Vile Spirits

The Weinland Witness blog was started by Citizen X a couple of years ago shortly after the first time the first trumpet blew.  About a year ago, Citizen X declared Weinland to be a false prophet when there were no “nukular” explosions within 90 days after the second time the first trumpet blew.

A couple of months ago “Aaron Robinson” started contributing to that blog, and has continued Citizen X’s “rabid Weinland haters” type of rhetoric against people who mock False Prophet Ronald Weinland as do I.

I’m responding to some comments that Aaron made on his blog, so the rest of this is addressed to him:

Aaron, I noticed that you’ve returned to your blog, and I have some questions about some comments you made in the last couple of days.  I’d post my response to your blog, except that Citizen X would delete them.  You said:

  • This is one thing that I don’t like about the true Weinland haters …, when they denounce anything and everything that Mr. Weinland says or does,
  • Which brings me to another point, because they are so very Hell-bent on tearing on down Mr. Weinland at any and all costs,

Who are “they“, exactly?  Come on, name names.   If you say that “they” (meaning I) denounce everything that Weinland says or does, be prepared to defend that.

And the statement that “they” (meaning I) am so very Hell-bent on tearing down Weinland at any and all costs.  What exactly does that mean?  That I have no boundaries?  If that were true, then it would be amazing that I haven’t taken my 9 mm pistol and at all costs tested Weinland’s Witness Protection Powers, because I obviously know where he lives.

And regarding my alleged destructive tendencies, you said:

  • They have a spirit of trying to destroy somebody because they don’t agree with them, even if they are affecting people’s lives.
  • … vile spirit that seek to destroy people just because they don’t agree with them

Whom have I sought to destroy just for not agreeing with me?  You obviously don’t agree with me.  Have I sought to destroy you?  Be specific.  Whom exactly have I tried to destroy?  Whose lives am I affecting, and please, no more garbage about my abusing Greg’s children.  It’s Greg who is abusing his children by not supporting them.

When it comes to my blogging about Weinland’s elders, I have demonstrated restraint in posting about them.  Being elders, they are prime examples of Weinland’s effects on his followers.  And as elders should be held to the higher standards mentioned in 1Timothy 3.  FYI, I’m working on yet another elder story I plan to post soon.

And then this statement from you:

I’m glad that most of you on here {on your blog post} don’t share this same vile spirit that seek to destroy people just because they don’t agree with them or because they think that they are liars, because if they really believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible, then there is no excuse to be mean, angry, vile, hostile, scoffing, mocking, ridiculing in any manner towars any other human-being upon this planet Earth, because that goes so very much against what Jesus Christ taught about loving.

Let’s view that statement in light of statements that Weinland has made:

On April 19, 2008 (at 9 minutes into the sermon MP3 on the PKG website), Weinland spouted off:

For those who want to mock, I do forewarn you, you’re going to cease, or you will die. You see, I have a unique job and you just don’t understand what that job is.  So you just don’t understand, you don’t know  the power of God, and what he has given to me to do.  I have a job and God has molded and fashioned me and prepared me with the boldness and the strength and the confidence to do this job.

And my first exercise in use of power that God has granted me in Revelation 11 is to you – you mockers.  To you who mock and ridicule God and his prophets. Truly.  It begins with you, first and foremost. You will be the first to experience some of the things that begin to take place. You don’t have to wait long. For those who mock, again,  from this day forward, by what you say against God’s people, by what you say against the truths of God, by what you say against God’s prophets. You will suffer from sickness that will eat you from the inside out, and you will die. Your death will not be quick.

