Broken Pitchers

elder_houseAl, who is one of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s Cincinnati area elders, is undergoing a personal great tribulation.  He is currently being sued twice — one of the lawsuits is for a foreclosure against his business property.  His 18-year-old business owns a co-located vehicle body repair shop with a house usable as an office which is on the market for $269,900.  Hopefully he will be able to close a sale on it before the judge bangs his gavel and sends the sheriff to put him on the street.

During the fall of 2007, Weinland asked his members to show Total Resolve for his prophecies.  In his November 3, 2007 sermon, Weinland mentioned his own $381,000 house and stated:

And I think of all that equity in there, it’s not going to serve anybody any good whatsoever.  Serve the church in a very powerful way.  The more we can do as a group, those of us who are running down together, those of us who are part of the 144000.   If we have the means and the ability …  Don’t do it right now either.  Someone asked me this last week here, “If I withdraw a certain amount right now, I’m going to be penalized, by taxes and so forth.”  But see when January or February come around you’re not going to be penalized. (snorts) The following year you don’t have to worry about it too much, do you?

Al is old enough to have a WCG background and would thus being eligible in 2008 to be sealed (Feb 2) and resealed (Sept 30)  as part of the 144,000. Weinland often mentioned the example of Gideon and his army of 300 that sneaked up on the Midianite camp and defeated them, and described them as “running down the hill” (which they didn’t do, they crept quietly) and “breaking their pitchers” as a metaphor for what his members were to do, by cashing in their 401Ks and the equity in their homes.  Since the US was going to be down the tubes by 2009, not even being able to inaugurate a new president, the IRS wouldn’t be around to collect taxes.  Too bad for Weinland that the IRS is not cooperating with his prophecy even through they probably know all about it.

In his May 3, 2008 sermon, Weinland stated:

So if anyone who gave above and beyond – I just want to add this too, so you can examine your place and what you did.  Because I know how the human mind is, I know that some gave offerings that aren’t normal.  I hope that if there are some that are regretting that, having second doubts about that, I want to say something right now, real clear to you.  Ok .  I’ll return it.  Those of you who have given 10 thousand, 20 thousand, 50 thousand, 80 thousand, 100 thousand, and more because there are those of you who fit in those categories. Above and beyond normal tithes and offerings. But you need to let me know before Pentecost. Thought I’d give a week, I thought “no” I’ll just say it “’til Pentecost”.    Otherwise, to understand,  you are saying that you’re in full agreement of those monies being used fully to whatever I deem necessary.  Because we’re going to continue moving forward, putting everything into what we’re doing.

In a later sermon, he stated that the only request came for refund of tithes and offerings from an ex-member.  At another point in the 5/3/08 sermon:

We hit over a million dollars at one point. But we’re way below that right now. We’re not there any longer because of all the monies we’re throwing into Google, and everything else we’ve been doing. But for a small group like us to be able to do something like this, like we’ve been able to do on the Internet, to be out there, for people to be able to do a search and here we pop up, being this small?

And yet at another point in his May 3, 2008 sermon:

So if you didn’t believe that you have any mortgage payments after April the 17th, or you didn’t have to pay off your credit card, then you made a mistake! You know. You can’t blame me! I don’t know how long some of this is going to take place. Live life wisely.

elder_garageThis statement was only a few weeks after prophesying “nukular” explosions within 45 to 90 days after April 17, 2008.  Indicators are that Weinland did not throw down his own pitcher as did his members–he’s still paying the property tax on his $381,000 house directly to the county instead of through a mortgage company.  I expect that if he’d refinanced the equity from his house that the mortgage company would require him to pay into escrow.

Weinland, as he often does, has shifted all of the blame to the member for whatever happens to them as a result of throwing down their pitcher.  So I wonder how expensive the pitcher was that this elder threw down to light the torch of Google advertising for Ron’s fictional book “2008 God’s Final Witness”.   It’s sad that he’s losing this modest family business which was also the employment for another of Weinland’s elders, Tom, who has the same last name.  While Weinland blames the economy, and I expect that played a role in this situation, I also expect that pitcher-breaking also had a lot to do with it.  I wonder how many other PKG members are similarly suffering, but I doubt that Ron and Laura are among them.

