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Ron Gets Upgraded

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke in Phoenix yesterday.  He started out with a mention of the travails of traveling, returning on Thursday morning to Los Angeles at a time prior to that leaving Sydney.  Ron, maybe if you got on airplanes and circled the globe traveling east you could go back in time before you started prophesying and fix a few things.  Ron was upgraded at his Phoenix area hotel to the presidential suite after complaining about the hot room while trying to recoup from a long sleepless flight.

Laura had her nails done, perhaps not to detract from the diamond rings to be use to bribe their way through borders if traveling when the Great Tribulation finally, finally arrives.

Ralph Dowd was in attendance which is not unusual, and Ron mentioned another who follows him around from area to area.

He spent most of the sermon in Matthew 25.  The message being to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ, which is when?  Take care of the earth, and don’t litter.  He seemingly had trouble remembering his prophesied date of May 27, 2012, when 144,000 spirit beings are to be added to the God family (Elohim).  He mocked those who think they’ll go to heaven and gaze on God for all eternity.  But then I haven’t heard him describe what the eventual billions will do after the 100-year period and the Great White Throne judgment.

One riff he didn’t repeat was the mocking of his mockers he’s been putting out for the past few sermons.  Nevertheless, 68 weeks after the last time he issued his death curse against me to die speedily. I’m still at it.

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