And on Dec 20, 2008 (at 1 hour 19 minutes into the sermon MP3 on the PKG website), Weinland recursed:

Just like I mentioned back in April, in a sermon.  I had a couple people write, make comment, to let me know that they’re in good health.– but they’re still mocking.  I shake my head a little bit., and I think  – you don’t know what you’re saying.  You don’t know what you’re messing with. So I’m going to say the same thing I said back then, except stronger now, that those individuals who do those kinds of things

Those are the ones who God is going to begin working with early on, the mockers, the scorners, those who hate God.  They’re the ones who are going to lose out on what God is offering.  But not only that, as an example of certain things, because God is going to bring an end to this age, and because of the job he’s going to do even through me, that I certainly call upon those individuals to begin having those very problems I mentioned earlier on.  To die from within.   And not slowly now – speedily.  And there’s only one hope that you have, and that is repentance, and to place yourself at the mercy seat of God.  You know when things begin to happen to people, and things they go through — that’s what all must do.  When different things come on this earth.  You know if people will go before God and ask for God’s mercy, that is your hope.  It doesn’t mean that God’s going to answer you.  It depends on your spirit and your attitude.  And I’m speaking to people who are not a part of the church, but people who like to listen from time to time, and like to mock and make fun.  Well your time is up now.

And God will reveal things to you in a harsh way, because of your spirit and because of your attitude.  And far greater things than these are going to begin happening.  But again, it is beginning.   …. But unlike April, the job has now begun.

So you’re ready to accuse me and other critics of Weinland of being vile.  But not a mention of Weinland who actually attempted to kill me — if he really believes he is a Witness, then he sought to kill me.  Rather vile of him.  And rather hypocritical of you to ignore it.

You criticize my criticism of Weinland’s elders.  Yet you don’t criticize Weinland’s death attempt against elders of competing CoGs.  Being a fan of Weinland, you are well acquainted with the first phase of the Fifth Thunder, right?  Where’s the love there?  And since it’s over 3 years since the publication of his book, where’s the fulfillment of what he self-described as something that would prove him as a prophet?

Let’s review the definition for “vile”: “morally debased, depraved, or despicable”.  Clearly describes Weinland’s death curse on me and his mockers.  Clearly describes Weinland’s Total Resolve Cruise when he’d asked his followers to turn over their live savings.  You spout off about how we should love others, how about turning that rhetoric on Weinland?

“Vile” does not describe what Weinland’s mockers and critics have done.  None have made threats toward Weinland’s health and safety.  While I’ve published pictures of Weinland’s house so people can see how he lives, I’ve not published his address so that people could know where he lives.

So Aaron, here’s your chance to explain yourself and your hypocrisy.  I don’t arbitrarily delete comments just because I don’t agree with their content as does Citizen X.  But please stay on topic, don’t dump your entire pail of lame arguments about every aspect of Weinland.  And be brief — I know it will be difficult for you, but please try.  How about starting out with a discussion of Ron’s demonstration of love toward his enemies.

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  • Steve says:

    Considering his name is supposedly “Aaron”, he seems to have a good “perspective” of how Ron is “theoretically” feeling or how Ron should be treated…he even writes a heck of alot which is very similar to what Ron would probably write (or IS writing) just like his dragging sermons about nothingness. There are more similarities but i can’t be bothered to get into it cuz it seems responding to Aaron seems to be a waste of time as the last 2 posts i saw on this blog seem to be almost identical in drivel speak and since he doesnt seem to reply to posts.

    Maybe its a twister.. Aaron…read the last name of Aaron….RON lol. I dunno for sure…but AaRON certainly seems to take an stance to constantly defend Rons ego/reputation…makes me very suspicious.

    Interesting second name also ROBinson….so it is tellin us right there that aaRON ROBinSon = RON ROBS…i was bored and so i thought id put this up for food for thought hehe 🙂
    It would be funny if it was Ron because if he made up this name Aaron Robinson then its kinda like his “subconcious intensions/personality” coming forth in the name he chose which i have translated above 🙂

    Lil bit of entertainment for ya’ll…have a nice day

  • matt says:

    Is having abysmal writing skills a prerequisite for being a Weinlandist cultie? “they have a spirit of trying to destroy”? This is not very promising for the new installments of the bible we were promised.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Or a prerequisite for being Weinland. Ron has to send what he writes to one of his members, a Larry Spivey in Georgia, to have it edited for him.

