Feast of Tabernacles in 2012.  And there’s a good chance there will be one even if Ron is out of the picture for whatever reason.

Ron recorded a “bonus” sermon during his appearance in Hawaii last weekend and posted it on the church website Friday night.  He must have been browsing my website just before services, because he had a few things to say about his mockers.  I’m including a few short audio clips. In this first clip, he claims that most of us on the websites have a past with PKG, and some have been disfellowshipped by him for sins such as adultery. (Note: hyperlinks are for users of iPods and iPads that can’t access Flash.

Here he accuses us of demonism:(mp3)

And here he throws out the “get a life” bit:(mp3)

With this clip I know he’s been reading my blog, as he referred to our criticism of his title acquisitions and the “what’s next? Jesus Christ” quips:(mp3)

Ron is twisting and distorting, probably to immunize curious members from what’s posted here.  None of the active bloggers maintaining websites including myself have ever been members of Ron’s church.  And only a few of the people who comment here are ex-members, and their departure had nothing to do with adultery — they disfellowshipped Ron for being a false prophet.  The only ones who have marital difficulties are those whose marriages broke up because their spouses are PKG members.   So Ron, you insane liar, what the heck are you smoking?

The Swiss Bank of Weinland

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

In January of 2003, Ronald Weinland traveled to Zurich, Switzerland to open bank accounts investing in euros and Swiss francs. (Hyperlinks for iPod and iPad users who can’t access Flash)

Jan 4, 2003 (mp3)… That’s why we’re going, as I mentioned last sabbath, that’s why I’m going to Switzerland next week, two weeks.  To put monies in the church over there, into Swiss francs and into euros, to give us time.  There’s going to be a period of time where we’re going to be able to continue function.  I’m going to tell more when we come to the sermon about Two Witnesses about why we’re going to do some of that even more so.

Weinland Swiss Bank

Swiss Bank of Zürcher Weinland

Could this be a picture of the bank he chose? This bank is located in Rheinau, about 10 miles north of Zurich’s airport. Why would he chose this bank housed in a rather plain building? Raiffeisenbank Weinland is located in Zürcher Weinland — I’ll let you ponder that for a bit.

May 24, 2003 (mp3) There are times when I – I marvel.  I marvel at how fast the euro has grown.  I marvel at about what economists are saying it’s going to do this year We put a tidy sum over in Europe for a purpose and for a reason because of what’s coming, to continue on in the church.  To continue to support or to give.  Whatever God leads us to give at that time.  And we’re going to put more over there now.  Because the chief economists in this country are saying right now that we’re just beginning this process of seeing the Euro grow in strength and power.  Do you know where it is to this day?  We’ve already made around 25, 30 thousand dollars in a few month’s time, just by putting that money over there.  Astounding. Astounding.  We should’ve put a lot more in.  (Chuckles) But that’s what it’s all about.  Not just helping us to  prepare for things in the future that ought to shock you that this dollar is going down the tubes

The previous statement is from his sermon delivered in Portland, Oregon before a live audience of fewer than two dozen people (some of whom traveled great distances to see their spiritual idol). Weinland never put a copy off this sermon on his web site and did not send out cassette tapes as he normally did. If Weinland invested $290,000 in euros at $1.06/euro in January of 2003, then in May of 2003 at $1.17/euro that investment would be worth $25,000 more. Or if he invested $300,000 at $0.72/Swiss franc in January then in May at $0.78/Swiss franc that investment would be worth $25,000 more. So it seems that no matter how he allocated the funds between euros and Swiss francs, he put around a third of a million dollars in the Swiss accounts and certainly more than the $200,000 he mentioned on Dec 28, 2002. As a reminder, it is not illegal to have a Swiss bank account. What is illegal is failing to report to the US government your foreign accounts over which you have signature authority by June 30 of the year following, should the balance of all your foreign accounts exceed $10,000 at any time during the year. Which is obviously the case regarding Weinland’s accounts, but it is not known whether he filed his FBAR forms as required to report his accounts. Each of us will have to assess for ourselves how likely it is that he did comply with the requirement.