Ron, when you respond to this by accusing me of lying, twisting and distorting, be specific.  Be very specific.  And no twisting and distorting of your own.



  • xHWA says:

    Has Al at least left Ron’s dinner plate?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I don’t know the answer for sure. But I think that Al is probably still drinking the flavor aid. Tom was ordained as associate elder a few weeks ago.

  • Baywolfe says:

    Two thoughts occur to me:

    1) You’re probably right that a mortgage company would require an escrow account for taxes and insurance. I’ve never thought about it with any house I’ve owned, just signed the papers and smiled. Can you say, “no thanks, I’ll pay them myself”? Doubtful, but perhaps not impossible. So it’s almost sure that Ron, and not the PKG, owns the house free and clear.

    2) Never join any type of social organization (church, club, etc.) that places money above all else. Apparently none of us ever read I Timothy 6:10 and associated it with our church “leadership”. I suspect those in the current XCGs are similarly sticking their heads in the sand.

  • jack635 says:

    Ron, when you respond to this by accusing me of lying, twisting and distorting, be specific.

    If he mentions it, you will of course be accused of printing more “garbage” because of your “hateful spirit”. He will say you are attacking not only him, but God. And God’s people, because you are stirred up and hateful and sick. Because you know your end is near and you are sick.

    Most of his people will listen to it all and nod in agreement, not knowing that they are being duped, conned, and robbed. Just the simple reminder of his total resolve sermons and saying their gold would be worthless, is enough to convince me that he is running a con. A small time Bernie Madoff. A religion ponzi type scheme to steal money from innocent people by using lies.

    I guess the amount of new people coming in is keeping up with those who are having their eyes opened and are leaving.

  • Kirrily XPKG says:

    I remember those times in COG-PKG like it was yesterday.

    I too, gave above and beyond what I could – even above the 20% Tithe that was required of us for a time. I am just so lucky that I had nothing of any significance to sell, or I probably would have. I remember at one stage even thinking of selling my car and getting a bike so I could give it to the ‘Church’.

    My mum, who is a pensioner, also gave WAY too much to old Ronnie.

    Mmmmmm, meanwhile the last Feast I attended at COG-PKG, Ronnie had to sprout off about people being mad about all of Laura’s diamond rings – and that they only bought the rings so they could hock/trade them during the Great Tribulation. Mmmmmmmm.

    I can’t remember if this was before or after Laura was telling us how she bought heaps of stuff on 24 months interest free, and that they wouldn’t have to pay it back because the GT would be in full effect (and told us we should do the same – Sharna then went and bought a brand new laptop on the interest free to ensure she could listen to sermons during the GT).

    Yeah Laura, I guess you are close to having to pay it back now ha. Oh well, just increase the tithes to 20% again and you’ll be laughing.

  • jack635 says:

    Thanks for letting us know about the diamond rings. That seals the deal for me. The whole family Weinland is just a group of grifters. I wonder if they still pull the old “obituary bible sell” once in a while, just for a laugh. Their deeds will be weighed up some day by one who has truly accurate scales.

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Don’t forget about the gold and silver they have stashed away in safe deposit boxes.

  • todd says:

    to answer the question about the escrow: If you put 20% equity in your house, you can opt out of escrow and make payments on your own. I’d be willing to bet rw is payed off or very close to being paid off on his mortgage.

  • Whisper says:

    I wonder how many of old Ron’s “sheeples” actually did sell real estate to satisfy the “Broken Pitchers” speech.
    Poor souls, not that $$ is the be all end all of existence, but to through the trouble to sell it off, take any losses on 401K penalties, pay off realtors (if any), get the $$ and then give to the PKG (Ron) for his personal use (Web costs, diamond rings, Tribulation slush funds, etc…) comes off rather sad when one moves into old age eventually and those funds are not there because Ron used them up on his own appetites.
    Ones need to believe can be expensive in the long run.
    But with Ron’s explanation that there is no long run for this world then maybe it’s easier?
    Go figure.