  • Steve says:

    On another note that just came to me…why is Aaron and other followers of Ron so into “preachin” to others tryin to sway us toward the deception?….cuz i remember way back that Ron told us to not preach/proselytise (maybe wrong spelling) cuz it doesnt mattter if people join his cult or not as they will be given another chance later (if they havent been baptised)…Ron said that “tryin to convert” is for mainstream christianity, not “us”, not the “true church” etc etc…so im wonderin why.

  • xHWA says:

    I completely disagree with what these people are saying about you, Mike.
    I’ve known you for some years now, and I think I can safely say that those things said about you are not accurate.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    Steve – I remember Ron saying that to us as well. I think people like to ‘preach’ at us poor dumb blind folk out of pure pride, out of wanting, and eventually proving (so they think) that they are right.

    I had to admit that to myself when I left. I couldn’t wait for the nukes to go off so AAAALLLLLLL the people I told would know I was RIGHT (in believing Ron). But, at the time I thought I couldn’t wait for the nukes to go off so they too could FINALLY see the TRUTHS that I could see (as God was showing me).

    As I have said before, it wasn’t until I LEFT PKG that I realised what my mindset had become : Prideful, Hateful. Shames me to say it now, but I couldn’t wait for these mockers to die a speedy/slow death and anyone that bagged Ronnie in front of me just made me insanely angry.

    If there is one fruit that PKG should be known for, if you had to put just one label on it, it would be PRIDE.

    Seems to be the fruit of Aaron too.

  • Steve says:

    I think you could be on to somethin there Kirrily with the pride situation. It would explain the situation quite well. Remember that the reason it affected you so much is most likely because you were one of the few sincere ones…there aint many sincere/dedicated (true) people in any religion i don’t think…only about 5% take it full on and the rest are kinda lukewarm.
    Stay strong 🙂

  • Aggie says:

    “…please, no more garbage about my abusing Greg’s children.”

    The cognitive dissonance goes to 11, doesn’t it?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Thanks for the good words, xHWA.

    I left a very short message on The Weinland Witness inviting Aaron to respond over here, since any attempt on my part to respond on his blog would be deleted. Sure enough, my comment is not there this morning. Maybe Citizen X deleted it. So I sent Aaron an email, we’ll see whether he shows up here.

  • Whisper says:

    So if I can understand our good man Aaron then a prophet can “assume” in a prophecy from God, a prophet can also speak directly from God without any “assumption” but can not speak “presumptuously”.
    If a prophet “assumes” then the next revelation from God will clear up the “assumption” but new assumptions may be made by the prophet upon the new revelation in turn creating new problems. This logic path continues on until, until that is, God finally gives the prophet a set script of words to speak and only those words so that no “assumptions” can be made. But a lot of confussion and harm takes place until then (if it ever happens).
    On the other hand if God simply gives the prophet the direct words from God, without the assumptions, then we could sidestep this whole nasty issue and get the “truth” flat out.
    So then, how do you know a false prophet? Well he must speak “presumptuously”, i.e. to “presume” to speak of God without actually getting his information from God.
    Ok, well the bible, if memory serves, states that if the acts that the prophet speaks of do “not come true” then he is speaking presumptuously and should not be feared.
    That seems pretty straight forward, if it does not happen then the speaker is a false prophet.
    But Aaron would argue that there are now other issues not written directly in the bible that are relevant, such as “assuming” which is OK by Aaron for a prophet of God to do and in effect understant the message from God WRONG and relay on that WRONG message. This is OK because it’s OK for a prophet to “assume”. So how, in this logic, do you nail down a false prophet? Is it impossible? The false prophet, when he speaks of events that do not happen and has spoken presumptuously then simply states that he “assumed” many things about Gods revelation to him and is therefore OK because Gods next revelation will clear up the “assumptions” made. There is no end to this logic, it allows a way out of any event that does not take place by simply stating “I asusmed”. Not to be to explicit but WTF?