Oct 21, 2008 (mp3): We have some monies in Europe that are set aside.  I’m just going to be real blunt with everybody.  Because there are those who find fault with us, in the world.  And even with our government.  OK.  That we are doing things in a certain way and we always have because everything we do is about God’s church.  OK.  So much so that we have tried to diversify various things.  We put money in Europe a long time ago, several years ago.  In Switzerland.  And we intend to use it.  Or in Switzerland or somewhere.  God’s Two Witnesses.  We started putting money there before I knew that’s what it  was all about, and what was going to take place.

Weinland has claimed a membership of 300 for several years prior to 2008. If we estimate his revenue from each member at $2000 per year considering tithes and offerings, that works out to a total of $600,000 per year. Church operations would not use much of this, considering that only a few locations meet regularly in rented facilities. The costs to operate a website and provide Internet streaming audio and mail out cassette tapes are minimal. The rental of a facility for the Feast of Tabernacles could be costly but would be reduced according to the number of people who rent rooms in the hotel. I find it quite plausible that he could accumulate such a fund. I also understand that there was a special fundraiser to initially fund these accounts.  I wonder if he had someone as a second signature on the accounts, maybe Laura?  Or Audra, COG-PKG bookkeeper?  Or maybe even Jeremy, who now lives in Germany. But you have to wonder: Why would the end-time Two Witnesses with special witness powers need a Swiss bank account?

Two Years and Three Weeks

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland delivered a pre-recorded sermon for the Internet today, as he is in Hawaii and 2:30 PM in the Eastern time zone is 8:30 AM in Hawaii.

It seems that there is dissension within PKG, between members and against members of the ministry.  Although Ron saw comradery in Connecticut among the members there, it was less so in Denver which requires that people travel long distances to fill the small conference rooms where Ron meets.

Ron will be in Europe in a couple of weeks for Pentecost.  That is unless the 2nd thunder in the form of the Icelandic volcano or the non-thunder of IRS Criminal Investigation stops him.

Ron pointed out that the return of Christ is two years and two weeks from now.  Actually it’s more like two years and three weeks. Which is about the same length of time since the first time the first trumpet blew on April 17, 2008.  So this is about the half-way point in that sense.  Amazing that I’ve lasted this long despite two death curses against me from the end-time witness.

Urgent in Ron’s Mind

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

A sermon file of interest came to my attention recently. In particular, an excerpt of it which I’ve transcribed below. You can also click on the player to listen while you read and double check the accuracy of my transcription.(Hyperlink for iPod and iPad users who can’t access Flash).

False Prophet Ronald Weinland speaking in his sermon titled “Planning Ahead” on Dec 28, 2002:

Also as a matter of keeping the church informed, I wanted to share something else with you.  Some of you I just mentioned beforehand here about Jeremy having an opportunity of going over to Austria this year. He’s going to meet up with some who came over from the feast from Holland and Belgium. And they had invited him to come over. Well, we just happened to take a look at some of the flights over and got a real good deal for him to fly over there. And so he’s going to go skiing.

The reason I’m mentioning that is because — backing up here, about a year ago when Laura and I went over to Belgium and to England, we also took a side trip which I haven’t mentioned to the church, I don’t believe I’ve mentioned to the church anyway, but we took a side trip to Switzerland. And one of the things, primary things motivating some of that was the opportunity to go to a bank there and talk to a banker for some time. We picked out a particular bank. Talked to them about the possibility of transferring funds over to Switzerland.

Because of considering some of the things that are going to come to pass and knowing what’s going to happen to the United States, and being convicted of those things, I started looking at some of that. It’s not just as simple as opening up a bank account like you live here in the United States. It’s much more complicated.  They gave me a book to read, basically. And I’ve gone through a few things there, discussed it with the elders. And they gave some different suggestions which I was very thankful for.  And that’s why we come together like that because as a council of elders for the purpose of counseling and listening to what they have to say and considering those different things, and looking to God’s spirit to lead, guide and direct us.

