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Gaoled Geek Greg

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Information has reached me that Greg, an elder who went on Ron’s payroll early in 2008, has been put in jail for non-payment of child support.  Greg gave up a well paying job to manage Ron’s computer systems,  and it seems that didn’t set very well with Greg’s wife who doesn’t drink Ron’s Flavor Aid, hence the child support.  I wonder how difficult Greg’s job can be, particularly since Ron has cut way back on Google advertising.  My impression was that Jeremy was the one who from Germany manages the church websites hosted in Switzerland.

Ron talks big on family.  I wonder if he pays Greg enough to cover his living expenses including child support for his children.  Seems that he wasn’t paying Wayne Matthews that much besides all the Flavor Aid he could drink, as Wayne was looking for a job to replace that which he gave up just before the first great tribulation.  I wonder if Jeremy is on the church payroll, as he has enough money to be able to travel overseas for personal pleasure.

From other accounts, Greg is a well-mannered young man who deals with adversity with equanimity, adversity of the type that gets Ron hot under the collar.  But Greg appears to be caught between a False Prophet and a hard place.  With Greg out of the picture, who will train all the new elders on how to use the Elders Management Console program?  Who will set them up with church email addresses?  How will they be prepared to deal with the 100s and 1000s each will have to manage when the trumpets finally sound?  Or has Ron bailed him out of jail so he could take care of all the new elders this weekend?  Inquiring minds want to know.