    That’s circular logic and it just spins around and around… The bible seems to have a much better linear line logic that has a end, if the speakers words do not become real then the speaker is a false prophet and not to be feared. Flat, simple, straight forward.

    Takes your pick, logic that just allowes anyone to make any statement they want and get away with lieing because they then state that they “assumed” when the statement does not pan out – or follow the biblical verse and if reality does not follow your words then you are false.

    It’s a pretty easy choice I think?
    Why would Aaron want to invent so many exit doors for a prophet to use when his statements do not become reality?
    Because it would seem that Ron is not a prophet at all but Aaron would like to have faith in Ron all the same, ipso facto all the excuses and circular reasoning that allows Ron to still be a prophet in some peoples minds even though Ron can not seem to get one single prophecy perfectly right and un-contravertable.

    It’s as I have known for a long time, human desires and wants will beat out good and proper every time. People can mentally bend logic to fit thier needs because the WANT reality to be as they say instead of what God says.

    Go figure?

  • RK says:

    A while back, I posted a comment on Citizen X’s blogspot, under the name RKPDRMR, in the spirit of what Citizen X said the blog was all about, which was, to have a rational discussion on whether Ron Weinland was a true prophet or a false one, and to help people who were undecided.

    All I said for people to do, was to look at the description of the Two Witnesses given in the book of Revelation, and the powers that will be given to them, and the things that they will be able to do, and as time goes on, to keep comparing that description to Ron and Laura Weinland, and see how Ron and Laura measure up to that description, and in a short while, people will know whether Ron and Laura are the Two Witnesses.

    That’s all I said.

    No vitriol, no hate speech, just a simple comment on how to tell if Ron and Laura were the real deal or not.

    And Citizen X deleted my comment, while other comments, some of them pages long, talking about things like whether the Bible is true or not, were allowed to remain.

    That told me all I needed to know. So much for that.

    The thing that really screams out to me, though, is the fact that people like “Aaron Robinson” won’t openly challenge the indisputable facts that have been presented over and over by Mike DDTFA and Kirrily, and others, that show conclusively that RW is a phony.

    We all know why. Aaron Robinson can’t come on to that particular playing field of facts and make his challenge from there.

    And that tells it all.

  • Debbie says:

    I have had a similar experience with Cit X’s blog – reminds me of the many times I heard Ronald Weinland say “delete, delete, delete…”

    Mike, from my observations you have continually conducted this blog with an accurate and fair representation of the facts and I commend you for that.

    For me, reading Aaron’s various posts was tedious & time consuming – like wading through mud

    Aaron lives with his mother – as stated he waited until his mother was out of town to read Ronald’s 2 latest books – he is probably under the age of 18 – so that when he contacted Ronald Weinland around the ? Spring of 2009 ? – as in COG-PKG fashion, due to his age he is not a desirable candidate for tithing, baptism & membership

    Aaron has been listening to alot of Ronald Weinland – he writes in the same fashion as Ronald speaks – in circles – many words without coming to the point –

    Aaron writes that we are Weinland-haters – That is not correct – I don’t hate Ronald Weinland & I don’t have a spirit of murder with regard to Ronald Weinland –

    My opinion is that Ronald Weinland is mentally ill; verbalizes delusions of grandeur; displays verbally & emotionally abusive behaviours; lacks moral conscience and insight into his own behaviour; displays a poor sense of personal responsiblilty; etc – I also believe that despite the mental illness, he is very accomplished in taking other people’s money and living a very comfortable lifestyle as the result –

    Aaron incorrectly states that we “Weinland- haters” do not recognize the responsibility of choice the PKG members make in following Ronald –

    Finally, Aaron’s diatribe with regard to ‘presumptuous vs assumptuous’ – Obviously, neither Ronald nor Aaron knew that – “Assumption if the mother of all *%$#-ups” –

  • Debbie says:

    P.S. – And if Ronald, Aaron or anyone else think I am mocking – I am not mocking – I am just calling it as I see it

    Ronald Weinland is an Insane, Lying, False Prophet who cons people out of their money & ability to think for themselves

    There – I think that pretty much says it all for me 🙂

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Thanks Debbie.

