Greg Gets Gideoned

In my previous post, Gaoled Geek Greg, I discussed how one of Weinland’s elders has spent some time in jail for not making court-ordered domestic support payments.  More details on Greg’s situation have come to light from a recent court opinion.

divorce_decreeThe following excerpts are taken from the opinion rendered by the Michigan Court of Appeals in response to an appeal filed by Greg which contested various elements of his divorce decree. In the opinion written by the court, Greg is referred to as the defendant and his ex-wife is the plaintiff.

The parties married in June 2001 and had two children: [Child 1], born in November 2004, and [Child 2], born in November 2005. {Child 2 was born the same month that Ron kind-of-sort-of announced that he was one of the Two Witnesses before clearly announcing it the following month.}

In our case, the parties married on June 9, 2001, and defendant was earning approximately $121,000 working a full-time position and a contract position. At the time of the marriage, defendant was a member of the Church of God, and after the marriage plaintiff became a member as well. Toward the end of this turbulent marriage, in approximately February 2008, defendant [Greg] quit both of his jobs and took a position with the Church of God PKG, earning $36,000 per year. In this position, defendant traveled around the world proselytizing the church’s views. Indeed, it was a result of defendant’s choice to become employed by the Church of God PKG, as well as some of the effects emanating from the views held by members of that church, that led plaintiff to refile for divorce in March 2008. By the time the judgment of divorce was entered in April 2009, defendant had been working at the Church of God PKG for more than a year.

There was a previous divorce filing in August 2005 which was dropped early in 2006, shortly after Child 2 was born. Perhaps Greg’s ex-wife was distracted by the birth of her second child and the litigation, and the true impact of Ron’s announcements in November and December of 2005 of being a Witness didn’t sink in right away.  Some of Greg’s peculiar religious views were described in the opinion:

Plaintiff testified that defendant was reluctant to allow [Child 1] to attend preschool, expressing fear that “something would happen, and there would be like a lock down, where you wouldn’t be able to go and retrieve your children from school.” {Perhaps Greg feared that a lock down would be imposed when the 2nd Trumpet “nukular” bombs exploded in US port cities.}  Plaintiff also testified that defendant told the children that “[Christmas] is a lie” and “mommy put those presents under the tree.” Plaintiff testified that defendant would not let the children view carved pumpkins at Halloween and explained in front of the children why certain holiday traditions are “bad” and “evil.” Plaintiff testified that, regarding her new boyfriend, the children “say Phil doesn’t follow God; Phil’s bad; daddy doesn’t like him.”

Although we’re hearing this through Greg’s ex-wife in an adversarial situation, these statements are completely consistent with Rotten Ronnie’s goofy theology.  The opinion went on to discuss monetary issues.

The parties had $74,000 in a 401(k) account, $14,000 of which was defendant’s premarital property. Defendant “cashed out” the account, and, in doing so, subjected it to a 10% penalty. The court stated that defendant would be responsible for the penalty.

It’s my understanding that court-ordered property settlements from retirement savings can be handled by transferring the funds to the spouse’s retirement plan without the transfer being a taxable event.  I wonder if Greg’s 401(k) withdrawal was actually part of his “pitcher breaking” in response to Ron’s Total Resolve sermon.

Here are some statements concerning the court-ordered support payments:

In considering spousal support, the trial court found that plaintiff earned $40,000 a year working part-time and that “she should be able to return to full-time employment within two years.” It found that defendant has an income of $113,000…..   The court awarded $159 a month in spousal support for two years…   The court also based its child-support award on an income of $113,000 a year.

In looking over the child support formulas in Michigan, and assuming an income net after taxes of $70,000/year for Greg if he had not foolishly quit his job, and about $30,000/year of after-tax income for his ex-wife, then if I’m reading the tables correctly Greg would be required to pay 2/3 of total child support of around $2100/month, so around $1400/month would be the court ordered child support payments from Greg.  In addition to which Greg was ordered to pay $159/month in temporary spousal support for 2 years.  I could be in error in interpreting the tables, so you are welcome to study the formulas and supply any corrections to my estimates.  I suspect that if I’m in error in calculating the support payment, it’s on the low side.

Court-ordered payments of over $1500/month would be pretty tough to make out of $3000/month salary after paying taxes and first tithe and second tithe as well.  And would still be tough even if Ron has liberalized tithing requirements for employed elders and only taxes are taken out.  Living on that salary would be rather frugal even if Greg did not have his other unmet obligations.  The majority of the appeals court did not agree with Greg that his support payments should be based on the low salary that Ron pays him but instead on the salary he had demonstrated himself capable of earning.  The minority opinion gave the notion that support payments should be based on Greg’s current Ron-decided lower salary only moral support, not legal.  The court expects that a parent will make sacrifices for his/her children, even if that sacrifice includes keeping a higher paying job.

