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The Cock Crew

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Windsor CT today, making up for the trip he canceled in February instead of using his Witness Powers to shut up the heavens and stop the blizzard.   He continued his Passover series with part 7 and promises to inflict even more parts.  He went through the story of Peter’s denial of Christ several times and several times did the cock crew.

Ron mentioned planning for the Feast of Tabernacles this fall, which will be the third organized Feast after the very last organized Feast in 2007, but which this time is for the full 8 days of the Feast and the Last Great Day and not just 4 days.  He will use many of the same feast sites but a few will change. According to Ron, the feast site in the UK will move to Scotland.  Scotland is where his senior elder there, William G Milne lives. (BTW Ron, Scotland is part of the UK.)  Ron expects to have feast plans finalized by Pentecost.  Audra and the rest of you elders, better get busy.

The Spokesman Witness is mellowing out with his mockers.  Today he didn’t remind us of the death curse nor did he mock us.  It seems that now God will give us another chance, since we just don’t understand that Ron is really a prophet of God despite the fact that every single one of his prophecies have failed. Unlike the last two sermons, he did not mention May 27, 2012 but did mention the 5th Trumpet and how Germany will soon come to ascendency in Europe preparatory to taking over the US as well.   He took some time to stereotype Jews, at least he didn’t talk about the size of their noses.

Redfox at the Living Armstrongism blog had a post a few days ago about a chapter in Dave Pack’s Autobiography which mentions Weinland, calling him a false prophet.  Pot.  Kettle.  Black.  Pack has like Ron appointed himself as an Apostle but unlike Ron will not claim to be one of the Two Witnesses.  Those roles are reserved for two members of his church whom he will appoint and supervise.