    In amongst Aaron’s dribble I missed the part about him being 18 — lots and lots to sort through. I think Aaron shares some aspects with the other teen-aged Weinland wannabee follower we had on here before, Weinland Observer. They have all the wisdom of youth and aren’t reticent about sharing the benefits of it with you 😀 And are willing to invent any number of lame excuses to explain Ronnie’s misdeeds.

  • Aggie says:

    At least the young people are being turned away from the church, I’d like to think in no small part because of the stink all of us raised at PKG targeting kids via the Internet in 2007/2008. Regardless of the non-members playing (Literally!) “devil’s advocates” here and trying to “convert” us (who have already been converted, thanks, and thankfully are now DE-converted), I have one question, for the TRUE members of PKG reading this blog, and for other Church of God members reading this blog.

    In Church theology, the Roman Catholic Church is supposed to bring about a One World Religion, and the Pope is supposed to be the Beast Power. The Catholic Church will, as a run-up to “the end of the age” become all-powerful, seemingly invincible, and will demand that all other religious believers bow to them, and torturing/killing the unbelievers. This is a core tenet of CoG theology, and this is just the way it is, and is going to be. The Roman Catholic Church is going to gain absolute power, over the known Earth. It is absolutely crucial that this happens, in order for the CoG prophecy to be fulfilled.

    So. How’s that Beast Power looking now, you Church of God false prophets?

  • Aggie says:

    Whoops, the right link to the article is in my name — I linked to the comments section of the post by mistake. 😛

  • Matt says:

    Mike, stop agressively and destructively asking people to explain their side of the story. This is clearly your having a spirit of wanting to be causing the downfalling of profiteering liars for no reason whatsoever and at any cost.

    If anyone has any vile spirits they have no further use for, you can send them to me, and I will safely dispose of them. Preferably a nice single malt.

  • Debbie says:

    Mike – that is interesting that you compare Aaron with Weinland Observer from awhile back – I thought the very same thing, except Aaron is a much better speller.

  • jack635 says:

    I doubt you will get a response from Aaron. I have noticed that when a weinland follower is asked a direct question, or is asked to justify their beliefs, they respond in a vile manner, or respond with the standard “it’s all on the website”, or simply ignore the question, or disappear for a while. They will never offer up a scripture to counter a statement contrary to their beliefs. They put the words of Ronald Weinland above the words of Jesus, whom they are allegedly following.

  • Atrocious says:

    The blind lead the blind. Sheep for the slaughter. Pigs over a cliff. What can I say?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Sheep can go over a cliff too. But pigs over the cliff — hmmm — Ron with a legion of titles.

  • Aaron Robinson says:

    I first want to say that I don’t spend my daily life neither on Mike’s blogg nor even on my own blogg and so if I haven’t yet responded it’s because I haven’t really been reading the comments much, and has nothing to do with my general character. Also, Mike wasn’t carefull reading what Debbie said because she stated that Aaron is probably under the age of 18 since I read Mr. Weinland’s 2 books while she away from own on her vacation. I did this because it is much easier for me to to alot of reading like this when I’m alone and don’t have tons of distractions all over the place around me, and I do better when I read out-loud to myself. I am actually 29 years of age, and yes, I do live with my mother for right now,and I expect that a few of you might scoff at the fact that I’m living with my mother, but that’s fine. I do help-out my mother alot though, as I cook dinner for her mostly every evening, I was our dishes and do whatever work she needs help with, and there are very many sons out there that would refuse to do those things. I didn’t always live with her though, I mean, I have lived in New York City for 1.5 years and in Washington, D.C. for 1 year, and before this I lived with a roomy for like 6 months in the year 2001.