So Greg broke a pretty expensive pitcher when he quit his job to work for the Spokesman of the Two Witnesses.  Not only did he give up a well-paying job and his 401(k) savings, he gave up his family including children whose names also begin with “G”.

In listening to one of Ron’s sermon statements from 2007, it seems that Greg is one of the architects of Ron’s 15 minutes of fame on the Internet.  Previously, Ron had focused on old school promotion methods such as advertising in Readers Digest just like his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong.  Greg persuaded him to try Google Ads starting in 2007 and the rest is history.

As far as Greg’s PKG salary, it seems to be a bit low even by Ron’s standards.   Daughter/senior elder/bookkeeper/personal assistant Audra owns her own home, on which property taxes are assessed based on a value of $140,000, which is likely about what she paid for it back in 2007 just before the first sealing of the 144,000.  I doubt that anyone could qualify for a mortgage of that amount with an income of only $36,000.  So there seems to be a benefit to being a member of the family through whom God is working — powerfully, powerfully so.  How is it that 24-year-old Jeremy is able to afford to travel to southeast Asia?  Does a starting graphic design career pay that well, even as talented as he seems to this lay person?

Who would have imagined that now over two years since the first opening of the seventh seal and over 15 months after we weren’t able to inaugurate a president to replace George W, that the court system would still be in business to handle divorce matters?  And who’da thunk-it that this blog would still be continuing 70 weeks after the End-Time Elijah and Spokesman Witness pronounced a speedy death curse on its author?

A personal note to Greg who may be among the PKG members and elders who read my blog:  Wake up and smell the Flavor Aid, man!!! You’ve allowed your spiritual idolatry to destroy your personal life, don’t let your commitment to this demonstrated false prophet continue to damage your obligation to and relationship with your children.  Your relationship with your children’s mother is obviously damaged beyond all repair.  But your relationship with your children should be cherished, not further abused by polluting it with the pathological views of a demonstrated exploiting false prophet.  Stop the madness!!!  I didn’t give your full name so that a potential employer Googling your name would not end up on this post.  End the madness, salvage what you can, fix it now!!!

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  • Whisper says:

    I know if one where to ask Greg he would state that his actions of abandoning his wife and not caring for his children was in direct relation to his doing what God wanted him to do.
    It boggles the mind how a father can alienate his wife and do so much more less for his children in return for following a man.
    To actually decide, to make a decision to do such, flush ones high paying job down the toilet, throw away ones 401K, abandon ones high obligation to ones family to follow the mad ravings of an insane lier is simply beyond me.

    But he did it, probably with pride too. More than likely signed over that 401K to Ron and abaondoned his family. And what does Greg have to show for it? Working to increase Rons fold (which has not worked) and not having a single fortold thunder or trumpet happen, not a one.
    What a sad tale.

  • jack635 says:

    Indeed, absolutely nothing Ron has prophesied has come to pass.

    Not one single thing he wrote about has happpened. The only power he has manifested is the power to take his sheep’s assets.

    Absolutely nothing has happened.

    He continues this con because it is still paying off. The money may stop in May 2012, but there are going to be those who will keep giving him money.

  • JB says:

    Great work on this Mike. How very sad that someone would give up everything to follow the lies of one man. I was very pleased to see that the PKG beliefs were mentioned in the court case. It is so easy to see the damage that this little cult with it’s lieing leader can cause. My famiy member is very intelligent and believes everything that Ron says, it is extremely difficult to understand so say nothing about tolerate. I have no idea how many more lies, made up titles and twists to the scriptures he will listen to before the lights go on. It has been well over two years and he hasn’t come close to finding the light switch yet.

  • G.D says:

    Yet another family with young children destroyed by Rons Greed

  • Matt says:

    How much harder it must be to give up when you have already sacrificed so much. I wonder if that is one of the reasons why so many cults disrupt their followers social and family lives – it makes sure they have no alternative network to fall back on, and also makes the follower a bit like a gambler who is starting to lose badly – you only have to fully realize just how much you have lost when you leave the blackjack table, since right up to the point you can still hope for a big win.

    Really tragic.

  • Baywolfe says:

    Matt, at least most (professional) gamblers know that the game is fair and that they will have to suffer large ups and downs in their cash stack.

    Imagine a gambler believing this: Somehow, they could just lose, and lose, and lose but at the end, five minutes after they walk outside, the Casino blows up and they aren’t liable for any of their losses. Then, on top of that, they are elected to be the Chairman of one or more brand new huge Mega-Casinos.

    We would lock up anybody who thinks that is going to happen…

  • Dill Weed says:

    The biggest and most difficult pill to swallow is still to come… when Ron has to pull the plug on Christ’s return….

    I’m already starting to formulate the last post on my blog a deserved farewell to the last shred of Ron’s credibility.