  • Baywolfe says:

    Todd: thanks. I’ve always just found it easier to let the Mortgage company take care of it. I didn’t know I had the option with a +20% down payment. Not that I would have taken it anyway.

    jack635: “Their deeds will be weighed up some day by one who has truly accurate scales.” Why doesn’t that mythical weigher with the scales take care of things in the here and now? Why is it always “manana”? What if Ron is heaped with great rewards because the weigher is a bigger con man that Ron is?

  • Debbie says:

    “In a later sermon, he stated that the only request came for refund of tithes and offerings from an ex-member.”

    In November 2007 I was contacted by a lady – we had attended WCG together for several years – then after “the changes” we had both left WCG and had lost touch.
    She was very excited – she had been attending COG-PKG for a couple of years and spent a considerable amount of time and energy in efforts to prove to me that Ronald Weinland and COG-PKG was the “real deal”.

    She gave me both Ronald’s books & I read them – I listened to countless sermons from the website – Much of what I was taking in seemed to be true – especially when laid upon the backdrop of the WCG teachings which was my life for 7 or so years. There were a number of ‘red flags’ – especially regarding some of the “Truths” – I think there were 48 or so then – but I figured I would come to understand in time.

    Despite my doubts, I contacted COG-PKG by email & began sending in 20% tithes as was the instruction at the time – that was at the beginning of Jan 2008.
    I sincerely desired to be closer to God so I prayed, I fasted, I read, I listened, I followed –

    I was a “member” for the church-wide fast @ beginning of Feb 2008 – when the supposed first Sealing of 144,000 took place – I recall the part of Ronald’s sermon where he talked about playing with the numbers – the 1335, 1260 and so forth.

    I continued to pray, fast, read, listen – I drove 5 hours to attend Sabbath services – it became like an addiction. Thankfully the sensible part of my thinking was still intact – I heard & saw things that just didn’t fit – and I began to ask questions –

    I think it was Mar 22/08 – I was attending Sabbath with about 20 other members – We were all waiting to hear the sermon for Ronald’s explaination re: the failure of the First Trumpet, which he had prophesied would blow the previous week – and the “world would be in shock & horror” – During that sermon Ronald mocked us ( and all listeners) for expecting the physical event which he had dangled as a carrot and built everyone up to for weeks – To the best of my recall Ronald said with his screwed up voice “N-o-t-h-i-n-g h-a-p-p-e-n-e-d” and then he laughed – and then said “Did I say anything was going to happen” – It was at that moment I realized that Ronald is an Insane Lying False Prophet.

    As I recall the First Trumpet was supposed to be the climax of the “running down the hill together” speech he had been giving for weeks – He condescendingly chided the members for not realizing that all along he had been preaching, writing etc about a spiritual event and not a physical one – Totally Bovine Excrement.

    When I heard Ronald say he would return tithes if requested to do so, I immediately sent an email reqesting the return of the $500 or so which I had given. I did not receive any response to my email, and I did not get my $$ returned to me – Another of Ronald’s lies.

    I often think of my former friend, who is probably still entwined in COG-PKG – Kirrily, I know how you feel re: lost friendship.

    As I think back this lady was constantly in disagreements & arguments with her family members in defense of COG-PKG and Ronald Weinland. She had said something to me back then about having re-mortgaged her home – she didn’t give any details and I did not ask, but I do know that when she purchased that home years before, she had paid it in full. She was probably one of those who gave in the Tens of Thousands of $$ – she had told me she had stayed @ Ronald & Laura’s home a couple of times.

    I have often wondered if she ever came to realize the truth about Ronald & Laura and the whole COG-PKG white wash – I think with the money she gave & the friendships she had made – especially her friendship with Ronald’s mother – and with the emotional distances that resulted in her own family – she would be trapped
    – OR – perhaps she is still listening to & believing Ronald’s crap and nodding her head along with the other people still hanging on every word of the self-proclaimed Spokesman.