    I also would like for people to know that I do not control the approval of posts on Citizen X’s blogg, although he has indeed made me a Contributor for his blogg, but he still chooses what to approve. I did approve some of what was disapproved from before, just simply because I didn’t see it as being too very harsh and ridiculing so I just left it be. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly allowing any and all comments through no matter how vicious or full of scoffing s contained within them, but I will be a tad more lenient, but it’s not gonna be by like leaps and bounds or anything like that. I have actually created my very own brand-spankin’-new blogg and I will be able to moderate it as I see fit because sometimes I actually want to see certain comments posted, so.

    I will draw this current comment-posting on to a close because I want to separately respond to the other comment-postings regarding me myself, and I don’t want to send a really huge one onto here.

    Aaron Robinson

  • Aaron Robinson says:

    One of the first things I would like to say is that I don’t always avoid what is challenged of me. I actually wrote some responses but Mike deleted them, and I understand why he did and so thus I don’t fault Mike for doing so, but I did make the attempt. Also, I have written extensively on Citizen X’s blogg regarding my rebuttals to what the anti-Weinlanders say about various things. I would also like to say that I am not Ronald Weinland as some of you were suspicious of. I consider myself to be an incredibly analytical person and for most of my life it has hindered me because I was always going overboard in everything I ever talked about, not just in religion mind you. So when I write, I tend to write in detail what I’m feeling and thinking, and sometimes it can become rather lengthly. But please do not hold this against me by saying that it has anything to do with my character because it doesn’t. I even did e-mail the Church Of God – PKG regarding Mr. Weinland stating that he would declare himself a false prophet and that would stop preaching, but then before I even got a response written on back to me, I then listened to the June 21st,2008 sermon titled “Following God” and it helped me to understand why he said those things, and quite frankly, if I very strongly believed that I was God’s prophet, and I felt very sure that God was leading, guiding, and directing my life in what to do, then I would have stated what Mr. Weinland stated because I would have been just as confident regarding God leading me, and then if what I said didn’t come to pass within my original time-frame but then I was shown why it hadn’t, I would not just desire to quit my ministry just because I was confident and bold enough to say that I would quit if the timing didn’t occur as was stated. If I still felt that God was still guiding me and that I was God’s prophet, I would not just up and quit since I stated that I would, I would have to humble myself to admit that I didn’t fully understand the timing until Godgave me the revelation to understand the timing, and then I would push-on just as bold and as confident as I was before, so I could understand why Mr. Weinland would say what he said and then still be ministering to God’s Church, and I’m not saying this to defend Mr. Weinland, I’m saying this because this is how I really truly feel and I would have done the very same thing if I was in his shoes.

    By the way, it’s intriguing for me to see all of the different kinds of things that people on these bloggs say regarding God’s servants and God’s people because they are very very similar to the things that the mockers back during the times of the apostles and prophets. If you really truly believe that they were really truely apostles and prophets of God, then they were severely mocked, criticized, and shunned by every way imaginable. I mean, even Judas Iscariot, one of the original 12 Apostles, chose to find fault with God because he didn’t sell the oil ointment for alot of pence to then be given to the poor. I mean, this is very similar to people saying that Mr. Weinland would be doing alot of good to sell his house and give the money to the poor. I mean, if God’s purpose in travelling all over the World to the scattered Church assemblies is for him to have a certain manner of money and wealth in order to accmplish that, while God’s people still being fully faithfull by giving their tithes to God’s Church, then how is this any different than what the mockers were saying back during the times of the apostles and prophets and Jesus Christ ?

    Aaron Robinson

  • J says:

    “I then listened to the June 21st,2008 sermon titled “Following God” and it helped me to understand why he said those things”

    Please elaborate. What did he say in the sermon that justified a lie?

  • J says:

    ……Yeah, I thought so.