Speedy Sam

Aggie left a comment on another post

Back when I was running the WW, an anonymous source passed along the interesting hearsay that PKG elder Sam Q, while he was a deacon in my source’s WCG congregation, actually went to jail for some type of fraud, possibly to do with real estate. Sam allegedly told church members at the time that he had fallen in with a bad influence, and that he was blameless (but of course), …….

I have found some reliable corroboration for this hearsay. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Thursday, November 30, 1989:

St. Louis: A banker from Shelbina, Mo., pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges that he made false loan applications at Madison Bank in Madison , Mo. A federal indictment returned in August said Keith Mayes , who had been the bank ‘s chief operating officer, processed loans in 1984 for himself and Sam Qxxxxx, a business partner. U.S. District Judge George F. Gunn Jr. said he would sentence Mayes on Jan. 9.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Saturday, February 10, 1990


St. Louis: Samuel D. Qxxxxx of Madison, Mo., was sentenced Friday to six months in a halfway house for making false loan applications at Madison Bank, in Madison. Qxxxxx and a co-defendant, Keith Mayes, pleaded guilty in November. A federal indictment returned in August said Mayes, who had been the bank’s chief operating officer, processed false loans in 1984 for himself and Qxxxxx , a business partner. Qxxxxx was sentenced by U.S. District Judge George F. Gunn Jr. Mayes is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Further corroboration from typing Sam’s name into the search boxes at the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator

Name                             Register #   Age-Race-Sex  Release Date  Location

SAMUEL D Qxxxxx     21813-044   71-White-M     07-11-1990    RELEASED

SamQ The name (including middle initial) and age match that of a Sam Qxxxxx who lives in Columbia, MO (about 60 miles from Madison, MO) and who is also one of Weinland’s elders. I have redacted Sam’s last name so that someone Googling his name won’t end up on this post, but I expect that despite doing this and the sources I have that I will be accused of lying, twisting, and distorting.  Sam has an amiable grandfatherly presence as can be seen of this photo of him at the Last Feast organized by COG-PKG back in 2007.

A six-month sentence suggests this may have been a misdemeanor, which is also the case for a simple traffic violation.  But a false loan application is a bit different than going 5 MPH over the speed limit, which Sam also did and then some in 1984 when the national speed limit was 55 with a Missouri traffic ticket for exceeding 70 MPH, as reported by the Missouri court record web site. If the specific federal violation was of 18 USC 1014, Sam could have been sentenced to 30 years in prison and fined $1,000,000 which would make it a felony and Sam therefore a felon.  Despite Sam’s conviction for financial misdealings, there’s no indication that he has any involvement with PKG finances other than paying Ron his tithes and offerings and whatever pitcher-breaking he did before the first failed timeline.

So Sam joins Greg and Al as one of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s elders known to have or have had legal difficulties.  And Ron and Audra as well.  Any more? So much for the qualifications in COG-PKG for religious office given in 1 Timothy 3.



  • matt says:

    “he must not be a lover of money”

    Now we could argue that this rules out Ronald as a church leader. But in his defense, he may not actually love the money he swindles out his congregation.

    He just tells it he loves it to get it into bed.

  • Aggie says:

    Question: Was Sam 71 at the time of his release, or is he 71 now? Because that would make him 91 years old right now. Can’t tell if he looks 91 from the back of his head in the pic, though.

    Still. A 91-year-old church elder? They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel! Back in the day, men in a WCG congregation knew, if they weren’t ordained before they were into their 40s (even at the bottom of the pecking order), they were pretty much out of luck…..

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Sam is 71 now, so would have been 51 or 52 at the time of his release.

  • Steve says:

    ya know..a weird thing just happened…i tried to get to your site from my bookmarks and it came up with a yahoo search engine sayin your site does not exist and gave me a list of other sites associated with the weinland phenomenon…just thought id let ya know…the curse has begun!

  • jack635 says:

    those are the symptoms of adware.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Jack could be correct. I’ve checked, and Yahoo still indexes my website.

  • Steve says:

    I hope not!