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A Plague of Butts

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

hotelFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland is in Cincinnati this weekend. The formaldehyde fumes from the new carpet came close to shutting down the services, yesterday.  Which would have been relief from yet another boring sermon.  Ron went on one of his rants against those who throw paper towels on the floor in bathrooms, adding on those who throw cigarette butts on the street.  Perhaps he now regards being a litterer as worse than being a mocker.  When it came time for him to rant against his mockers, he just made a vague reference about lying websites which criticize his now demoted spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong.  Ron asks why are there websites critical of HWA 24 years after his death?  What I’d like to know is: why is that incestuous lying con man and false prophet is still revered 24 years after his death?

atriumThis weekend is the training session for all the new elders.  I thought it would be nice for all the PKG members who were not able to attend to be able to see the location for this conference.

This hotel has a nice atrium which can also be used as an area to serve meals, such as the buffet which the new elders participated in after the riff raff was chased out at 12:30.  I wonder which catering options (200KB PDF File)starting at $17+service charge + tax they chose.

More photos below the fold.  Thanks to the elder who let me know where they are meeting this weekend.