    Dill Weed

  • Kirrily xpkg says:

    I agree Matt – those reasons are a strong hold, and Baywolf, it’s amazing what lies you keep telling yourself so you continue to stay.

    Even when I left, knowing Ron was false, I was still very scared I was doing the wrong thing.

    The funny thing is, when you are in something like PKG, you think everyone else is blind – it’s not until you leave that you realise it was you that was blind.

    I’ve been gone for over a year, and I am still learning to see again!!!

    BTW, some colleagues of mine reckon the stock market is about to fall massively again – in the next few weeks. Many have exited their long positions in iminent anticipation.

    I’m only putting this in here because if it happens, I may have found a real prophet to help you profit, lol.

    If it does happen, just another reason for pkg members to continue to stay.

    I’ve wondered why God doesn’t shut him down, kill him, plague him with the curses that He promises to dish out. Never happens, not with ANY false prophet.

    It’s like God is dead. He made this beautiful place for us to live, but now we are here and completely alone. None of the stuff the bible promises (ie. False prophets curses, etc) ever happen.

  • jack635 says:

    End the madness, salvage what you can, fix it now!!!

    Ron has ruined this man’s life. It can be salvaged. Anyone who was making 113,000 dollars a year can get a good job again. The children are the most important. Every child deserves unconditional love.

    Ron deserves what he is going to get. This man’s plight is just one example of why.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Weinland lost his last shred of credibility when he was not true to his word and opened his mouth on June 8, 2008 to preach in violation of the promise he made in his “If By Pentecost … ” declaration. The rest of it is fascination that so many people continued to follow the Insane Liar through another two years of twisting and distorting of his own words with no signs of giving up.

  • Debbie says:

    Thank you, Mike – with this post you have shown this real-life example of the wreckage of Ron’s cult – hopefully those who hover here and attempt to defend Ron will have their eyes opened to the character of man Ron really is.

    This example also shows some of the thinking of Ron’s follower’s – i.e. – Greg cashed in the 401K worth $74000 for Ron’s church – On so many levels Greg displays his lack of love for his wife & family with this action – no regard for his wife was a co-contributor or his own responsibility as a husband and father. Also shows Ron’s thinking and actions, that he would allow one of his employees to go to jail, just to keep the scam going.

    When I think about the possible scenario of the core group of even 150 or so all cashing in their savings and re-mortgaging their homes and giving that money to Ron, Laura and Audra, etc to enhance their standards of living – it is absolutely criminal what they are doing.

    Jeremy went across the globe to get some distance – could it be he has a conscience?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    In a sermon awhile back, Ron was talking about how Jeremy loved to travel and that he and Patricia had traveled to Malaysia/Indonesia/Borneo. Wonder how that trip was financed. My guess is that Jeremy gets paid more than $36,000/year to manage Ron’s websites, which Greg could do just as easily from Michigan even though the websites are hosted in Switzerland.

  • Debbie says:

    Sounds ‘like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ – Yes, I had wondered why Ron needed Greg to ‘work’ for the PKG re: computer stuff when Jeremy was supposedly doing much the same type of job. I had wondered if Greg would be taking over for Jeremy after his move to Europe.

    As I recall when Greg started with Ron back in early spring of 2008 – it was at the time when Ron first started ordaining elders to be in place – ‘to baptize the many who would be called’ type of thing – I think perhaps Greg set up the laptops etc that each elder was given at that time. If Jeremy is managing the websites, what would Greg be getting paid for – I didn’t think elders got paid.

  • randy says:

    a man who leaves his family can not be much of a man in god’s eye’s either

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    My understanding is that most elders are unpaid and are supposed to be working and tithing, yes tithing. The only persons indicated as full time by Ron or other sources are: Greg, Steve Dalrymple, Wayne Matthews, Audra Weinland Little. Jeremy’s employment is a matter of some speculation for me, and I don’t know that Wayne or Steve are necessarily getting paid.

  • Baywolfe says:

    “Kirrily xpkg says:
    I agree Matt – those reasons are a strong hold, and Baywolf, it’s amazing what lies you keep telling yourself so you continue to stay.”

    Stay??? You got the wrong guy. I haven’t set foot in a church of any kind since 1995!

    Go back and re-read what I wrote.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Baywolfe, I believe when Kirrily said “you”, she was speaking of herself in the second person.

  • Kirrily xpkg says:

    Yeah Mikes right, sorry, shouldve made it clearer. What ‘I’ and others told ourselves to stay.

  • Karen Mustard says:

    Sad to here about any divorce but I’m glad the wife is out of Ron’s Religion!

  • Aggie says:

    “Although we’re hearing this through Greg’s ex-wife in an adversarial situation, these statements are completely consistent with Rotten Ronnie’s goofy theology.”

    Sounds like a typical divorce case from 1980s WCG, too. Almost word-for-word, in fact.