    Whichever the answer – It is very sad

    Ronald wrote in his book & preached that the First Trumpet was to take place in the Spring of 2008 – that didn’t happen –

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Here’s a more complete quote from the 3/22/08 sermon as transcribed by Aggie on his blog:

    “Just like what we believed that just last week here. Oh last week? 18th. [someone laughs] Yeah. The seventh seal was opened. Some, some write in the emails and say, Oh, nothing happened! [Weinland makes mocking voice and there is laughter] You know? Well you know? Did I say anything was going to happen on the 18th? [Yes he did. On page 23 of 2008: God’s Final Witness, Ronald Weinland said “…and the world will be shocked and in horror on the day that the seventh seal is opened.”] It’s a spiritual thing. I thought I made that abundantly clear. But God made it quite clear through what he was giving…….”

    Would you happen to know the name of the guy with the goofy laugh?

  • Debbie says:

    Sorry – I got the Seventh Seal confused with the First Trumpet – It is all the same crap from the mind & mouth of the Insane, Lying, Con Artist Ronald Weinland –

    No idea who the goofy laughing guy was – however, I can tell you that in the room I was in – when Ronald said those things we were sitting around a big table & we all looked at each other with our mouths gaping open & you could have heard a pin drop on the carpeted floor – There was not a sound – certainly no laughing

    Personally I felt as if I had just been slapped in the face – listening to Ronald shaming me for believing the possiblility of the coming physical events he described in detail in his book GFW 2008 & his sermons

    Mike, as for your request for Ronald to substantiate his claims of the truth being twisted & distorted here on this blog – He knows damn well that is impossible to do

    Thanx again, Mike, for all your efforts –

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Here’s a link to a Youtube clip from the March 22 sermon. Perhaps you were so shocked by what he said that a grenade could have exploded without your noticing.

  • Atrocious says:

    Oh that is sooooo precious!!! Proof! Proof! Proof! From the old liars own mouth! Aaauuuugh! How can they (the followers of Ron) not see the truth? Especially when it is laid out so plain before them?

    You are doing a great service, Mike. Keep it up!

  • Debbie says:

    “Perhaps you were so shocked by what he said that a grenade could have exploded without your noticing.”

    Gee, Mike, that goes right over my head – what do you mean by that statement?

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    I believe the YouTube video includes a clip of the March 22, 2008 sermon you attended, with someone laughing, as Ron back-pedaled about the opening of the 7th seal (the first time). Yet your personal recollection doesn’t include someone laughing. So I’m thinking you were so shocked that you didn’t notice other things like the guy laughing.

  • angel says:


    I’m wondering, since you said “the room I was in”; were you perhaps not in the same room where he was actually giving the sermon? I’ve been to services where there was an “overflow” room if the sanctuary was packed or to accommodate people who arrived after the service started; they showed the sermon on a TV screen.

    I can only imagine what a shock that would have been; I listened to that sermon on his website and it made me kind of angry that he was mocking his own people. I wondered how they could sit there and not only endure it, but continue to believe him. I’m very glad to hear your mind was still intact and you had the courage to walk away. I only wish all the other followers had done the same.

  • Debbie says:

    Thank You Mike & Angel – I realize that I was not clear in what I wrote

    Mike – In the years I have been with you on this blog you have continually demonstrated great integrity – I did not think you were insulting me – I just wasn’t getting where you were coming from 🙂

    It is the same occurrence – On the Sabbath of Mar 22/08 I was in Stratford ON and we were listening to the sermon over the internet – Greg Chipps (sp?) elder was presiding – Even he was aghast along with the rest of us – I am not sure where Ron was on that particular weekend, with all his galavanting about – He could have been in Cincinnatti or some other location

    Thank you for this forum, Mike – I truly hope that in sharing my own experience that perhaps one of his followers who might be asking questions reads that they are not alone & that others have been where they are and we have a sense of what they are feeling & thinking – and that there is hope after COG-PKG

  • Mike (DDTFA) says:

    Thanks, Debbie

    This clears things up for me. We were both talking about the same event, I had the misunderstanding that you were in the same room with Ron when he made this statement. So the laugh (and perhaps was a nervous laugh) came from the Internet steaming audio feed and not from the conference room where you were. The laugh might have had more impact if it was from the same room with you. Even so, Ron’s back-pedaling must have been a shocking experience for you.

    To your credit, you were able to see through the nonsense. I wish that the rest of the PKG members could figure it out, and hoping they soon will. But the longer it’s been for them, the more difficult it will be.