But anyway, Laura and I were going back again this year.  We’ve already scheduled to go back for Pentecost again this year to the same places. And we were going to go on down there to probably open up an account. But since Jeremy was going over in January, it became a little more urgent in my mind that we need to get this done quickly.  So we’re going to go on over there — I’m going to go over there. Laura’s not coming, but I’m going to fly over there to Zurich, straight to Zurich, and talk with a bank there. Possibly the same one that was in Geneva that I talked to, but it will be different people obviously but may be the same banking system. But talked with some in Geneva about opening up an account there in Zurich, and then flying back over and meeting up with Jeremy and flying back with him.

But I wanted to share that with the church, asking you to be praying about it.  Because we’re talking about maybe putting quite a bit of funds over there. We have quite a bit to work with, and haven’t known what to do with it. But it may be for a purpose of what’s coming.  We don’t know what’s coming, and in may be for a purpose of helping to sustain some things in the church. And it may be for a purpose of continuing doing some of the things we’re doing, being able to travel. An so we’re even going to try to get a credit card out of that, that allows us to go anywhere in the world and use those funds. Terry Wrozek had mentioned the possibility of something like that. So we’re going to check into that to be able to use those funds.

I wanted to share with you something else, because I don’t want to hold anything back. It’s going to be in my name, as well. It’s not going to be in the church’s name. So if someone hears about something like that, I didn’t want someone think “What are you going to do, take off to Europe? Whatever, these 200,000 or whatever over there?” No. We don’t want the church’s name involved. It’s going to be a personal account because Europe when it comes to religious groups and so forth, they’re not real keen on some of those things. So when we do transfer the monies we’re trying to think of different ways to put it in there.

We’ll probably put a lot of it into euros, some in Swiss francs. Nothing in US dollars. And that’s not to scare the church that people ought to be doing the same thing. Because it’s going to come down to this is just strictly, I believe deeply whether it would be for us or someone else that’s going to be able to use that money later on. And we have to plan ahead and think accordingly and I believe that’s what God is leading us and guiding us and helping us to think about and consider.

But this doesn’t mean it’s panic time for people in the church to wonder what to do with funds and so forth. The reality is that when things happen you’re going to have to rely on God, period, first and foremost in your lives, in your families, in your homes, and where ever you are. Because it’s not going to be a pretty picture on this earth. And it will be a total reliance , as we heard last sabbath, on God to bring us through these things. And that is a reality, it’s just a reality of life.

Of particular interest is that cassette tapes of this sermon were not sent out, as was Ron’s practice back in that time frame. The sermon tape of the prior week delivered by Paul Worth was sent out, and so was the tape of the following week’s sermon. The audio quality of this recording is consistent with one made at the other end of the teleconferencing hookup that Ron used.

As a reminder, it’s not illegal to have a Swiss bank account.  It is legal to have foreign bank accounts, but if the sum of your balance exceeds $10,000 (as did Ron’s accounts), you are required to file an annual FBAR report.  What are the odds that Ron did that?  The penalties for failing to file the FBAR can be quite severe. The penalties possible include:

  • a civil penalty of 50% of the account balance, or $100,000 (whichever is greater)
  • a fine of $250,000 and a 5-year prison sentence

Did I get this recording from a disgruntled ex-PKG member? No, not at all. Actually, I downloaded it myself directly from the PKG website. This recording was put up on the website in the last few months.

I’m wondering why Ron had Jeremy put this recording up. My speculation is that IRS Criminal Investigation is getting closer to a prosecution recommendation (or maybe it’s already happened), and that Ron is throwing himself under the bus to protect Laura. The important part is his statement that Laura did not go with him to open his Swiss bank accounts. I’m skeptical that such a legal strategy would work. Obviously Laura knew that Ron was doing this from this statement that was public within the environs of PKG back then. And I expect that Laura signed the annual 1040 tax returns since then, Schedule B of which requires one to list foreign interest sources.  We also have Ron’s statement that Team Member Laura handled their finances.  So much for the “innocent spouse”, so I doubt that releasing this recording would protect Laura legally.

I’m interested in your reactions, and your ideas as why Ron had this previously undistributed sermon posted now for the entire world and IRS Criminal Investigation to download.