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799 Days

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Wayne Matthews

Wayne Matthews

Where in the world is False Prophet Ronald Weinland?  He’s a no-show this weekend, with Deputy Sheriff Wayne Matthews filling in for the sermon.  Has Ron been scooped up by the IRS yet?   Probably not, I expect we’ll have to wait awhile longer for that.  I think it more likely that Ron is lolling about a Hawaiian beach on the way to Australia and New Zealand for the feast of matzo bread starting in just over a week.

Wayne’s sermon seems to have been recorded at his home, which must be on a busy street near an intersection as heavy vehicles can be heard in the background with their motors laboring under acceleration.  I wonder if Wayne makes wife and Senior Elder Christine cower in the bathroom as Ron has required Laura to do in the past when he gave sermons from a hotel room.

Wayne’s sermon was less intense than some he’s given in the past.  There wasn’t a rant about how PKG is the only true church and that Ron and Laura are indeed the Two Witnesses.  I hope that’s an indication that Wayne’s starting to wean himself from Ron’s Flavor Aid. I wonder if Wayne has found employment to replace that which he gave up when he broke his pitcher two years ago.

Wayne went on about the “stones of the temple” which is a prophetic metaphor for those who are “the 144,000” who were re-sealed on the Feast of Trumpet of 2008 and will be converted to god beings at sundown preceding May 27, 2012 when Christ returns (mid-day on the 26th for those in US timezones) which is about 799 days from now according to Wayne’s count.  Others who don’t understand “God’s” plan haven’t been called and “stumble by design”.  Wayne cautioned the brethren to not lift themselves up against those who’ve not been called yet.  Like Ron has done against me and others.  Have I committed the unpardonable sin, despite being set up by Ron’s God to fail?  Is Ron’s death sentence against me fully justified, or do I still have a chance that I won’t die as a result of the speedy death curse against me issued by God’s End-Time Spokesman Witness and Fulfillment of the Elijah-to-Come some 65 weeks ago?  Inquiring minds want to know.